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Benefits of Massage Therapy in Winter

All the health and wellness benefits of massage cannot be overemphasized, which is especially noticeable in winter. This is because in the cold season, we all spend most of our time indoors: at home or at work. Daylight hours decrease, physical activity decreases, you constantly want to sleep, you do not have enough strength and energy. Unsurprisingly, some of us increasingly feel overwhelmed or even fall into the winter blues.

There is an exit! Massage therapy will help improve your well-being and mood, will be a real salvation for you in the cold season. Below are the three main benefits of massage that are especially noticeable in winter.

1. Strengthening immunity

It is much easier to catch a cold in winter than at any other time of the year. Cold, dampness, wind and other weather conditions put the body to the test every day. A growing body of research shows that massage therapy can support immunity, especially during the height of seasonal illness. Various studies reveal that a 45-minute massage increases the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells, which play almost the most important role in protecting the body from disease.

Massage therapist draw your attention to the fact that you can receive massage sessions only in a healthy state, as a preventive measure.

2. Get rid of stress

Depending on the type of massage, the masseur’s movements can be gradual and smooth, or fast and energetic. In any case, massage is always an effective way to get rid of fatigue. In winter, this is most important, since a good mood, rest and a kind of “reboot” – all this plays a huge role in overall well-being. And it’s easiest to drown in grey everyday life and fatigue in the cold season.

The positive result of massage therapy is achieved due to the fact that it reduces the level of cortisol – a stress hormone that negatively affects the immune system, contributes to the development of a number of diseases, insomnia and metabolic disorders.

In 2015, staff at the University of Chile Faculty of Medicine investigated the effects of massage on cortisol, serotonin and dopamine levels. On average, cortisol levels dropped 31%, serotonin levels rose 28%, and dopamine levels rose 31%. In simple words, massage sessions guarantee relief from stress and fatigue, relaxation and improvement of well-being.

Can’t visit a professional massage therapist? Luckily for you, technology doesn’t stand still. Experts recommend paying attention to electric massagers for home use. Modern, compact and inexpensive devices have a lot of varieties today. For example, massage pillows and chair covers can help stretch a sore back, while roller foot massagers can help relieve fatigue and relax.

3. Getting rid of dry skin

Cold and dry air, frost, temperature drops – all this negatively affects your skin. The massage will improve skin nutrition and tone it thanks to the oils and lotions used during the session. They contain high amounts of vitamin E, coconut or shea butter, and other ingredients that nourish and moisturize your skin. And do not forget that the physical impact during the massage increases blood circulation and lymph flow, which increases skin tone and makes it more elastic.

Losing Weight with Massage: Myth or Reality?

The problem of overweight in modern society is highly relevant. It leaves a serious negative imprint on a person’s condition, not only physical, but also psychological. To overcome difficulties, people immerse themselves in sports: daily jogging, loads, strength exercises. And someone chooses regular massage sessions at massage spa for weight loss and achieves a similar result. There are a lot of different opinions and points of view on this matter.

The most effective types of massage for weight loss:

Before choosing a method that will contribute to weight loss, you need a clear understanding of its benefits. Pros of massage:

  • with insufficient physical activity, oxygen deficiency may occur. After the first session, a feeling of lightness will appear, muscle tension will decrease, overall tone will increase, and metabolism will improve;
  • stabilizes a number of important processes in the body – lymph flow and blood flow of the subcutaneous layers. Oxygen, which will actively enter the cells, will bring new nutrients, thereby speeding up metabolism, which is ideal for weight loss;
  • every action heats up the cells. They get rid of harmful elements faster, slags are removed, stagnant processes are activated.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It will provide not only external beauty, but also give new strength, energy, increase activity, immunity. The lymphatic system in the body is responsible for removing waste products. And if it works in slow motion (sedentary lifestyle), then fluid stagnation forms, which leads to oedema, obesity, and cellulite.

Cupping massage

An effective method of dealing with obesity. Its essence is simple: a vacuum is applied to specific parts of the body. Blood circulation improves, cells are saturated with useful substances, they begin to absorb oxygen faster. Due to this, fatty deposits are converted into energy.

Honey massage

Burns fat, softens the skin, makes it elastic. The main thing is that the procedure can be carried out at home on your own. The result will be the same as after contacting a professional at massage spa.

Carried out by rubbing. Before starting, the honey is warmed up, citrus essential oil is added. The duration of the course is 15 days.


The practice originated in China 5 thousand years ago. It implies a directed effect on the human body through active points. Energy processes are released, become active, due to which fat burns more intensively, rejuvenation is observed throughout the body. The technique gives very fast results.

Underwater massage

Helps in the treatment of many diseases, sexual disorders, weight loss. Compared to manual technique, it has a soft, light effect. It is carried out in pools, Jacuzzis, showers.

The essence of hydrotherapy consists in the directed study of specific areas by jets of water. Moreover, for each zone a certain temperature and flow rate is set.

How are the procedures?

Exit massage follows a standard plan and consists of four stages:

  • preparation, light stroking, establishing contact with the client;
  • rubbing to open pores and improve blood circulation. As soon as redness appears in the places of contact, they proceed to kneading. The main goal of massage spa specialist is to provide a comfortable state for the client. It will not be possible to completely eliminate pain if there are oedema, cellulite, lymph congestion on the patient’s body;
  • at the stage of kneading the muscles, metabolism is accelerated, decay products are removed from the intercellular space.
  • if the client is exposed to frequent stress, his muscles are tense, clogged, then it is recommended to finish with light strokes. It is better to apply tonic movements here.

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