Bajaj Finserv – Choose the best Housing Loan for Yourself

Do you want to buy your dream home using a housing loan and be confused about which lender to go for? 

Bajaj Finserv is the leading non-banking finance company (NBFC) in India. It offers a housing loan solution loaded with plenty of benefits. 

Thus, if you apply for a home loan with Bajaj Finserv, you can get an array of amazing benefits. 

Let’s check out the basics of the housing loan provided by the top lender. Read on!

  • A considerable loan amount 

Based on your eligibility and lender’s policies, you can get up to Rs.3.5 crore. The amount is sufficient to build your luxury home or invest in a large one. You can also use the home loan calculator for eligibility and know an exact eligible amount.  

  • A lower home loan interest rate 

If you have the required creditworthiness, you can avail of a lower home loan interest rate. In turn, it can help you save and pay reduced EMIs. If your CIBIL score is 750 or more, consistently employed, and you have paid dues on time, you can get attractive rates. 

  • Quick approvals with faster disbursements

If you are the right loan candidate, then you don’t have to wait for approval. Once approved, your sanctioned amount gets credited into your bank account faster. 

  • Flexible repayment tenor

After availing of the home loan, you don’t need to hurt your wallets repaying the debt faster. You can get up to 240 months to repay your home loan. This way, you can pay smaller EMIs and manage your outlays without issues. 

  • Make prepayments and foreclose the loan account earlier 

During the home loan tenor, it is possible to make prepayments at no extra charge. Hence, you can reduce your interest charges and the EMI amount. Even foreclosing the home loan account earlier than the tenor is also possible. 

  • Minimal documentation and eligibility conditions 

Applying for a home loan with Bajaj Finserv does not mean submitting a bucket of documents and meeting endless eligibility terms. Here’s a quick look at their eligibility terms and documents required: 

  • You should be a resident citizen of India. 
  • Your age should be between 23 and 62 years in case of salaried professional.
  • If you are self-employed, your age should be between 25 to 70 years.
  • If salaried, you need to be employed with a work experience of at least 3 years. 
  • KYC documents. 
  • Identity proof. 
  • Address proof. 
  • Recent photographs. 
  • Latest salary slips or Form 16. 
  • Last 6 months’ bank account statements. 

You need to note that these documents are indicative only. During the processing of the loan, the lender may ask you to furnish extra documents. It is because a home loan is a long-term commitment. And lenders want to be double sure that they are approving the loan only to a credible applicant. 

  • Online account management 

Once you have availed of the housing loan, you don’t have to visit the lender to know its progress. You can track every loan detail via the customer portal of your lender from the comforts of your home. 

  • Home loan balance transfer facility 

If you are an existing home loan customer and paying extra interest charges, you don’t have to worry. It is because you can switch your loan account to Bajaj Finserv at an attractive rate. Along with a lower home loan interest rate, you can also enjoy a high value top up loan. You can use the top up loan amount for any purpose without restrictions. The rate of interest and tenor of a top up loan is almost the same as your housing loan. 

With so much going for the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan, you should check your eligibility online and apply for the loan online.

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