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All you need to know about Goechala trek


if one wants to enjoy the amazing and breathtaking views of the mountains and feel that adrenaline rush and also a sense of victory within themselves, Kanchenjunga and the other 14 summits is the perfect place(goechala trek) for any adventure lover or a trekker. This goechala trek takes you closer to Nepal. This trek is known among trekkers all over the world for its breathtaking views and thrilling trail and experience. 

How to reach Goechala Trek:

since it is located at the tophill, one can travel by a jeep or book any form of transport from NJP/ Siliguri. one can also use the railway facility from anywhere to the nearest railway station to Yuksom.


one can enjoy the amazing and surreal sunrise at the Kanchenjunga range as one can get mesmerized by the hues of various warm colors which is a very heartwarming experience itself.

one can enjoy the views of the Rhododendron forest especially in the months of April and May. one can watch the beauty of the flora all around as one gets to see some vibrant shades of pink and red flowers all during the course of the trek. 

One gets to acknowledge the Samiti Lake which is another point of attraction during the course of the Goechala Trek. one can see the reflection of Mt. Pandim in the lake is the most mesmerizing experience.


One has to cover a distance of 90 KMs and reach at an altitude of 16,200 ft above the sea level. It is an adventurous trek and is indeed a great pleasure to watch the beautiful summits and the amazing Himalayan ranges, exotic forest, and the beauty of grassland with some vibrant flowers all around.

If one wants to have a clear view of the beautiful mountains, one should do the trek during the month of October to November since one can watch clear skies and the beautiful Himalayan ranges and one can view the beautiful stargazing and the sunset amidst the mountains. 


The tents and other accommodations are provided by the people one has contacted to do this goechala trek with. The trekkers and travelers are provided with the mean all times during the trek.

One can not only just enjoy the trekking part but also the sightseeing and the camping which makes it a very memorable experience,

one gets to enjoy the dense forest which is a very amazing and thrilling experience which is at a height of 12,000ft. above the sea level. and one can also visit the Kanchenjunga park if one wants to, after the trek is finished. 

One can witness the change in beauty of the sky as one moves forward during the course of the trek. One can witness some subtle skies at one point and the next point, one can witness some dramatic scenery. 


Perks and things to carry:

You should carry warm clothes and nice sports shows as it is an intensive trekking experience for a person.

Also carry slippers and an extra pair of socks and sunscreen lotion and skin moisturizers so as to protect their skin from the extreme climatic conditions in the mountains.

Carry their own water bottles, their backpack for trekking, energy bars/snacks. One should carry a pair of sunglasses so as to protect their eyes from the direct rays of the sun. 

We should also carry some extra aids or the basic aids during the course of the trek especially aspirin. 

Carry with themselves moisturizer or a lotion with a sunblock so as to protect their skin from the harsh and chilling winds and also the direct rays of the sun.

You should also carry some basic medications and personal toiletries and a flashlight and also a medical kit along with an insect repellent.



The highlight of this trek is the enrapturing mountain views from a majestic pinnacle of 15,100 ft. The Dzongri peak not only offers the sight of Kanchenjunga but 16 other towering peaks of the Himalayas.
The trek takes you to some of the coldest places in India! The Geocha La Trek is an exhilarating adventure to explore and experience nature in its ingenuousness.


Goechala Trek in Spring

The beauty of doing this trek in spring lies in witnessing the blooming rhododendrons, especially in the month of April. In Spring, the misty forests on Goechala trail come alive with varied shades of pink and scarlet.

The Rhododendrons start from around Bakhim. Their density and variety increases as you reach Tshoka and after that you are in for a treat of a lifetime.

The trail from Tshoka (9,701 ft) to Phedang (12,083 ft) is the Rhododendron belt. The entire stretch has Rhododendrons lined and laid out to form a Rhodo tunnel under which you walk. Sunlight diffuses filtering in from the colourful rhodo flowers, which add a magical touch to your experience.

It was the great trek just have a visit to this to explore the beautiful destination

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