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A Must-Follow Social Media’s Trends’ List for 2021

Can you go two days without using your phone? Forget it, can you go one day without using your phone? Never mind, can you go half a day without using your phone?

Whoever said yes to any of those questions is outright lying. None of us, in today’s time, can go that long without checking our phones, or to be more exact, checking our social media accounts.

How Are Trends Created?

Social media has not always been the way it is, it has undergone evolution and developed exciting new features to be where it is now. It was also not as widespread as it is in the 21st century. Social media has now surpassed Television as a source of entertainment. One thing that makes social media stand out is, its trends. Social media trends are widely followed by people around the world. Once a trend is set, more and more people jump on th bandwagon to follow it.

Trendiest Social Media Trends in 2021

Social Media is no longer the same. With each passing year, new and clever features are being introduced which is making it easier for brands to reach their audience. Here is a list of trends that have gained popularity in the year 2021:

Live Streaming is the New Cool:

Brands have always focused more on video content for their expansion, however, live streams have taken the world by a storm in 2021. Live streaming has gained so much popularity and it continues to get popular. Brands are now exploring the options of interacting with their customers through live videos. Including celebrities on live videos gathers much audience as everyone wants to have a little chat with their favorite celebs.

FOMO Getting the Best of People:

Ephemeral content has been in demand in recent times. If this term sounds new to you, you would understand it better with reference to your favorite social media apps. When we talk about ephemeral content, we are referring to the short duration content everyone is so obsessed i.e. insta, Facebook, and snap chat stories. Brands are using this option to give their customers a glimpse of their world. What makes ephemeral content so popular is that it feeds on people’s FOMO (fear of missing out). This is why people feel the need to watch it as soon as possible.

Bots Aren’t Leaving Anytime Soon!

We have all encountered BOTs online at some points in our life, whether it be in the comment section of our favorite Instagram page, or our FaceBook messenger, BOTs never spare anyone. Brands use chatbots for better communication with their customers. If a regular internet user hears the word chatbot, they would most probably picture the same old computer generalized texts spamming their inbox. However, 2021 has changed the way we think about chatbots. They have now been evolved in such a way that they cater to the need and queries of the user in a more customized and precise way than before. With AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered chatbots, brands have successfully created an online presence that facilitates the concerns of a customer in just a matter of seconds. A college student who is low on his budget would make sure to search for UK best dissertation writing services over just any dissertation service. In the same way, brands also have certain restrictions. Chatbots help brands overcome one of such restrictions, which is their inability of being available 24/7. The AI-powered chatbots eradicate the need for being available all the time to cater to the customers.

Influencer Marketing Is The New Century Approach:

Social media platforms today, are flooded with influencers and bloggers. And they are succeeding at attracting a huge amount of audience. With so many people following those influencers, it seems like the best opportunity for brands to collaborate with them and reach a larger audience.

Brand endorsements have changed overtimes. Clicking a single photo with the product without having to put in many efforts, is not enough anymore. Brands are demanding influencers to put a sufficient amount of creativity and effort into their brand endorsements. You will now spot more influencers making videos and reels on Instagram promoting a product, instead of just uploading an Instagram post with a three-lined description.

More Location Based Advertisement:

A new trend adopted by brands is to locate their audience by methods such as geotagging. Instagram is also quite efficient in providing the users with brands that are located in their locale. This increases the chance of brands located in the vicinity getting recognized.

Final Thoughts:

Social media is a holistic platform and trends are just one of its stimulating features. It will always remain fascinating how the whole world could be brought on the same page by a single trend.

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