A Guide To Become An Aged Care Worker In Australia

Aged care is one of the most demanding and rapidly growing careers in Australia. The Australian government estimates that there will be huge job vacancies in this sector within a few years. In this ongoing job crisis worldwide due to the global pandemic, the aged care sector has seen significant growth and demand. With the significant rise in the number of older people in Australia, care workers have almost become a necessity.

Aged Care Worker:Job Description

The responsibilities of aged care workers vary according to the place of employment. An aged care worker who has pursued and passed one of the aged care courses in Adelaide or any other place can work in a community centre, care centre facility, client’s residence, or even have their own care centre. Most duties of the care worker are typical, but they may become specific for some exceptional cases, such as a client with paralysis will need extra attention.

Experience and training is the key point to develop and enhance the skills of an aged care worker. However, people with certifications and diplomas in aged care courses have higher and assured chances of getting a job easily. Courses such as Certificate 3 in aged care Adelaide are very popular among the people looking for their fresher’s position in this industry. This course helps to develop and instill all the knowledge, skills, and training needed to work as an aged carer in Australia or any other country.

Nowadays, even experienced aged care workers pursue such courses to formalize and authenticate their skills to get a nationally recognized and accredited certification. This will help them to broaden their career opportunities and explore better options. As of today, more than 50% of aged carers have accreditation for their skills and knowledge about this industry. You can pursue this course from any top institutes in Australia with proper registration and authorization to ensure such course programs. This course will enrich you with theoretical and practical knowledge to become a professional aged care worker.

Roles And Duties

The primary duty of an aged care worker is to assist the old aged people in their everyday activities. They play an essential role for the aged people by providing companionship and emotional support throughout the day. This means that the care worker has to accompany the disabled or elderly clients to places of social gathering or running errands, taking them to medical appointments, etc.

The common roles and duties of an aged care worker for the elderly includes:

  • Monitoring and taking actions for the medication and vital signs of the client with registered nurses and doctors.
  • Transporting the client to various places of visit such as the dentist appointment, park, etc.
  • Advising and suggesting the clients and their families on nutrition, diet, lifestyle habits, and bedtime care.
  • Preparing food for the clients according to the nutritional diet provided by their doctor. They also had to remember the allergies of the clients to avoid them while preparing food.
  • They act as good communicators for the clients.
  • Ensuring the personal hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings of the clients.
  • Maintaining and keeping the records, paperwork, and financial statements for the clients.
  • Organizing social activities to keep them engaged and mentally happy.
  • If working at someone’s residence, care workers have to run errands like buying groceries, do general cleaning and washing, assisting mobility, etc.

Salary And Pay

  • According to the Australian government’s job outlook, the median weekly salary of an aged care worker is $900.
  • However, this pay scale increases with overtime, public holidays work, and weekend overtime.
  • There are opportunities for good earnings for people having their own aged care centre as they will earn more than an average care worker.
  • An aged care worker has to work for an average of 38 hours on weekdays.

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Job Prospects

There are vacancies for various job profiles in almost every area of Australia for people with aged care qualifications and certification. You can prosper your career in this industry without any hassle. For instance, if the care worker pursues a course for certificate 4 in aged care, then they will get chances of employment for better job profiles such as a manager of aged care centre, etc.

There are various other job prospects that an aged care worker can choose to work with a proper qualification certificate, such as:

  • Community Or Lifestyle Worker
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Registered Nurse
  • Assistant in Nursing
  • Enrolled Nurse

Anyone with a certification in aged care can upgrade their skills and gain experience to prosper in this sector.

Aged Care Workers: Tips For Resume And Interview

Worried about your preparation for a job interview for the position of an aged care worker? You must know the answers and responses to the common questions. Here are a few tips for your resume and interview that will easily help you get a job in this sector.

  • The first and foremost tip for prioritizing building a strong resume for your interview is pursuing aged care courses Adelaide or other places in Australia.
  • Check the various blogs and posts over the internet for tips to crack interviews in the aged care industry.
  • Check for the diverse behavioral patterns and skills to impress the interviewer from someone who’s already working in this sector.
  • You can gain experience as a volunteer for social works and care for older adults in your locality.

Ending Note

Aged care workers are experiencing a constant rise in demand and growth in Australia. This job profile has become one of the most rewarding careers for people looking for employment opportunities. In this time of economic crisis worldwide, where many businesses are downsizing, the aged care sector has never stopped growing with its vacancies, job prospects, and pay scale.

If you too pursue your career as an aged care worker, you will be helping some of the most vulnerable groups of people in Australia or some other country. Whether you want a part-time job or full-time, pursue a certification course for this career and start enjoying the upcoming rewards along with the job service.

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