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Travel and Leisure

A Complete Travel Guide from Amritsar to Dalhousie

Are you planning to visit Dalhousie? You have made a wise decision. Dalhousie is a breathtakingly beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh and is known for its scenic views and pleasant weather. Additionally, this journey will provide you with a great experience & breathtaking beauty that will fascinate and mesmerize you. So, what is the hold-up? Here is the travel guide we are going to give you. You can better prepare for and enjoy your vacation with its assistance.

How can you go to Dalhousie from Amritsar?

There is no denying that regardless of where we want to go- our first concern is almost always how we will get there. To start with, the entire distance between these two locations is 197 kilometers. Secondly, if you want to know whether a flight, train, or bus can take you from Amritsar to Dalhousie, there is, but there is no direct route. The only and best option is to take a taxi from Amritsar to Dalhousie. Rest is, if you book Amritsar Dalhousie Dharamshala tour packages with us, you will not have to worry about it. We will be taking care of it together with your travel logistics, housing reservation, and outdoor recreation.

Oh! Who are we? We will explain this in the end, but for now, let us move on to the next question.

How can you plan a Dalhousie trip from Amritsar? 

See, even though planning your Dalhousie trip from Amritsar may initially appear hard, you will have a great time since there are only a few considerations. Once you get a solid understanding, you are prepared to proceed and can reserve your Dalhousie Dharamshala Amritsar Tour package. Still uncertain whether your travel plan will work? No need to worry. We will simplify things for you by offering tour guides. Yes, when you book online with Viral Yatra, you will receive tour guides and can utilize them to organize your vacation. In addition, when you contact us regarding travel packages, a travel professional will assist you at every instant until the end of your trip. What is causing you concern now-

How many days are sufficient for the Dalhousie trip?

The holy city of Amritsar in Punjab, where you may visit the well-known Wagah border, the Golden Temple, and the ancient Jallianwala Bagh, is also included in this tour. However, as they say, everything has its appointed time. Trips are constrained to it in the same manner. Therefore, let us tell you that your Dalhousie trip will complete in as few as 8-days. You can engage in outdoor activities, sightseeing, temple visits, shopping, and much more throughout this period.

How far is Khajjiar from Dalhousie? 

While traveling from Amritsar to Dalhousie, we will pass through Khajjiar, will we not? Yes, of course. It is only 20 km far away from Dalhousie. The stunning natural scenery in Khajjiar has earned it the nickname Mini Switzerland, but that is not only why we are going there. Even better, we will visit the Khajjiar sanctuary. It is renowned for its deodar forest meadows and an accessible hiking trail that leads to virgin woodland.

Since we have covered so many of the elements you needed to know for this tour, we hope it will not be too challenging to handle everything for you, even though you will find information on how to book your package towards the end of the blog. So, without wasting any more time, let us now move on to the next, most important question that is undoubtedly going through your thoughts. It is-

What is the best time to visit Dalhousie?

One of the well-known locations to visit on the Indian hill station tour is Dalhousie, which is tucked away in the Himachal Pradesh province’s Chamba region. This picturesque village, which is stretched across five hills and is at an altitude of 1,970 meters, is surrounded by dense forests of pine trees and the snow-capped Pir Panjal Mountains. Overall, the picturesque architecture of the old town, landmarks, bungalows, and general atmosphere still represent its colonial heritage.

Nothing else will do if it wasn’t enough to give you the travel bug. On the other hand, Dalhousie is a year-round resort, making it much easier to organize a trip that works for you. Of course, being a Himalayan hill station, familiarizing yourself with the weather conditions is necessary for you to determine what the best time to visit Dalhousie is.

Visit during the summer months of March through June to fully access and enjoy the area surroundings comfortably. If you enjoy taking pictures, the beautiful summer skies serve as the ideal backdrop this time. The monsoon season, which lasts from July through September, is perfect for a romantic trip or cultural encounter. This time, you may see the enthralling Satdhara Falls in their entire pouring splendor. You can play in the snow during the winter, and there are also many other wintertime things to enjoy.

Now that we have partially addressed all your queries, we assume you must also be eager to find out where to make reservations for Amritsar Dalhousie tour packages. Contact Viral Yatra if you want to.

Who is Viral Yatra? 

Viral Yatra—you read it correctly. Does our name sound so agonizing? Well, that’s how we even operate. We are all aware of the difficulties we encounter when traveling, such as using unreliable transportation and finding out where to find food and drink. For you specifically, we simplify travel by eliminating hassles. We have been in this line of work for seven arduous years, providing travel packages to clients wishing for a honeymoon, holiday, or a moment of relaxation. Furthermore, we went above and beyond to satisfy our customers, and we will do the same in the future. Even if it is an honor to partner with a prestigious and higher authority, we have a duty of gratitude to them.

What brings us here?

As we’ve already indicated, we provide a range of trip types. It includes weekend vacations, outdoor hikes, cultural excursions, and much more. When you book the Amritsar Dalhousie tour package with us, we will take care of everything, so if you’re wondering what benefits you can get, let us tell you that we will take care of everything. It includes arrangements for transportation, lodging, automobile rentals, and outdoor activities. We also put in a lot of effort and are dedicated to giving our customers the vacations of their dreams. All thanks to our superb and experienced personnel.

Why should you choose us?

Our travel package consultants receive training to understand customer needs and stay updated on travel trends. Keeping your specific requirements in mind, we create specialized packages to deliver first-rate travel packages. Since we think every vacation should be the finest, Viral Yatra considers all factors, from the least significant to the most crucial, and provides packages at affordable prices.

Additionally, we provide specialized vacation packages for romantic getaways, honeymoons, and other journeys. So let us know whether you’re planning a family vacation, searching for the perfect honeymoon spot, or only eager to know which package is best for you. From the moment you contact us about travel packages, a travel expert will help you every step of the way until your vacation is over.

Last but not least, if you are looking for some exciting travel offers, let us assist you in having a wonderful trip.

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