A Comprehensive Event Planning Checklist For Schools

Event Planning Checklist For Schools – Any event, when put right, can generate extravagant results for any organization. But we know that pulling off a successful event is never easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to put things in line to achieve the desired results. The story is not different when we talk about organizing school events. Knowing what should be on your list and where to start is not easy. You better make a checklist of activities and go about it. This article will portray a detailed checklist for you if you are about to organize a school event shortly. Keep scrolling to know what’s in the box!

An Event Planning Checklist For Schools:

Depending on the size and scale of your event, it’s better to organize activities and make a list of them. The event planning process should start well ahead of the event day and go on till it is over. Following is a checklist for you that can be of assistance throughout the event process. Let us walk through it!

1. Before the event:

There are numerous things you need to take care of before the event day comes. A list of these activities is given in the coming lines.

i) Set Objectives:

Generally, there is no limit to the number of goals you should set but go for a good amount. Set specific objectives that will help your cause. The goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely). If you don’t have any idea about how or what goals to set, the following points may help you.

  • Increase your school attendance by 50%.
  • You would like to attract more students for the next year.
  • You are looking for an aggressive brand awareness campaign.

Objectives like these can help you set a target and focus on what you would like to achieve.

ii) Set the budget:

All the aspects of your event are affected by your event budget, and that is why it should be well-managed and planned. Don’t panic if your event budget is small. You can work it out by getting creative. Once the budget is planned, the next step is to design a spreadsheet to keep track of every detail.

iii) Choose a venue:

The next thing on your list should be the venue selection. Does your school ground has enough room for all the attendees? If not, what is the best possible option you can avail of? Make sure the venue is easier for all the attendees. You can hire expert Events companies in Abu Dhabi if it sounds too complicated for you.

iv) Design marketing strategies:

The best way to drive attendance and boost engagement is to market your event. Design aggressive marketing strategies to promote your event and target the audience. You can post your event on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The best way to gain more registrations is to design a registration form on your website.

v) Book your vendors:

You will need catering, audio, and visual support from expert vendors. Contact them atleast a month before your event and let them know about your needs. You also need to ensure these vendors are not double-booked on your event day.

vi) Invite a guest speaker:

A guest speaker is always a good idea to drive more audience. Why not have one on your stage for your next school event? Connect with a relevant guest speaker and invite them to your event.

Bonus tip: While marketing your event, you can ask your guest speaker to post it on their blog or social accounts. Doing so will let their followers know about your event, enhancing your audience base.

vii) Design a contingency plan:

Do you have a plan B or plan C if something goes wrong? Because the events are unforeseeable and you have to have a contingency plan in place. Community transmission sometimes requires you to shift your event. Natural disasters are unpredictable, and you have to design a plan to combat such circumstances.

2. Event Day:

On the event day, you need to take care of the following aspects.

i) Manage the event well:

Managing your show is the key to success. Let everything be on time and place. Ensure nothing goes off the track. Keep a strong monitoring eye on the activities and see if there are any managerial decisions to make. The process is easier said than done. However, it is easier when you have professional Events companies in Abu Dhabi on your side.

ii) Look after the guests:

The bigger part of good management is looking after your guests. Attend to them and see if they are sitting comfortably. Ask them if they need anything.

iii) Ensure social distancing:

Since the COVID wave is at its peak, ensure safety measures across your event site. Make sure there are proper sanitization and face masks available for those who lack. Also, check for social distancing.

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