A Few Things Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginners Need To Know

Diablo 2 Resurrected’s ladder mode is about to officially enter the game, which has attracted many new players. The game is very foreign to new players, which puts us at a disadvantage in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

There are many complex factors in this game, such as Horadric Cube, Runewords, etc. So players will encounter many problems after entering this game.

Knowing about the game before we jump into Diablo 2 Resurrected will allow us to avoid many problems. Here are some things you must know about this game. By following these tips we can gain an advantage right from the start of the game.

Choosing a Good Diablo 2 Resurrected Initial Class

The first thing we do when we start the game is to choose an appropriate class. In this game, however, there are hardly any classes that are introduced to the player. In addition to a short description for the player, the choice can only be based on the appearance of each class.

While we can use additional new characters in this game, once a choice is made, classes cannot be swapped.

Some of Diablo 2 Resurrected’s 7 classes are perfect for new players. Among them, Sorceress relies heavily on spells and mana and is relatively fragile. Paladins can take more attacks and can heal without the use of potions. Necromancers can summon an army of minions that not only deal damage but also spread enemy damage.

A strong character can help us start the game with an edge and get more d2r items. So when we enter this game, we must choose a suitable and strong class.

Create a plan for the class of your choice

Each class in this game has many different directions of development. This means that we can make these classes perform different functions according to our liking. Like Necromancer, we can focus on summoning an army of followers, or you can choose a mode where you invest points in poison/bone spells. Depending on the class, you can also focus your entire build on one skill, like Zeal Paladins or Blessed Hammer Paladins.

While we can customize different skills for our characters to our liking, it’s best to have a plan and invest accordingly. In this game, the number of skill charges is limited. This prevents us from focusing on all skills. For example, Necromancers’ basic boosted skeleton skills gain bonuses from skeleton mastery and summon resistance.

A mature character-building guide can help us accurately build a strong character in this game. So we need to make a plan before building characters.

Watch your stamina during the game

The thing that most likely surprises us in this game is stamina. In Diablo 2 Resurrected we need to switch between running and walking to maintain stamina. This also ensures that we maintain combat capability in the event of a sudden encounter with an enemy.

Stamina Potion is helpful in this situation, which allows us to quickly restore the consumed Stamina. But you should always keep an eye on it and your health and mana, especially when you’re playing solo. If you don’t have enough stamina, you won’t be able to escape when you encounter an enemy.

You need to take your character’s death seriously

After you enter this game, you must know that you cannot take equipment with you after your character dies. To recover your loot, you need to find your body and pick it up. So keeping backup props in your repository is a smart move. If you’re venturing into a tough fight, it’s also wise to open a town portal before you start. You can also avoid some potential troubles by storing gold in your stash.

The exception is the hardcore mode, where one person’s death is the end of the game. Players lose all progress when they die.

Prioritize your targets

When you use a controller, you can easily default to attacking the object closest to you. This will probably work in most cases, but you should be careful about fighting enemies that can revive allies. Your first mission in the game is to explore the evil lair, which you will encounter. There you’ll find dropped Shaman units that revive enemies you kill. They’ll keep doing it as long as they’re alive. This means you want to make sure you find the shaman first. It’s also a lesson about focusing on enemy attributes at the top of the screen.

Buy a Tome of Town Portal and Tome of Identify

There are two scrolls in the props provided by the NPC. They are Scrolls of Town Portal and Scrolls of Identify. These two scrolls are very important, one can be used for teleportation and the other can be used to identify d2r items.

When you enter the game, you must have these kinds of scrolls. Although these reels will take up our storage space.

If you can get help from Deckard Cain, then there will be less need for Scrolls of Identify. Because this item can identify the item in the game.

Choose what you need

You’ll come across a lot of loot during the game, but not all of them are worth getting. While you can also sell the d2r items you get, this will take up a lot of your time.

Therefore, you’d better spend your time picking up something more valuable. Items that are of great help to a particular class are valuable. Such as wands, sacred globes, scepters, barbarian helmets, etc. We need to focus on these items, not the low-value items.

Hire a mercenary

As you proceed via the very early Act 1 story, you’ll acquire the capability to employ your initial mercenary from Kashya. There are different kinds of mercenaries you’ll be able to hire as you proceed via the video game, starting with the bow-wielding rogues of Act 1.

You can just have one mercenary at a time, so you’ll want to ensure you select one that complements your course. When looking to hire one, pay attention to their skills. A rogue with Cold Arrow might be less useful to you if you’re a Sorceress that’s already decreasing enemies or a Necromancer with a summons that will draw away enemies’ focus.

Once you have a mercenary, make sure to equip their gear to increase their effectiveness. It’s also worth noting that ethereal items that cannot be repaired are useful for mercenaries, as items equipped by mercenaries do not lose durability.

Socketed items and Runewords are powerful

Early in the game, you can get various gems. We can get additional effects by nesting these gems on the weapon. A sufficient number of sockets can make a huge difference if used correctly.

Runewords are also very important. This item can also be placed in sockets. You activate a rune if specific runes are inserted into the item in a specific order. It activates very important effects beyond what a single rune would normally provide.

In the early video game, farming Countess in Act 1 is a great way to get runes. This will aid to construct a few of the lower-level Runewords, such as Stealth or Leaf.

Use the Horadric Cube

In Act Two, you’ll get Horadric Cubes. By placing specific items inside, Cube can transform them into other things. Even things as simple as cut gems can be placed inside to boost their rarity.

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