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9 Reasons to talk With Construction Lawyers Before Construction Projects

Every single construction project absolutely needs to have a rock-solid contract to ensure that all parties are held accountable for their actions. From a contractor’s perspective, you’ll want to verify that you’ll be paid for all of your work. And have the right to seek legal actions against an owner who doesn’t plan on compensating you. On the other hand, as an owner, you will want to have clear documentation of your calculated requirements of all labour. As well as materials so you can ensure that they obtain everything they paid for when their project is finished.


As you can see, both parties will need to have a professionally drafted contract in order to reach their goals. Many projects never conclude because the contract that is defining the extent of the work is either unclear, badly written, contains inconvenient clauses, or just fails to uphold the needs of all the parties involved.


Therefore, a construction lawyer can assist you with any contract-related subjects. They help you with things like negotiating, preparing, and reviewing contracts. They do it to ensure that everyone can focus on the work that needs to be done and not a potential dispute in making. If you are still not sure if you need to have a lawyer, here are seven reasons why you should hire one.

Maximize The Value

You want to make sure that you are getting a good deal for your efforts when you are starting a new project. When you are a contractor, you will have to make a big investment to ensure that the project will meet the design specifications as well as be executed during a timeline. That is one of the main reasons you simply can’t afford someone to say your position. Mostly during the negotiation period and lessen the amount that you are getting in return. When you are hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you, you will be ensuring that you are both getting your best interests and having contracts that work well for both sides.


Having a successful first round of negotiations will usually significantly increase the value of your contract and having a lawyer by your side will show that you are not there to play around. They will always ensure that you are getting paid what you are worth.

Clarify Your Needs

Sometimes, verbalising your needs and details can be challenging. Because contracts are legally binding, you need to ensure that you are communicating your terms perfectly and not being confusing, misleading or undersaid. That is why having a construction lawyer helping you along the way is great. They will help clarify any needs, wants and everything will be done amicably without any tension. Aside from that, a professional will also be able to identify any potential pitfalls during the whole process.

Avoid a Dispute

When you have a contract that has been professionally made, you are lessening the chance of having any form of disputes happening throughout the project. When a constitutional lawyer is putting together or reviewing a contract, they will ensure that there are no points in it that are unclear or inconsistent. A lawyer will also help you with any usual back-and-forth of contract negotiations that almost everyone will experience. So, if you are worried about any potential risks, disputes or issues along the way, a lawyer will help you along the way to avoid them. When it comes to Australia, a lot of trusted construction lawyers in Sydney will recommend that you have a lawyer behind you as it will help you avoid costly litigation.

Build Your Network

Every time that you have completed a project and earned the praise of the client. You are potentially creating relationships that will last you years and years. Everyone wants to work with people they can trust in. That is why having a professional make and go over any contract will ensure that you have and leave a positive experience. They will take preventative actions and draft strong contracts that will help you build a good reputation with people you are working with which will result in building trusted networks along the way.

Suspension And Site Safety Costs

When you are working with a construction project, that means that there will be a shutdown period when there can be a suspension or demobilisation of stary costa that are relevant in the contract. That means that the participants will need to review their contracts and see if they are entitled to them. Participants can also manage any suspension claims according to their contract, which is where having a lawyer will come in hand as they will be able to deal with the situation the best possible way.

Force Majeure Arrangements

Having a lawyer by your side will also help when there need to be force majeure arrangements made. What that is, is a clause that will relieve a part of their obligations. Because there was a disruptive event that was not foreseen or controlled by any of the parties involved, such as a COVID-19 lockdown.

Permits And Regulatory Guidance

When you are working on a construction project, you will be dealing with a lot of regulations. Licenses, as well as permits, will all vary from town to town. Not having one paper will significantly stretch your project timeline and potentially ruin the whole thing. That is why it is best that you have a construction lawyer. They will tell you all the zoning, land, environment. As well as safety laws that you need to oblige and have a permit for before starting the whole project.

Help with Contract Terminations

If there are any issues during the project on any end, having a construction lawyer will help with any contract terminations. They will be able to both defend or prevent a wrongful termination. And ensure that no one innocent is being accused.

Protect your Payments

Having a construction lawyer by your side will ensure that you receive your full payment as it has been processed. They will ensure that all the costs of equipment, materials and labour have been covered. They will also help to ensure that all the terms and conditions of your contract have been met. If someone is refusing to pay, a lawyer will be able to take legal action to recover the payment for you.


As you can see, there are many benefits that come with hiring professional construction layers when you are working on a project, no matter if it is your first or a thousandth project. Having professional help in this business is always a great benefit.

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