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An Overview Of Girls BMX Bikes

Since the 1970s, the BMX craze has swept the globe; kids and adults alike have been racing, jumping, and pulling BMX tricks. Low saddles, sturdy metal frames, chunky tires, and high straight handlebars are all features of classic BMX bikes. Before you proceed further to buy girls BMX bikes, here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind-

Out of several bike categories, it is the BMX bikes that have gained popularity at a rapid rate. These bikes have smaller tube length as compared to the regular bikes, and also, the they are relatively shorter for better balance. This is why BMX bikes can be lifted easily during the rides and several stunts can be performed with ease. It is for this reason the BMX sport has become so popular amongst female riders in several parts of the world.

Even though the BMX bikes are available in abundance, choosing the ideal one is a tough job. Making the wrong choice will take out all the fun since handling such a bike will be difficult for you. This is why here we have explained some of the factors on which the choice of the best girls BMX bikes depends.


  • Before you buy a new girls BMX bike, make sure you ride it first. Even if a bike appears to be in good condition in the shop, it cannot feel that way when you ride it.
  • Choose the classic style if you or your daughter wants to ride the BMX for longer distances. It’s probably the best choice all-around.
  • Freestyle bikes are more stable, heavy, and lightweight than traditional bikes. This is a good choice if you live in a big city with little parkland.
  • A jump bike is made for jumping on dirt and ramps. It has big, thick tire treads that aren’t ideal for riding on the road or in parks.

The Frame Speaks for Itself

The lightweight BMX bikes are ideal for those who love the pace, and the dirt-hugging fun out of these machines. Although there are various girls BMX bike brands to choose from, bear in mind that the frame is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a high-quality bike. The faster the bike goes, the lighter the frame is, which generally means a higher price tag. They are usually made of either chromo steel or aluminum. A chromyl steel frame is heavier but more cost-effective, whereas an aluminum frame is lighter and rust-resistant.

The size is ideal

Another critical consideration when selecting the right girls BMX bike is selecting a frame size that corresponds to the child’s height and weight. This is essential for both protection and the most comfortable ride. Choose a bike with a low “stand over” height, 155-millimeter cranks, and 20-inch by 1 1/8-inch tires if your BMX rider is 4 to 6 years old. Choose a slightly wider frame with 165-millimeter cranks and 20-inch by 1 3/8-inch tires if your girl is 6 to 9 years old. Choose a longer top tube, 170-millimeter cranks, and 20-inch by 1.5 to 1.75-inch tires for bigger boys or those aged 9 to 13.

BMX Bikes Come in a Variety of Styles

BMX bicycles are designed for three distinct riding styles. BMX bikers have developed their own jumping, racing, and hot dogging styles, similar to the free-spirited surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding communities. Bicycles have developed into cycling, jumping, and stunt models, with weight, tire, and brake variations offering advantages to different riders.

  • Bikes for Racing

Racing bikes were developed in the 1960s when children started to ride on dirt tracks. Girls BMX bikes are more durable and heavier. Riders have more flexibility thanks to the upright handlebars. They have thinner tires with knobby treads and lighter wheels to help add speed while providing more traction.

  • Bike Jumping

Jumpers are lighter than skateboards to assist their riders in getting off the ground and into the air. They have thicker spokes and heavier treads due to the harsh landings. They have rear-only brakes, much like racing bikes, to keep riders from falling over the handlebars.

  • Bikes for Freestyle

Freestyle girls BMX bikes are designed for riders who enjoy performing stunts and tricks such as wheelies and one-tire stand. To offer the freestyler more leverage when executing a trick, freestyle bikes are heavier than jumpers. These are the only BMX bikes with front and rear brakes, allowing the freestyler to keep the front tire stationary while elevating the back tire for tricks.


Most bike shops have girls BMX bikes, but the selection may be restricted. There are also BMX-only stores for BMX riders themselves. For custom-made bikes or wheels, a BMX-specific store is a good choice. Since BMX race bikes are a niche market, some stores specialize in this discipline and provide on-the-spot first-hand and expert advice.


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