Benefits and Reasons Why To Choose Student Visa Subclass 500 For Career Advancement

Australia has been one of the most popular study destinations in the world over the last several decades. Its vibrant education system attracts a vast number of students every year. Apart from usual subjects, some unique out-of-the-blue courses are also taught in Australian universities.

Besides studying at a world-class university to achieve new skills, you will also get the chance to taste the pure ‘Aussie’ culture. Apart from universities, you can also go to vocational institutes and have great experience to learn excellent English.
If you plan to live in Australia for a longer period, you should first apply for the Student Visa Subclass 500.

What Are The Benefits Of An Australian Student Visa Subclass 500?

You can enjoy several benefits with the Visa Subclass 600. And the benefits are as follows.

You Can Study And Work Simultaneously

If you feel that you will want to make the most of your time or add something to your allowance, you can think of doing a job alongside your university study. Many other countries impose strict restrictions on students and thus prevent them from doing anything except studying. But, one of the most significant benefits of studying in Australia is that there will be no such restriction imposed on you. You can happily work part-time while studying, maintaining the set course limits.

You can work, on average, for a maximum of 20 hours a week and unlimited hours during any semester break or vacation. Typically, during an entire academic year, a student gets 3 months of summer holidays and the winter holiday is for 1 month. As per Australian laws, you are bound to get paid at least a minimum salary. Thus if you do some simple work during the summer holidays, you can earn a decent amount that will help you to cut some of your living costs.

Student visa 500 processing time varies according to the course you choose. For example, a Foreign Affairs student can get it within 28 days, while others may get it in 4 months.

You Can Work After Your Graduation With The Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

While working during your study, you will get the experience of an Australian workplace and practical hands-on training. It will help you a lot when you apply for a job after your graduation is complete. Your subclass 500 student visa will thus afford you to get the options of doing a job in Australia after you graduate. By getting a formal job, you can also help yourself with an extended stay in the country.

However, for this purpose, you will need to have a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. It has two streams – Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream. You can work and stay temporarily in Australia with this Australian visa subclass 500. But, later, you can apply for a permanent residency through the eligibility you will obtain through the work.

The first one, i.e. the Graduate Work Stream, is for a student who completes the graduation with skills and qualifications necessary for a skilled occupation in high demand based on the Australian labour market. The occupation should be present on the eligible Skilled Occupations’ List. You can stay for 18 months with this visa.
The second stream, i.e. the Post-Work Study Visa, will allow an international student to stay and work for an extended period in Australia, based on their academic degree. The visa will allow you to live for 2 to 4 years, based on your qualification. So, for example, a student with a Bachelor degree can stay for 2 years, while someone with a Masters or a PhD degree can stay and work for 3 or 4 years, respectively.

You can include your dependent family members in the application

While lodging the student visa application, you can add your dependent family members, like your partner or spouse and your or your partner’s dependent or stepchild. However, you should note that dependent family means the family that you have started. Thus, you cannot include any relative or your parents in this application.

As they can join you in Australia on your student visa Adelaide, they can enjoy the same benefits as the primary applicant. If you start to study for a Masters, your partner can have full working rights during the entire duration.

Sectors In Which You Can Work With The Student Visa

There are many sectors in which you can take up a job while pursuing your higher studies. These sectors include social services, retail, hospitality, and administration. For example, you can work in a shopping mall, a restaurant or a childcare or aged care facility center, or any clerical positions. All these sectors offer high flexibility in working schedules, thus helping the students fulfil all the study engagements. You can ask MAA to provide a best migration agent in Adelaide to help you find a proper job.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria Of The Student Visa 500?

To get the visa, you should meet the following Student Visa 500 eligibility requirements.

  • Your age must be at least 6 years.
  • You have to submit the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) as evidence that the university has accepted you.
  • You need to submit the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirements, citing the proper reasons for your study in Australia, home country circumstances, how the course will benefit you and Australia, etc.
  • Applicant should have the proper health insurance coverage. Generally, as an international student in Australia, you must have the Overseas Student Health Cover or the OSHC from the very day you arrive here.
  • Meeting health and character criteria is a must.
  • If you haven’t turned 18, then you should have the proper welfare arrangements. In that case, you must have a legal guardian, who may be your parent, custodian or a relative aged 21 or more.

Make sure to look at the Student Visa 500 checklist as it gets updated twice a year.

Who Can Help You?

Our team will direct you through the whole procedure, from the aptitudes evaluation if appropriate, to the Expression of Interest, directly through to managing DIBP post lodgment of your visa application, until your visa application has been finished. For any help regarding the lengthy visa application process, you can consult with our Migration Agent Adelaide. They will surely guide you on the entire process.

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