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9 Cool Drawing Tips for Beginners

9 Cool Drawing Tips for Beginners

Are you starting in cool drawing and are you still a beginner? I bet you are often looking for drawing tutorials and good cool drawing tips to learn and progress, that’s great! It is a good step. In our current society, we live a lot of stress and fatigue. And we easily forget that drawing has therapeutic virtues: well-being, relaxation, self-esteem. The benefits are numerous. Going into the cool drawing idea is therefore an excellent idea (at the same time, I’m not the one who would tell you the opposite). So, in this article, I want to compile you my 9 best cool drawing tips if you are a beginner and you do not know too much where to start. I specify that they are in a random order, there is no hierarchy. Here we go!

  1. Draw smaller

A mistake I often see with new designers is trying to start too big. An A4 sheet is already a lot of work, sometimes hours of cool drawing, to achieve the desired result.

The downside is that it can quickly discourage and demotivate. I, therefore, advise you to make your first sketches on A5 paper, it’s already very good. This is the format of a classic sketchbook, to take everywhere with you.

And to go even further, you can even draw in small boxes on this A5 paper. This gives you a cartoon or comic book effect of your day. I talk about this technique in my article “Learn to Draw Easily: My Silly Tip”.

Either way, don’t start too big. Even if it’s good to have ambition and to challenge yourself, when you start, you have to know how to go gradually.

  1. The better fact than perfect

I bet you’ve already seen or heard this phrase: better done than perfect. This ties in with the idea that I developed just before. Don’t aim for a perfect result from the start. Firstly, because it is rare to achieve it from the first sketches. And then because, again, it may discourage you more than anything else.

This is not a lack of ambition. But rather to be relatively reasonable to enjoy his cool drawing sessions. And then it prevents us from hearing that little inner voice when we look at his sketch, which says “it’s not right at all, it’s ugly, you’re not good” (which is generally wrong., by the way).

  1. Get involved in your artistic practice

My third cool drawing tip for beginners is this: don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your practice. I preach a little for my parish you will tell me. Indeed, I offer online cool drawing lessons for beginners.

But we cannot deny that training in cool drawing brings technique, rigor, advice, structure, steps to follow, the logic of progression, pedagogy, etc. It will allow you to progress significantly.

Of course, first, I invite you to watch cool drawing ideas tutorials on youtube and practice. It’s free and it allows you to discover this activity, to know if you like it. Once this is over, I know from experience that we generally place little value on free content. On the other hand, if you pay, if you invest in something, then you feel much more involved.

  1. Start drawing at your own pace

This is an important cool drawing ideas tip for beginners: go at your own pace. By that I mean 2 things:

  1. First of all, do not compare yourself, there is no point in trying to go at the same pace as that, if that does not suit you, it will disgust you with artistic practice;
  2. The cool drawings do not necessarily require a lot of time, contrary to what we imagine.

Drawing, sketching, sketching does not always require hours of practice. It can also be very fast, minimalist, uncluttered, as in the examples in this article on tattooed one line drawing tutorial.

  1. Don’t just focus on the result

In the same vein, I invite you not to focus only on the result. I know this is something you expect a lot when you are new to cool drawings. We want to draw this or that, to have a beautiful rendering, a realistic effect, etc.

Of course, that matters. But the purpose of cool drawing is also to love the creative process, to appreciate the sound of the pencil on the paper, to relax by doing a soothing activity. If you like the result, that’s just a bonus! Otherwise, too bad, you will still have had a good time.

Find a fun tool, practice a style you like, enjoy cool drawing above all else.

  1. Channel your attention

What do I mean by channeling his attention? Do not disperse. Do not follow too many teachers on the internet. Not that you have to listen to the same person forever.

However, not all teachers have the same methods, the same styles, or the same pedagogy. You won’t get the same results with so and so, that’s normal. My advice: find the personality that appeals to you, the person whose speech and method appeal to you. You will find it easier to project yourself and apply his advice.

  1. Draw in pencil, but not only

Another cool drawing tip that I like to share with beginners is not to limit yourself to a pencil/pencil (pain au chocolat, chocolatine, all that) to draw. I know it’s reassuring, we tell ourselves that we can erase it if we make a mistake. But! If you do a bad stroke, is it a mistake?

I want to say: no. There is no error in the cool drawing. Again, don’t strive for perfection, don’t hide behind the eraser. Don’t be afraid to be authentic in your sketch.

  1. Draw with an indelible tool

Exactly on the same idea, dare to draw with an indelible tool from time to time. You will no longer have an eraser, so you will no longer be tempted to erase it.

Your concentration will increase to a maximum and you will certainly be more invested in your sketch. It will help you a lot to progress and gain confidence in your pencil stroke. You will see clear improvements and that is nice when you start drawing.

  1. Use proportion tools when you start cool drawing

Finally, my last advice on a subject that annoys me: the proportions. I know, it’s not the most fun, but it’s still important in cool drawing.

So, I had to find other methods to learn how to draw in the right proportions, like:

  • The star technique;
  • The 1 + 3 rule;
  • Or the proportional scribbling method.

I let you discover them to appropriate them and choose the one with which you have the most facilities.

Cool drawing tips for beginners: at a glance

Here are my top 9 of my cool drawing tips for beginners. I hope you liked it and especially that it will help you.

If you had to remember just one thing: don’t be afraid to think outside the box to have fun drawing. This is the key, loving the process of artistic creation.

Moreover, this is valid for cool drawing, but also painting, sculpture, engraving, etc.

Do you agree with this list? What would be your top 3 tips for someone who wants to start drawing?

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