A Perfect Makeup Guide for Dark Skin Tone

We all want to look gorgeous and beautiful but most of us think beauty comes from skin color and seem that fairy skin means beauty and that’s why they used so many perfect makeup products and at last they saw the makeup does not suit their face. People with tan color skin tones try to pull off various acutely pigmented makeups. From pinks and berries to purples and reds, bright shades harmonize darker complexions. Whereas dark skin tones also have the fun of colorful blush and lippies, essential foundation. Don’t worry about your skin color, you can also look beautiful with your dark skin tone just follow this article and the guidance provided by the article.

Perfect makeup colors for tan skin tones:

1. Foundation for dark skin:

Whether your complexion is dark, fair, or anything among, the main thing is to pronounce the perfect makeup and know your undertones. If your skin tone has pink, blue, and red undertones, then you are cool. If this has golden or yellow undertones, then your undertones are warm. Stipulation your skin nature is the equilibrium of both, and then you have neutral or impartial undertones. If you have any query about your undertone then you should try the following tests:

Vein test:

Stare at the veins of your wrists. You have warm undertones if they are green. If they are blue, your undertones are cool. If you have both the color that means blue-green, your undertones are neutral.

The cream vs. white test:

Grasp 2 articles of fashion, one white as well as off-white. Whereas wearing no cosmetics or makeup, decide which shade or color complements match with your skin nature. If it is pure-white shadow, you have warm undertones. If cream color looks best on you, your undertones are warm. If both compliment you, you’re neutral.

Jewelry test:

Rider gold jewelry magnifies your skin texture, you’re probably you have a warm undertone. Stipulation silver jewelry suits your complexion, your undertones are cool.

2. Blush:

Dark pores and skin tones name for deep lavender sun sunglasses similar to a cranberry or maybe brilliant orange blush or anything. Don’t permit the formidable colors to frighten you, either. They will appearance greater diffused than they seem within the pan. Light fuchsia additionally works wonders on darkish pores and skin with warm undertones, even as tangerine will praise cooler undertones.

3. Bronzer:

Don’t allow everyone to inform you that you will not be a rock bronzer. Any sun-kissed glow workings for each complexion. You need to search for an invention with the intention to spotlight and decorate your pores and complexion for those lit-from-inside glows. You can use neutral bronzer and apply it on your temples, upper cheekbones and forehead for instant warmer complexion.

4. Eyeshadow:

I always prefer jewel toned eyeshadows for dark skin tones. Any rich color eyeshadow will truly create your eyes burst. Jewel tones similar to brilliant blue, purple, emerald inexperienced or a bottomless burgundy put out towards your complexion. Bronze and gold tones right away heat your pores and complexion and liven up your eyes, as well. Shove clear of white, frosty or light colors, as they are able to provide your pores and skin a pale or a dry appearance

5. Lipstick:

Just similar to the shiny blush colors, darkish pores, and skin tones could have simply as a whole lot amusing with lipstick or lip balm! We propose choosing a smooth crimson or a lusterless berry lip satiation to heat up on your skin tone. Women with hotter undertones additionally appear beautiful in orangey-pink, peach, brown chocolate shades or even orangey-pink.

How to makeup:

Step 1: before applying your foundation test its shade. You can also swatch each shade and blend it for a perfect match.

Step 2: using a golden highlighter is better than pink or silver. Apply it on your nose, forehead, chin and cheeks.

Step 3: after applying highlighter apply contour which is 2 shades deeper than natural skin color. Apply it on your jaw, cheeks and hairline.

Step 4: to fill brows you can apply a brow pencil which is lighter than hair color.

Step 5: for a natural glow you can use demi matte or shimmer eye shadow plates.

Step 6: you can use liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner; it’s totally depend on you.

Step 7: at last finish your makeup by applying a bold shade lipstick.


May this article will help you to find the right shades of perfect makeup for dark skin tones. And I want to tell you one thing that loves yourself, no matter what’s your skin color.

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