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All the Processes of Building construction

Construction is nothing but the erection and assembly of structures that shelter us. Construction practices were started in the early stages of humanity to protect themselves from natural calamities. However, modern-day buildings concentrate more on aesthetics than the purpose they were created for.

Whatever the type of construction, few basic things remain unchanged, such as soil testing, excavation, pest control, foundation work, and then planning for construction. Due to the abundant sunlight in the country, warm regions in Australia are very much liable for pests and rodents. Hence, pest control in Nowra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney is considered a prime thing.

Pre-Construction Process

Acquiring the Land

Buying land is the first and foremost part of any construction. The land acquired must be suitable for the structure that is going to happen. Do thorough research or get help from a real estate agent before buying a plot of land. Enquire about the cost and facilities of the area where the property is situated.

Preparing Drawings:

After acquiring the land, consult an architect and a structural engineer regarding the building plan and structural drawings. Based on your need and taste, prepare a plan for approval. The structural drawings are for estimating the reinforcements and other building materials.

Budget and Estimation

Prepare a detailed estimation for the plan and design you have approved because construction involves a lot of cost for the raw materials, equipment and labour. Get help from a professional estimator to save money as much as possible. The estimation helps in getting a loan if you are short of the required capital for the construction.

Project Permits

Before executing the construction work, you need to get approval from the local Nowra authorities by submitting the prepared documents and drawings. These documents and processes may change from place to place. The documents are prepared using the reports from the land survey, soil test, land documents, drawings, and structural analysis.

Hiring a Builder

For executing the construction smoothly, it is better to hire a builder once you get the required permission. Some of the builders even help you in getting the permits at an extra cost. After handing it over to the builder, he takes care of the construction from start to finish.

Building Construction Process


Site Preparation

The construction site is cleared by removing debris, trees and roots that are present. Levelling the ground is done once the site is cleared.

Excavation, PCC and Foundation

For laying the foundation, the site must be excavated, as per the dimensions using the excavators. After excavation, Plain cement concrete is laid, and the foundation work starts after the cement gets dry. The reinforced structure above the foundation is called the plinth beam that supports the entire superstructure by transferring the load to the ground.

Pest Control

There are various services for pest control in Nowra, Adelaide, and other warmer regions of Australia in particular since they are infested with household pests more than any other region. Hence it is essential to inject the foundation with pest control chemicals.


The structure above the plinth level is called the superstructure. The main components of a superstructure are the beams, columns and slabs. These form the basic skeleton of the structure.

Brick Masonry

The entire skeleton, bricks made of cement, fly ash, clay, etc., are used to cover the structure with the help of cement mortar.

Lintel, Door and Windows Fixation

To support the door and window lintel beam is provided. After the construction of the lintel, doors and window frames are fixed.

Electrical and Plumbing

After masonry work is finished electrical and plumbing lines are provided inside the walls and slabs to keep them concealed.


External and internal finishing include plastering, painting, tiling and cladding.

Terrace and Roof

The terrace and roof are waterproofed, using paints and tiles to prevent any leakage.

Woodwork and Fixtures

The final step is installing the fixtures and woodwork for the interiors. They include switchboards, plumbing fittings, modular kitchens, cabinets, etc.

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