A guide to Certificate Apostille in India

If you are traveling overseas for any purpose like a job, schooling, business, etc. The destination country’s Embassy / Consulate will ask you to submit certain certificates and documents for diverse purposes. It can be to apply for a Visa, to get admission to a university abroad to get citizenship, etc. For many purposes, you need to submit certain documents to travel to another country. It can be Academic or Non-academic (Personal).


Certificate Apostille is an attestation procedure of Personal (Non-Academic), Commercial, and Academic certificates/documents like Birth/Death/Marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, High School and Senior Secondary School certificates, various Degrees, Diplomas, and many more which are acceptable in the 105 Hague Convention members and signatory countries. Certificate Apostille helps the member countries of the Convention to abolish the requirement of the legalization of foreign public documents. Apostille stamp from one Hague Convention member country is appropriate in all the other 104 Hague convention member countries. The procedure for Certificate Apostille in India is the same for every state of the country. 

Around 119 Countries are being declared as Apostille Countries, All European, American Countries are Apostille Countries apart from that Mexico, Singapore, Australia, New-Zealand, Zimbabwe, in GCC Countries only Oman is an Apostille Country.

Apostille Services is being done by the Ministry of External Affairs or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective Countries.


 Certificate Apostille in Delhi


Certificate Apostille affirms the Delhi certificates to be acceptable across the world. Apostille is compulsory for the Delhi certificates and their use in member countries of the Hague Convention. Certificates which belong to Delhi go to various state govt. Authorities before receiving final Apostille stamp from MEA, India, and Central Govt. Department which handles all the foreign matters of the country.


Any traveler who wants to move abroad needs to get Certificate Apostille in Delhi for his/her Delhi originating personal, professional, educational, or commercial documents.

MEA India does not accept any document directly from applicant, Apostille service agencies collect and submit all documents for Apostille.

You can find many Apostille agencies for this purpose throughout Delhi, which can complete the Apostille for your documents on your behalf. You need to find a legit and trustworthy Apostille provider agency to get the process complete on time and for a reasonable fee.


 Certificates Apostille in Mumbai


Apostille attestation in Mumbai is one of the maximum in-demand services due to the maximum number of people going abroad for Employment, Business, and Better Education. Certificate Apostille in Mumbai is the responsibility of the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India, a Central Govt. Department for all the Mumbai originating certificates.



Process for Certificate Apostille in Mumbai


It starts with Notary Public Attestation, then, proceed to Home Department Attestation/ SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) Attestation. After the Notarization and Home department verification, the certificates will receive the MEA Apostille stamp, the MEA stamp is the very last step of certificate Apostille in Mumbai and the MEA is a Central Govt. Authority.


Various attestation services in Mumbai are assisting people to get a trouble-free.

Certificate apostille service for all the certificates that either belong to Mumbai or anywhere in India.

You can attain out to any legal and reliable Apostille provider agency. To get the Certificate Apostille procedure complete on your behalf.


Certificate apostille in Chennai


Certificate Apostille Services in Chennai is one of the maximum in-demand services because of a massive number of people going to foreign countries for Employment, Trade, and better Education. The Certificate Apostille guarantees that documents belonging to one signatory country can be taken as valid in another signatory country.

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India is ultimate authority to perform certificate Apostille for all

Chennai originating certificates.


 To get Certificate Apostille in Chennaiall the Chennai originating certificates need to get verification from the State Notary Public, and Home Department / Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM­) before getting the Apostille stamp from the MEA which proves the legitimacy and authenticity of the certificates and their holder.


 Many Apostille service agencies cater to Apostille services in Chennai and its nearby places. To get a problem-free service for Certificate Apostille, you can reach out to any of these agencies or their agents to get the process completed timely and easily.


Certificates Apostille in Hyderabad


Certificate Apostille services In Hyderabad are mandatory for the person residing in Hyderabad or Telangana if they are traveling overseas on a work visa or dependent visa. They need to get a Certificate Apostille for certain documents that belong to Hyderabad and going to be used overseas.

Apostille is essential you are submitting in a different country are proper and given by a registered authority.


Certificates Apostille in Hyderabad is the responsibility of the Ministry of External Affairs Department, India, and the highest level of verification for any document that belongs to Hyderabad to prove the certificates are true and legal. To get apostille, certificates undergo many authorities’ before sending certificates to MEA documents need to undergo Notarization first. Then State authentication/Sub Divisional Magistrate authentication.


Several Apostille services agencies help Hyderabad people to get the process complete in a hassle-free way. They perform the procedure of Apostille on your behalf and get the Apostille stamp easily and cost-effectively.


 Certificate Apostille in Bangalore


Certificate Apostille service agencies in Bangalore will confirm, validate and legalize the Karnataka state government certificates. Certificates are from a different state but you live in Bangalore you can submit the certificate for Apostille. The documents will get the verification from the State Department where the documents belong. After the verification from the state, the MEA India will provide an Apostille stamp to the Bangalore certificates to show the overseas government that the certificates are verified for their originality.


Certificate Apostille in Bangalore Service can be completed by Apostille agencies appointed by the MEA. They provide Certificate Apostille services in Bangalore to assist the people in completing the process easily and timely. They will collect your documents take them to multiple government departments and finally get the Apostille stamp from MEA.


Certificate Apostille fee and time frame are completely dependent upon the type of certificate you need Apostille for, the destination country, and other requirements of the applicant.


VLS International was established nearly 19 years back with an aim to provide timely, efficient and swift attestation services. Being in the industry for a long time, we have been successfully delivering attestation services to those who want to travel abroad. Owing to our expertise, we make sure that our clients get the best of the support and assistance throughout the process.

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