All you need to know about Mini LED v/s OLED

All you need to know about Mini LED v/s OLED

10Technologies are evolving now and then, along with the demand. The customers are always searching for new products and methods in the market. In the world of smart television, we are facing the same thing. There are various technologies available in the market if we talk about televisions. Television has been an important part of our life for many years but today we have many options about the technology we wish to use. Earlier, there were only a couple of options available to customers but now it is not so. Mini LED or OLED is a topic that has been circulating in the market for quite some time now. Apart from these two, we also have other technologies but today we are only discussing them. To better understand which one is better between the two we are here. To know about their features and advantages, follow our whole article as it will provide you with everything you need to know. Before going into the details, we should first understand what a mini LED and OLED is.

What is a Mini LED?

Mini LED technology is simply based on backlighting technology. Mini LEDs use very tiny LEDs to produce the light displayed on the screen. We are aware of the LED TVs that are based on LED panels but Mini LEDs have a backlight spread over the panel itself. These backlights present in Mini LEDs help in providing brightness. They offer a high level of the viewing experience, unlike the other LEDs.

What is an OLED?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which is another light-emitting technology used in televisions. Like LEDs there is no backlight present in this technology, the light is produced by the organic molecules. An organic thin film is present between two conductors and hence when an electric current is passed through it, bright light is emitted out.

Which one is better?

Presently OLED is dominating the market and it is considered the premium kind of all types of digital screens available. Since Apple has announced that it will use Mini LED in their Tablets, this technology is in trend. Big brands like LG and Samsung have also shown interest in using the Mini LED technology in their televisions and hence its demand has started to increase. So, now you think both are good and are confused. Now, is Mini LED better than OLED? To conclude, we will consider all the aspects one by one. Brightness, accuracy, speed, performance will help us find out.

Mini LED v/s OLED

Now, let us understand the difference between OLED v/s Mini LED by looking at factors one by one.


OLED TVs are not very bright and they don’t need to be that bright. It has a perfect black level that helps to improve the overall brightness of the screen. For over a decade now, companies like LG & Sony have been manufacturing OLED Tv sets. Currently, the OLED panels of 200-250 nits of full panels are present in the televisions. Therefore, after looking at these things we can conclude that Mini LED is better than OLED when it comes to brightness.

Per-pixel lighting

The OLED technology is mainly concerned with per-pixel lighting. Every pixel of OLED emits its light, this is what it is known for. This technology has an impact on lighting and contrast. Although Mini LED has improved the backlight it is still not capable of defeating the resolution and contrast offered by OLED. Per-pixel lighting of OLED will always win if you compare it with the backlighting zones of Mini LED. Therefore, OLED is better than Mini LED because detailed lighting of smaller objects is not available with it.

Color Accuracy

OLED ruled the market if we talk about color accuracy, that was before the backlight technology was introduced in the market. The LEDs technology has worked on almost all the aspects like brightness, color accuracy, and volume. OLED had a better contrast ratio as compared to Mini LED, along with having an edge on the HDR performance. On the other hand, Mini LEDs have excellent brightness with well-saturated colors. Hence, talking about the color accuracy of both Mini LED and OLED.

Sight position

Loss of color is there if you move aside from the screen in Mini LED. It is an improved version of the old LCD that had good backlighting. The light of LEDs lies in the crystal cells so when you look in a straight direction, you can see good colors but when you lose sight loss of color takes place. Whereas, if we talk about OLED it has self-emissive technology in which each pixel has its light, there is no need for a secondary source. In this, it doesn’t matter at what angle you are watching the screen, the colors will be accurate. We would say, OLEDs are somewhat better than Mini LEDs when it comes to sight positions.

Reliability & Durability

The reliability & durability of both is the same to a large extent. Both are the same and the difference lies in the number of LEDs used. OLED panels come in three different colors, blue, red & green. Among all of them, blue ones are less durable and so their color is likely to be disturbed after some time. Although the new versions are better and improved still this problem can arise. So, there is no doubt that Mini LEDs are better than OLED in terms of reliability & durability.

Manufacturing Costs

Devices that used OLED technology were very expensive but now due to their popularity and reach it is not so. Prices have been affected a little but still, manufacturers sell them at premium prices only. Moreover, Mini LEDs are more complex to manufacture, and hence their price is also good. In short, prices don’t differ if we compare Mini LED and OLED.

Wrapping up

Mini LEDs have been popular because companies like Apple, LG & Samsung have started using them. There are a lot of differences between both the technologies but when it comes to price both are the same. In most of the factors, OLEDs have an edge over Mini LEDs. Although there are a lot of Mini LEDs presently in the market, researchers say that OLED will still capture a huge market in the future.

We hope you liked our article on Mini LED v/s OLED as it will help you better understand both Technologies. To know more about the latest technologies and innovations, keep following our page.


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