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Benefits and drawbacks associated with automatic doors material

In view of the automatic doors manufacturing industry here, we can say that the arrangement of the material for

the production has many hidden benefits and drawbacks which can be count and treat in different ways, for

some places drawbacks are not much negative, and for some places drawbacks are much dangerous. Whereas

regarding the benefits for the location and industries they are normal and for some industries they are

extraordinary good so the conditions of the analysis is based on the location and their requirement and according

to the requirements the perception will be different so here we will discuss some automatic doors material

associated points. 


1. Metal Recycling benefit

We know that in different countries metal recycling treatment are different some countries allow and encourage it

and some countries discourage it and not allow it because of its after effect on the local population and the eco

system, further metal recycling also essential due to the garbage control and limited space for it. Metal recycling

is also essential because every country has limited resources of every metal if the recycling is not done properly

so at the end country has no reserve for the metal so the industry pushed the recycling process for the material

arrangement, as this industry need different kind of metals.

2. Plastic Recycling Benefit

The use of different kind of plastic is the core material of the automatic doors or we can say the more luxurious

designing doors are not complete without the plastic, so the recycling of the plastic also mandatory as if it is not

controlled the plastic pollution will increase badly and can affect the ecosystem very hardly. Plastic manufacturing

is normal in most of the countries but the recycling process is not much easy in those countries so the

requirement can be fulfilled by the manufacturing but the drawback of non-recycling is till on their heads because

it increases only garbage of plastic stuff and nothing and at curtain time the space problem will have occurred.

3. Increase in Employment

This is the mutual benefit for the all industries either they are direct and indirect connected with the automatic

door manufactures, because every big or small business must need team and for team making need people due

to which every running industry boost employment as without manpower no business can run in long run.The

increase in employment refers to the increase in demand of manpower either for the direct door manufacturing or

the indirect raw material manufacturing so here we can say industrialization boost the employment on big scale

which is over all benefit for the people and for the industries as well.

4. Boosting up different Industries

When need generated for anything it invites many other small and big industries in the pool which means a big

business environment ready to on between the industrial eco system, this system boosts the different industries

and their related business which means a big change in the business environment. The big change in

environment reflects to the connection of new small industries and invitation on those areas where industries still

need more small business units to boost the material demand in long run and to meet the different competition,

so it is only possible when other different industries make a perfect loop.


5. Damage to the environment due to recycling

As this is the big concern of every country and the industry as well the demand of material increasing and the

manufacturing of the material is not enough to meet the demand of the material so its essential to begin the the

recycling process for a different kind of material as it is the need of the time. But where the recycling process is

on going the heavy damage to the environment is their because no doubt it has serious consequences which can

not be ignored but some expensive and environmental protection machinery already in the market so only that

solution can save the big resources which are still in the form of scrap.


6. Damage to forest

It is the bad and worst reality use of wood rapidly increasing due to which heavy damage to the forest is the

approximately daily practice, the usage of material from the forest is the almost main material of classic style

doors which is quite high in demand because of its natural look but the dark side is the forest is in danger.High in

wooden door demand means high cutting of forest because the forest is the only source for the wood supply in

this earth the recycling is also not much possible for this source that’s why the parallel material like plastic, PVC,

Glass, and metals now in focus for the automatic doors manufactures.


7. Increase in look and security of different customers

The world has different customers and every customer has different needs on the basis of their safety, security,

and looks so its mean big change after every few months because security risk is changing day by day and for

that new look in the system and in appearance also mandatory for the automatic door industry.


8. Increase in domestic money rotation

The increase in GDP is only possible when all chain of industries either they are big or small no matter work for

the particular theme task and they feel a strong bond in the working environment with the smart connection of

work on the basis of services, material suppling, supportive activities and other relevant areas. That combine

effort increases the work and industrial growth which increases the rotation of money inside the a country which

ultimately leads to the increase in GDP that is only possible when giants like @Cortech keep on board all small

and medium suppliers.


9. Increase in new innovation and creativity

When the demand pushes automatic door manufacturer Cortech towards different styling and techniques that

lead to the new innovation and creativity to the market which is also essential for the future need as well, so

focusing on new things is always beneficial for the manufacturers.

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