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Baby oil painting – The best gift for a new mom that she’ll cherish Forever

Motherhood is a journey and it completely changes oneself. The arrival of a baby is an important milestone in any companionship and officially a stepping stone to the parenting regime. A baby’s initial five-six months goes in a complete resting post which the real fun begins. The baby starts toddling and exploring the kingdom & own territory by venturing into different rooms. This mischief, this fun is a source of mother’s pure joy. These are the moments that can be cherished forever. So when your kids grow up, they have some memories to look back at & make you smile while looking at them. In today’s article, we will explain to you how you can do this with a baby oil painting. Here we go!  

Understanding Baby Paintings

These are the digital oil paintings that are created using digital software and digital tools. Our artists use a reference photograph & then convert the same into a digital portrait. This gives you the flexibility to choose your favorite memory. Whether it’s your baby’s first walk or the heroic flip that you have captured, we seize this moment with a baby digital painting. Our artists retain the essence of your original picture. The time may pass quickly, and your children grow up, but these baby paintings will treasure their innocent selves forever. 

Seizing perfect memories – A few tips 

You have a great camera device right in your hands. These are the smartphones. Right from the bokeh effect, electronic stabilization, the autofocus, and even the different high definition modes; the features of these smartphones never fail to amaze us. Thus, clicking everyday memories has become easier than ever before. We recommend you to go through a video or two on YouTube where you can learn the basics of mobile photography, that will allow you to click photographs like a professional. This good-quality baby oil painting can play a crucial role in creating a superb painting. To do this, understanding a few basic tricks and tips like composition, light arrangement and contrast, can bring a great difference in the quality of your picture.

You will be surprised to understand what your smartphones are capable of doing. Once you acquire this knowledge, click the memories of your babies. Try out different moods, venues and occasions. For these paintings, clicking a perfect reference picture can be a little tricky, but hold on. With little patience and trial & error, it’s possible to get a good picture. Once you have a perfect picture, then we are good to go. 

Have a perfect picture? Send it to us!

Have you got a perfect picture for baby oil painting? You can send these pictures to us. If you have more than one picture and are confused about which one to go with, you can send us your handpicked images and our artists will help you choose a good one. Once you send us the image, our artists understand the mood and feel of the image. Then they use their expertise to create a painting. Our artists give a lot of thought in deciding the background, texture and composition. The end result that you see is a stellar painting. 

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The gift is what we give to ourselves

What makes a perfect gift? The price, the uniqueness or the emotion? The joy of giving a gift, that’s what makes a gift special. A baby oil painting is a gift that can treasure & cherish the innocence of a baby. If you are planning to give this gift to a mother then you can try to make this gifting experience more memorable. Think of a perfect occasion and the way in which you are going to present this painting to someone. We absolutely love our paintings, but the joy our paintings bring to someone’s face, that’s something we enjoy witnessing. If you are comfortable and would like to share these reactions, don’t forget to record & share these moments with us. We would be more than delighted to witness such pure moments of joy!

Thinking of baby digital painting? Think OilPixel 

Till today, we have delivered more than 7500 paintings all across the world. We do take pride to share that we have played a small role in spreading smiles. The OilPixel community spread all over the world has given us tremendous love and appreciation. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to be a part of people’s stories. Every painting that is created at our studio is a short journey that we absolutely love and enjoy. This journey doesn’t simply end after we deliver the painting. With every painting that we deliver we hand over, a new member becomes a part of the OilPixel community. This is a reason why when it comes to getting a photo to digital painting online, OilPixel is the first choice of people. 

What makes a baby painting special! 

When it comes to finding a perfect gift, there are endless options. You can get anything that one may like. However, it’s imperative to understand what makes a gift special. If you are looking for a perfect gift, then there are three points you should keep in your mind.

  1. Relevance of gift – How long a gift can stay relevant in the receiver’s life?
  2. Connection – What connection that a receiver shares with the gift?
  3. Intention – The intention of making someone feel special! 

Any gift that checks these boxes makes a great gift. Now, let’s get back to oil painting of kids. A baby will grow up, but this special time frame of that baby’s life is a duration that is special for every parent. That’s the joy of parenting they will keep looking back to. Other than this, when the baby gets older, s/he can also have a memory to look back at their childhood. This is the beauty of these baby paintings. As an artwork, these paintings are great, but it’s the emotional connection that makes them special. 

Gift a painting to the new mom with OilPixel

We hope that with this blog, we were able to introduce you to the fascinating world of baby paintings. Oil painting of kids can be a memorable gift for any parent. If you have a friend or relative who has recently become a mom and you are planning for a gift that can bring a smile to her face, then you can definitely think of a baby painting. We would be absolutely delighted to help you out with this. Just plan in advance so that our artists get sufficient time to work on your special gifts. When your painting is ready, we will show you the softcopy and include any relevant recommendations from your side before we print your paintings. You will receive the painting rolls in a PVC container, safe and sound condition at your doorstep. 

You can join us in the comments section. We will love to hear from you. To order your photo to digital painting online, you can visit our website & explore your options. Alternatively, you can call us on +91 79400 98388. Our team will be happy to help you out with your orders.

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