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9 benefits of cloud computing everyone should know

Cloud computing is getting famous for almost 2 decades now. It holds a large amount of business community which operates into it. According to a research a company using cloud technology enjoys faster revenue growth as compared to the companies using traditional technologies.

People are recognizing the benefits of cloud computing, Businessmen are now effectively utilizing the Cloud to run their organization and serving their best to their customers, and getting the benefits of higher profits.

Cloud Computing is a service or software delivered virtually using a network, its flexible resources and cost effectiveness makes it quite popular which enhances user experience.

Still there are some people who are not knowing how effective cloud computing can be for them.

In this blog we will know the top 9 benefits of cloud computing.


A business environment is ever changing hence to remain in the dynamic market it is necessary to be more flexible and adjust according to the market conditions.

Cloud allows you to increase or decrease the resources according to your business needs you can scale your business like in terms of extra bandwidth requirement cloud can fulfill your demand without investing in infrastructure.

You can also rely on the cloud service providers who are responsible to watch out all your Hosting and Infrastructure so that you can provide more time and effort on the other important business activities.

Building strategies for your business will ultimately increase your organizational efficiency.

Hence, Cloud provides you the flexibility where you can scale up or down your resources according to the business needs.

Cost Effective             

Cloud computing is a cost effective solution because here you do not require to invest in hardware and other new equipment’s for running your business,these things are wholly maintained by the service provider.

As startups are not that capable of investing higher amounts cloud results to be a better option than others.

Cloud has various advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered than just considering the factor of price what you need to know is the ROI you will be getting after using Cloud.

Cloud Computing Services are pay-as-you-go that means you have to only pay for the resources that you are using.It includes the storage space which means you are only charged for the space you are using and you do not spend much on other resources.

It also minimizes the cost of mainlining the IT Team because Cloud is maintained by the service providers.

Cloud leads you to lower the cost of your business and provides a higher rate of return to it hence, it is a cost effective solution.

Higher Collaboration

The success of the organization depends on its employees which is only possible to achieve when you keep team work and collaboration at the top priority.

Cold computing is an effective solution which enhances teamwork and improves collaboration between your employees and also your customers.

Team members can easily connect and share important data and information even if they are located at different location with high security on the cloud based platform. This improves organizational productivity and increased collaboration.

Higher Security

Either big or small firm, data security is important for a business.

People have many security questions when they think to adopting a Cloud Computing Service,this is because the files and other important data is stored over internet which can be attacked by cyber-criminals easily.

A cloud service provider is accountable for monitoring the security of its clients.

It is the hard truth that most of the data thefts occurs internally or by employee’s unawareness.

Cloud uses end encryption and multi factor authentication.

It ensures that the information is less accessible to the cyber criminals, a user can take various security measures to stay protected from malicious activities. You can also go for virtual private server in case you do not trust a public cloud.

Improved Business Value

By using the Cloud services you can easily enhance your business value as it provides cost efficiency, fast speed and high level service satisfaction.

You can easily devote more time to build your business strategies and reconsider existing strategies or you can work upon new business models and provide quality product and services in order to provide high degree of satisfaction.

Cloud comes with analytics which is not possible in case of traditional computing platform. Cloud has new ways to technology which provide on demand real time services to its users.

The ROI of cloud helps you to achieve business goals and leads you to the higher profits.

Hence,you can eventually improve the business value.

Disaster Recovery

Due to increased technology Cyber-crimes are on peak today. With increased security attacks disaster recovery becomes the major requirements for the business.

Cloud Computing creates multiple copies of your data so that you can easily restore your data whenever required.

Traditional data restore options includes high cost and are difficult to scale as compare to cloud computing.

Cloud computing data backup helps you to store a large amount of data on cloud without any requirement of hardware.

By using data encryption techniques cloud also meet the data security requirements.


Cloud provides anytime-anywhere access to its users it allows access to important corporate data via smartphones and other devices. This is a huge benefits to the staff or employees who are located at different places. By using this feature they can easily remain up to date with customers and colleagues.

Cloud computing can be a good way to create and maintain a healthy work life balance.

The deleted or lost data can also be accessed through the disaster recovery features.Cloud relies on hardware independent virtualization technology hence,you can quickly get the data backup, files and applications whenever required without any interruption.

Competitive Edge

You need to be the first mover in the market to get the competitive edge over your competitor. Get the benefits of cloud based platform before your competitors does.

Cloud Technology increases customer relationships by data analytics, cloud decision support system, team collaboration, and optimum utilization of resources.

Not only this, cloud is environment friendly and results less carbon into the atmosphere. By using cloud you can contribute towards a better future.

Software Updates         

Cloud provides you one of the best feature of automatic software updates.

It has reduced the burden of IT Teams as there is no need to update those software manually.

Cloud based applications are capable of updating themselves at regular intervals rather than manual installation by an IT Expert. This saves time and effort of the organization and minimizes the risk of cyber-attacks.


Cloud computing comes with various benefits over traditional computing. Previously companies need to train their in house IT Teams to keep their system up and running.IT teams were responsible for manually monitoring, updating and adding new capacity when required.

Cloud computing reduced the burden of these IT Teams. It allows you to work and innovate at greater speed.

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