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A Mesmerizing Experience Rishikesh Region



Rishikesh Region

Do you know what excites the traveler the most ?

It is to discover and explore a new destination each time you were visiting. The travelling is such a wonderful learning that once it was quoted by someone. It will be like this, Life is like a book if you haven’t wish to kake travel you haven’t even read a single page from it. 

The main beauty about this traveling is that you are having an encounter with nature, the knowledge, and life.  It is a saga of your spiritual growth and also your personal happiness.


Now, just Imagine a place – where it was like a nature instantly connects with you and charges you up with a new drive to feel like re-live and re-conquer. This will be an environment that triggers you to pray, to do Yoga and get a direction for simple holistic living. 

Rishikesh combines the religion with fun for you. It is a mix of a western way of lifestyle, with spiritual and cultural way of living. But the choice will be yours. While visiting this place, do you wish to stay here for 5 to 10 nights , don’t worry about anything – Rishikesh has everything for everyone.


Visiting Rishikesh by heart of Uttarakhand is like a discover of the aura of blissful abode on this land – Holy India. This is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites present in India. This is an unique place to experience Love and devotion resonating through the vibes of pious city. 

It will gives you a different feel to you in the so different Rishikesh. This will be the most favorable time to visit Rishikesh. This will be during the month of September to March.



This place is a treat for the Veggie Lovers as a Non-Vegetarian food, it is not encouraged in Rishikesh. Both the liquor and wine lovers will have a tough time for this place, this really has nothing to offer for them in that capacity. This place is really a natural tranquilizer for the intense of spiritual impact and the holistic environment. The food with affordable meals was available all over Rishikesh, the Indian spices are in abundance to tastes.


Chotiwala Restaurants:

This is an old restaurant present across the Ganges in a tradition that you all have been observing this since you were toddlers and kids.


For all the people who loves to continental food and wish to combine with some western trans music and stay. You can take a walk to Swiss Bhandari cottage area, This consists of over 10 guest houses and cottages which were creatively made and the entire area is exclusively covered by the giant jack fruit trees (katahal). 

This area was  small and colorfully with open area cafes, staying in this area would range from Rs 400 – 2000. 

Guesthouse with facilities:

  • Yoga Studio, 
  • An inbuilt Spa, 
  • Internet Cafes, 
  • Bike renting facility 

More adventure arrangements lilike,

  • Rafting, 
  • Rappelling, 
  • Xplining, 
  • Trekking.


In the Relaxing Spa’s organic, it delights and delicacies you to have a lot to make your day full of excitement and feel the energy.

 Here you can,

  • Read a book , 
  • Erite a piece, 
  • Attend the evening aarti’s, 
  • Sit by the walls through the Ganges, 
  • Watch the rafters pass under the Jhulaas, 
  • When you are at a temple with enchant the shlokas, 
  • Just take an organic delight food from the local restaurant, 
  • Also you can get many choices but less time to apply them.


Apart from all these hundreds of budget hotels and ashrams – one of the most comfortable stays is the Hotel Ganga Resorts was run by Uttrakhand Tourism.

 The scintillating view of the Ganges from balcony of your room is something to breathe forever. You can get a well decent room at Ganga Resorts betweenthe rate of Rs 2200 to 3000 per night.



This will be a  very personal experience you would be to visit the Gurudev’s Kutir at the Ashram, It gives uou a great insight, peace and also knowledge about the contributions made by the Guru Sivananda towards the human society. 



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