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Aeps service for online transcations

Aeps service for online transcations

Saving on payments on assistance services is a solution for

organizing your own business.

They are an asset to the company because they make

the company more successful and safer and reduce losses due to time fees.

The current success of online payment is proof of how

good payment methods are for your business.

This guide will help you understand what a payment gateway

is, why they are popular, how to pay online through a

charity provider, and how to match a payment gateway.Female Rogue Names

What is the payment method?

In other words, payment gateways are systems where

your customers move you capital.

Save on payments with a POS-based assistance service

that also handles all brick-and-mortar stores.

When using a payment gateway, customers and

businesses need to work together to buy a business.

When a customer orders, the app’s payment gateway

and service will review the customer’s card information

and make sure the account has enough money to cover you.

How will payment win my business?


Integrating payment gateways often means your customers

can buy at any time, whether you look in a store or perhaps.

Allowing your customers to look at the benefits will benefit them and you.

Payment is fast

the business owner knows that it is difficult to pay.

Instead of agreeing to insurance one day and doing so,

many customers choose to pay right away and run it.

The payment gateway allows them to do that, making

it a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Better security

The biggest problem for customers who use Internet

payment is security. Around 2017, the decline due to

U.S. credit card fraud was $ 2.5 billion.

Customer information is sent to the appropriate payment

gateway. This means that only source bank customers have access to their data.

Each payment gateway must comply with PCI DSS

standards, which means they comply with security

standards to ensure that your loyalty card information is handled carefully.

Cardholders offer another security system known

as 3-D Secure. It requires customers to create a

password for each card they use to pay online.

How does online payment work with payment gateways?

Before we begin the process, here are some words you might know:

Company account

Customer accounts are other bank accounts

that companies use for their receipts.

During this transaction, your customer pays for the

first transfer to the merchant account, which will remain

until you transfer it to your regular company bank account.

We need both a payment gateway and a

merchant account to receive payments.

In payment processing

When a company charges a customer for a purchase,

the payment processor is a service that allows the

customer’s card information to ensure full account

management. If so, the payment manager authorizes

the transaction and transfers the money to the

company’s account. Otherwise, the transaction is declined.

1 When you receive payments online, start by s

etting up your site and link it to the payment gateway.


  1. Your customers buy on the site by clicking on
  2. your payment link and saving their credit or debit card information.


  1. Cards and legal information are sent to the payment gateway.


Card information is securely sent to the payment gateway,

which means only your customers and their bank have access to their card information.


  1. Payment method Check your customer’s information
  2. and make sure they have enough money to pay the bill.

When they do, the payment gateway proceeds with the

transaction. In addition, the payment gateway prevents fraudulent use of all anti-fraud devices.


  1. Pay and then accept the customer and send the
  2. customer a request to start the bank.

The bank sends the money to the bank, and then

deposits it into the customer’s account.

What is a payment gateway?

In simple words, a payment gateway is a system through

which your customers take capital to you.

Payment gateways using EPS services are like

point-of-sale terminals used at all brick and mortar shops.

When using a payment gateway, both customers and

businesses will need to work together to conduct business.

When your client has placed an order, the application confirms

the card information of the payment gateway client with the services

And checks if their accounts have sufficient funds to cover you.

How does a payment gateway get my business?


If you integrate with a payment gateway, it usually means

That your customers can shop at any time, whether you are considering a shop or not.

Letting your customers see their vacation provides an advantage for them and you personally.

Quick payment

For a business owner, you know that it is hard to get paid in any way.

Instead of agreeing to cover a specific day and then needing to do so,

Many customers prefer to pay immediately and end it.

Payment gateways allow them to do this, which allows it to

And creates a win-win situation for both your customers.

Better protection

The number one issue of customers with internet payment is security.

As of 2017, the shortfall caused by credit card fraud from the United States was $ 2.5 billion.

The customer’s card information is sent securely to the payment gateway.

It follows that only the customer and their issuing bank will have the ability to get their information.

Each payment gateway must conform to PCI DSS standards,

Which means they follow specific security criteria to carefully process your customers’ card data.

Card providers provide an additional security protocol known as 3-D Secure.

This requires the client to create a password for each card used for Internet payment.

How can online payment with Payment Gateway operate?

Before entering the actual process, here are some conditions you might want to know:

Merchant account

A merchant account is another bank account that businesses use because of their receivables.

During a trade, your customer’s payment is basically transferred to a merchant account,

Where it remains until you transfer it to the regular bank accounts of a business.

You need both a payment gateway and a merchant account to accept payment.

payment processor

When a business charges a customer for a purchase,

So the payment processor is a service that authorizes the customer’s card details to ensure

That they have sufficient funds to cover their accounts.

If they do, the payment processor authorizes the transaction,

And the payment is distributed to the accounts of the business, and when not, the business is refused.

1. When taking an online payment, start with setting up your site and connecting to the payment gateway.

2.Your customer makes a purchase from the site by clicking on your payment link and entering their credit card or debit card details.

3.Card and order details have been sent to the payment gateway.

Card data is sent securely to the payment gateway, which means

That only your customers and their bank will have the ability to get their card information.

4.Subsequently, the payment gateway verifies and checks your customer’s card information.

Whether they have enough money to pay.

If they do, the payment gateway goes ahead with the business.

In addition, the payment gateway prevents fraudulent activities by supporting all anti-fraud devices.

5.The payment gateway then takes and sends a request to the customer’s issuing bank to start trading.

The issuing bank then sends these funds to the merchant bank which then deposits them in the merchant account.

6.Business status will be sent to this retailer as a notification.

The payment gateway you are using determines the

How long does it take to receive your payment.

Most payments are received almost immediately after the transaction ends,

But some may take up to 21 days if there is a mistake in processing.

How can I integrate with Payment Gateway?

How do you want to receive payments from customers,

Based on this you have some options to include payment gateway.

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