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Benefits of a Short Projection Toilet

The short projection toilet is an innovative design that has less depth than a standard toilet. Most households in the UK have small bathrooms and installing normal size utilities means making it look too full or congested. Manufacturers have come up with the idea of compact toilets for such bathrooms. These toilets, although they have all the functionalities like a standard toilet but take less space. It goes without saying that when you are short of space in the bathroom, every inch matters. So, that’s why these compact toilets are created. Although these are designed for small bathrooms, many people still use them in the larger bathroom due to their stylish and compact look. 

Here in this article, we have a detailed discussion about these toilets.

How is Short Projection Toilet Different?

We have already provided the basic information about the short projection toilet in the last section. If we elaborated more, it is simply a toilet with a reduced projection into the bathroom. Although the size varies from vendor to vendor, these generally have less than 60 cm projection. In addition to that, these also take less space on the floor. 

Is There Any Difference in Functionality and Utility of a Short Projection Toilet?

short projection toilet

Many people think that compact toilets are small and have less functionality. The simple answer is no; there is no major difference in the functionality and utility of these toilets. These works look and are used in the same way. These have the same parts, and mainly, the bowl has a shorter depth that makes it compact in size. Most of these toilets come in back-to-wall or wall-mounted styles where the cistern is hidden inside the wall or furniture. 

Is There Any Drawback of Short Projection Toilet?

As discussed in the last section, these are similar in functionality and utility to the standard toilet. Some people may find them a bit uncomfortable due to their small size. In case you have standard height and normal body weight, then this toilet is perfectly fine for you. However, anyone with extra body weight or more than normal height may be uncomfortable using them.

Why Prefer These Toilets?

There are many advantages of installing these short projection toilet.

  • First, there is an obvious reason why someone wants a compact size utility. Of course, because they want to save on space. Most people use them in small bathrooms or cloakrooms. And these help with better management of available space. 
  • The second most important reason to prefer is its look. There is no doubt these toilets look incredibly beautiful. These are very attractive to look at; even many homeowners with enough bathroom space still install these toilets. If we say close-coupled are a traditional toilet, we can also say that this compact style is a contemporary and luxurious design.
  •  Since water conversation is becoming more important every day. You would love a toilet that uses less water. Most of these have ultra-modern features like a dual flush system where you can choose the amount of water you want to use. That results in reduced water bills over time.
  • Most of these toilets have a rimless design that makes them very easy to clean and maintain. That means there is no risk of accumulating dirt or grim to help you keep your toilet clean, fresh, and hygienic. 

There are five main types of toilets:

  • Back to wall – where the toilet pan fits against the wall or a piece of furniture and a concealed cistern provides the water for flushing
  • Low level and high level – where the cistern is fitted to the wall and connected to the toilet pan by a length of chrome pipe
  • Wall hung – hangs on a sturdy metal frame and suspended above the floor, the water for flushing is supplied by a concealed cistern.
  • Water-saving toilet – An eco-friendly option, water-saving toilets feature a dual flush cistern, which gives you the option of using a full or reduced flush. A full flush uses approximately 6 liters of water, whereas a reduced flush uses around 3 liters.
  • Close-coupled – where the cistern sits directly on the back of the toilet pan.

Shop for Short Projection Toilet at Royal Bathrooms UK

We have discussed all the questions that you might have about the short projection toilet. These compact size toilets can be a great choice for people looking to save space. In addition to that, their luxurious and modern look makes them suitable for the contemporary and modern bathroom. The only drawback these toilets have that they are not a great choice for a larger than the average person or someone with extra body weight. If you are looking for this toilet, you must ensure that it has modern features like a rimless design and a dual flush mechanism. At Royal Bathroom, we have high-quality toilets available at a reduced price. You can check our website to place an order with us. 

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