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Apply These Techniques to Improve Your Logo Designing Skills

No one is perfect, and we know that perfection is unattainable. We all have heard statements like these, and we can consider this statement true.

It is impossible to be perfect, but you can give your best. The question is how you are going to give your best efforts? There is no one-fits-all rule, but polishing your existing skills and learning new ones can make the difference.

Following are few ways through which you can improve your logo designing skills. Logo Designing companies pay more attention to the following skills and give their best logo design services to their clients.


Mind Mapping

In mind mapping, we simply organize our ideas and connect them with each other.

So, why mind mapping is considered an important skill? Because when you think, lots of ideas are generated by your mind, and it is best to write it somewhere. If you don’t do that, then chances are you can forget your few ideas, and in the end, you’ll get frustrated.

Just empty your head by writing all the ideas, even horrid, stupid, and crazy ones.

Here, you don’t have to use a pen and paper. If you’re comfortable making a mind map on a laptop, phone, tablet or PC, you can do it. It’s your choice!

When it comes to logo design services, mind mapping is the best practice to generate creative ideas.


Use Pen and Paper

Making a friendly relationship with pen and paper is better than using digital resources. Because when you write or sketch, you don’t miss details or any information.

But when you use digital media, adjusting fonts, colors, shape or other elements cause disturbance to our train of thoughts. As a result, we forget minute details or sometimes ideas.

Once you write or draw everything on paper, you’ll have a clear picture of your ideas in the form of an exemplary model, and now you can easily alter any changes on the model as you want.

While building a logo, sketching is a crucial step, which needs to be done on paper. So when you are going to give logo design services to your client, remember to use paper and pen.


Adobe Illustrator Vs Adobe Photoshop

Professional designers use adobe illustrator for designing logos. Why? Because in vector format, it is easy to change the size of the logo. If you change the size in Photoshop, the logo will get pixilated, which will show the poor quality of your logo designing skills.

Similarly, in vector format images, you can easily navigate the coordinates of the image, which can’t be done in raster images (images formed on Photoshop are called raster images) because raster images are made up of pixels.

Thus, it is better to learn the use of adobe illustrator.


Logo Reflection

The skill of logo reflection is vital not only just for appearance purposes, but it helps you to see irregularities or kerning issues. In addition, the logo reflection helps us to perceive the different shapes and Wordmarks.

So, it is suggested to frequently flip the logo design horizontally and vertically to detect inconsistencies.


When Needed Take a Break

Do not exhaust yourself. Take a break when you are not getting new ideas or feeling tired and frustrated.

Listen to music, go on a walk, watch a funny movie, play video games or play sports, do what suits you best.

Refresh your brain, and then continue your work from where you left off. This will help you in developing new and refreshed ideas.


Create meaningful logos

A strong logo looks pretty and has meaningful meaning because the brand’s story, identity, and values and feelings are considered in the logo-making process.

Designers always create a logo that tells you a story about the firm, which significantly impacts customer behavior.


Use Negative and Positive Tracking

Tracking is the adjustment in letter spacing across the word, line, or paragraph. It changes the tone of your design.

There two types of tracking, including positive tracking and negative tracking. Positive tracking gives equal space to letters giving a refined and loose appearance, while negative tracking reduces space among the letters giving a tight and compact appearance.

This technique for logo designers is essential because it is affecting the overall personality of the logo.


Subscribe To Design Bloggers

By reading and subscribing to blogs through which you can improve your logo designing skills, know the trend, and also receive content about new techniques.

The website that provides logo design services also features blogs to help the designers to learn and improve their skills.

Brands like Pentagram, Landor, Wolff Olins, Happy Cog, Meta Design, The Chasse, Charlie Smith Design and other brands do feature blogs in their websites.


Follow Along with Other Designers

Following a designer and getting inspiration will enhance your thinking and analyzing skills. This assists in developing new ideas, which will ultimately give you a unique design.

But when you are offering your logo design services to build a logo for your client, remember that you do not need to copy your ideal designer work because there is a fine line between following the designer and stealing the designer’s work.


Acceptance of critique

Use critiques to your advantage. But remember that the opinions of all the critiques do not matter because you have to evaluate whether the person’s opinion is based on good intentions or bad intentions.

The critique will help you in polishing and finding flaws in your work. Because for the designer, it is difficult to find the flaws in their creation, which they profusely love. Therefore, statements of critiques are considered and should be used as an advantage.

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