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Best Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser of 2021

Maintaining floor cleanliness is a difficult thing but now it has become an easy thing with the help of automatic shoe cover dispensers.

It is a product that covers your shoe with plastic so that the floor remains clean and tidy. If we talk about the device then it is an automatic product that requires no effort to cover the shoe from the plastic.

You just need to put your foot on the machine and press it a little so that the dispenser can cover your shoe and keep the place tidy.

The shoe cover dispensers are easily available online and offline at an affordable price and a cool design that will force you to buy it for residential and office purposes.

They have a higher demand as they are used at a number of places. The shoe cover dispensers are usually used at high traffic areas as maintaining hygiene there is more important. 

Here are some of the best automatic shoe cover dispensers of the year that will save your time, energy and efforts a lot. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Trimaco E-Z Shoe Cover Dispenser

The automatic shoe cover dispenser is the floor guard starter kit that includes a pair of 187 shoe cover dispensers.

This automatic machine can be installed at the entrance so that whenever someone enters inside they first cover their footwear and then enter so that the place remains clean and tidy.

The product is very easy to install and as it is automatic you don’t need to do anything to use it.

This cost-effective disposable shoe cover device is largely used at high-traffic areas such as hospitals, office premises, and heavy-duty industries. Keep it at the right place so that everyone can use it easily whenever needed. 


  • The Trimarco shoe cover dispenser is a fully automatic device.
  • You can refill the covers once they are finished. 
  • It is a touchless and effortless product. 
  • The machine provides a protective layer of shoe covering.   
  1. Emperor of Gadgets Cover Dispenser

This one is perfect for heavy-duty industries and companies where there are a large number of workers and staff. It is a quick and efficient device that is valued for its easy use and time-saving features.

This affordable dispenser has an elegant design that makes it easier to use. They are flawlessly designed with a good capacity of dispensers making it favorable to use for high traffic areas.

The dispenser is made of strong and durable material so that it does not break when someone stands on it or keeps their foot on it. The device is made of stainless steel that is hard to break and has a longer life span. 


  • It does not require any manual work. 
  • they are touchless and easy-to-use device. 
  • It can store a good capacity of disposable shoe dispensers. 
  • The device doesn’t require a complicated installment.  
  1. PowerLead Automatic Dispenser

If you are searching for a desirable shoe dispenser then the one from PowerLead is all that you want. It is a great choice for residents and offices as well.

The device is light in weight and can be kept anywhere you need. It is an improvement tool for homes and offices. You can take it from one place to another as it is not so heavy.

This automatic dispenser consists of 100 pairs of shoe covers that are convenient for small firms and offices.

They are made of superior quality materials and are waterproof as well as dustproof. They are popularly used at workplaces and pharmaceutical industries. 


  • easy to set up and look stylish.
  • They are affordable with an eligible amount of covers. 
  • it will cover all types of shoes.
  • They have an elegant and sleek design with a smooth finish. 
  1. Protexer Shoe Dispenser

The automatic shoe cover dispenser by Protexer is extremely stylish and delightful. The dispensers are made of different materials that usually include stainless steel.

It is a friendly device that can be used by everyone easily. While walking inside the workplace you need to keep your shoes clean and so that the dirt and mud present on the sole of the shoe does not make the floor dirty.

To keep the environment clean and germs-free protexer has made a shoe cover dispenser having some automatic features giving it easy and dignified use. These disposable shoe covers are light in weight and comfortable to wear. 


  • They are very sturdy and provide a fast application. 
  • They are totally hygienic, clean, and safe to wear. 
  • You get non-slip and durable shoe covers.
  • The dispensers are inexpensive and long-lasting.   
  1. Lovinouse Automatic Shoe Dispenser  

The fast and sturdy shoe dispenser that is equipped with 200 pairs of the shoe cover is a touchless device. Its stylish and elegant design gives you the reason to get it for your resident or office.

The shoe covers are suitable for various occasions. While working in the laboratory or going to visit a patient, wearing a shoe cover is mandatory. The dispenser is made of ABS plastic that is strong and durable and doesn’t break easily.

As the dispense has a good capacity it can work for a week. You can refill it weekly if you are installing it in a high traffic area or else for a low traffic area it can work for more than 15 days. 


  • This shoe cover dispenser has a shiny and smooth surface.
  • As it is made of ABS it is light in weight.
  • The dispenser does not require any electricity and is energy-saving.
  • They are easy to clean and manage. 

You can choose any of the above-mentioned automatic shoe dispensers and keep your place clean as well as give it a precise look. It is a small, convenient, and not-so-heavy device that can be placed anywhere you need it. The best place for a shoe cover dispenser is at the entrance or near the main door.  

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