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Being a private chauffeur for Mykonos transfers

If you are thinking about being a private chauffeur in Mykonos transfers or on any other VIP island, then this 5 tips interest you.

Many things have been told about what makes a true professional. In the case of Mykonos transfers we are talking about the most VIP island of Europe. A chauffeur must know that having culture or studies helps to be a better professional and a better person, which is also important in a job dedicated to others.

Here are the top twelve advises we can give to new drivers of Mykonos transfers

You will always be alert.

Another key to being a good driver is the attention you pay to your passengers, the environment and the road, of course. Drivers spend a lot of time on the road, which means that they get to know the areas and roads they are going to travel well. But even beyond that, a good private driver of Mykonos transfers must prepare and travel a route that he does not know in advance. At the wheel you have a very powerful and large car, and you have to be with all your senses on the road.

You’ll know when and who you can talk to (and who you can’t).

Some chauffeurs believe that they should try to talk a lot to their customers. They believe that by having great conversations, customers will be able to enjoy the trip more. But this is not necessarily the case. In reality, there is a fine line between talking too much and not talking enough. A good driver knows when and with whom he should or should not speak, it is a matter of empathy.

A chauffeur has to learn to read his clients. By paying attention to body language and mood to intuit if what they are looking for is an animated conversation, or a silence.

Mykonos transfers
Mykonos transfers

You will always personalize the Mykonos transfers service, and the experience.

Taking into account things (and remembering them) such as the brand of newspaper, cologne or champagne that a customer prefers. This is essential to be able to provide a personalized experience in the future. The next time you take him you can surprise him by leaving his newspaper, his coffee or any detail that guarantees his satisfaction in the back. Remembering the name and face of a client is basic, but many times they forget to mention it to open the door, which is inexcusable.

If there are famous passengers or celebrities on board, all the better, but keep in mind that most of them have special privacy concerns. They are tired of being “accosted” on public roads and special attention must be paid in any type of personalization that is carried out of the service. The professional distance here will be a gift that you must have.

You will sell your time, but you will never be in a hurry.

Your time is very important, but that of the client and passenger even more so. Always arriving a few minutes before the pick-up time. Calmly waiting for a delay or not being in a hurry to close a Mykonos transfers service are essential rules when it comes to being a good private driver. Being punctual is a matter of attitude, not traffic or the weather. Especially if you are doing Mykonos transfer airport to hotel. This is one of the most important transfers a chauffeur makes.

If a service is extended, it is welcome, but we cannot let our guard down for that. Being attentive to unforeseen events or itinerary changes is part of the job.

You will be a self-critical, self-demanding and proactive driver.

Like any service, the car rental service with driver can and should be valued, first by the customer, and second by yourself. Have you made the itineraries correctly? Have you been punctual? What has bothered the customer? Does the client deserve a good evaluation, and therefore, that you address the reasons for their complaint? Have you checked the mileage so you can compare times and distances? Have you learned something new today?

The brake is not your friend.

Once a RACC instructor asked me if I knew which pedal caused the greatest consumption. The answer seemed logical: the throttle. But no! It’s the brake. Why? Well, because every time you step on the brake it means that you have stepped on the accelerator more than necessary.

It is not efficient to drive constantly accelerating and braking, the ideal is to follow a constant rhythm, without hitting big accelerations, using the gears well and being very careful with the brake pedal. This will make driving more relaxed and pleasant, consumption will decrease and the parts of the braking system will wear less.

Driving on the right does not hurt.

Yes, it does not hurt or is dangerous. The right lane on highways and expressways is one of the great pending issues in our country, a lane that seems scary. Who hasn’t driven down a three-lane highway and seen all the cars in the center lane? It is something that seems irremediable, but from Top Gear we will insist whatever it takes: drive, whenever you can, in the right lane. Always, only use the others to overtake.

A good position behind the wheel.

Before starting the march, you must make sure you have a good posture behind the wheel. Position the seat and backrest in such a way that, stretching out your arm, the steering wheel is at the bottom of your wrist. In this way, you will be able to place your hands at the ends of it and you will be able to turn in a more optimal way without having to make strange hand movements: in a risk situation it can be fundamental.

Position the rear-view mirrors correctly.

It is very common to place the rear-view mirrors incorrectly, especially the two sides. If you look through them and see a good part of your own vehicle, you are doing something wrong. You must place them at the exact point where you stop seeing your car, with this you manage to maximize the field of vision of the rear-view mirror and minimize the blind spot.

Always look towards your destination.

When you take a curve, do not focus on what is happening right in front of you, you should look towards the end of the curve, towards where you are going: with this you will be able to be a finer driver, since without realizing it, your hands will more effectively follow the path that your eyes mark and on the other hand you will be able to anticipate future dangers. The human being is programmed to follow the instructions of your eyes.

Do not be afraid to revolutionize the mechanics.

Many people believe that if you revolutionize too much a mechanic it can explode into a thousand pieces like the space shuttle Columbia. Don’t worry, this does NOT happen, unless you drive constantly at 6,000 laps. But when you go ahead, don’t be afraid to rev the engine, especially in naturally aspirated gasoline: you have to be aware of the engine you have under the right pedal and be sure of its possibilities. Of course, remember that if the engine is supercharged, let it cool down before turning it off completely.

Learn to control oversteer.

If you spent hours playing a car game as a child, you surely know how to control oversteer, but in many driving safety courses I have realized that not everyone is clear about it . It is essential to know how to react if the rear axle wants to go faster than the front. The important thing here is to always keep the direction facing the road, without forcefully applying the brake.

In short, value yourself, value the client, have attitude, positivity and the most honest self-criticism. Only by analyzing car rental service with driver on a daily basis can we detect weaknesses. Only by being creative and proactive in our work can we improve in the service and profession of our lives.

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