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8 Simple Poses of Yoga For Tummy Reduction

Are you dreaming of having a flat tummy? Well, that’s not impossible. However, it takes a lot more hard work, physically as well as mentally. From working out to eating healthy, having a tight abdominal demand a lot. In case you want a simple approach to tighter core muscles, yoga for tummy reduction is just for you.

Yoga for tummy reduction includes various simple yet effective yoga poses, breathing techniques, and healthy dietary options. With that said, let’s take the first step towards working on your physical dimensions with the following yoga poses. Read on.

Top 8 Poses of Yoga For Tummy Reduction

Plank Pose

It is the ultimate core crusher yoga pose. From targeting your stomach to improving your supporting muscles, plank pose does it all. Moreover, it engages your shoulder blades, chest muscles, quads, and hips.

When you hold your body against gravity while practicing the plank pose, it burns fat from your tummy and overall body. Hence, it is a great pose of yoga for tummy reduction which you should include in your yoga routine.

Vacuum Pose

Do you want to control your stomach muscles? If yes, you should practice vacuum pose. Vacuum pose tightens your core muscles. Moreover, it works on your obliques as well. You also learn to manipulate your breath while practicing the vacuum pose.

Over time, you learn to engage deep core muscles with a consistent yoga practice. Hence, it helps in tightening your core for better control over your stomach.

Cobra Pose

Do you want to expand your chest muscles along with burning tummy fat? Then, cobra pose is just for you. It increases the flexibility in your spine and deals with any back-related issues. If you practice cobra pose while placing your weight equally on both of your feet, it works on your legs as well.

Moreover, the cobra pose engages your core, quads, and hips. You balance your body on your arms. Hence, it makes your shoulder joints strong.

Bow Pose

From improving the flexibility of your spine to stretching your stomach, the bow pose has many benefits. It also increases strength in your hips and inner thighs. Since you balance your body on your stomach, it massages your core muscles.

Bow pose also massages the inner stomach lining and elbow joints. If you look up while practicing this pose, it further stretches your stomach and neck muscles. Hence, it is an effective pose of yoga for tummy reduction.

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Downward Dog

It is one of the most practiced yoga poses that is a part of every person’s yoga schedule. Downward dog increases your overall stability. Further, it makes your hands, arms, legs, and core stronger. The spike in your hips puts a lot of pressure on your head.

It also directs fresh blood to your brain. Also, holding your body in the air works on your core and limbs. Hence, it is a perfect pose of yoga for tummy reduction.


Working on the back of your body is very crucial. With everyone bending forward while working or exercises, the back of the body weakens. Superman pose engages your rear delts, traps muscles, entire back, hips, and legs muscles.

Engaging your back muscles also improves your posture. Moreover, it creates an overall balance in your physique that enhances your body mechanisms. Hence, you lose fat and gain muscle easily.

Boat Pose

Want to work on your abdominal muscles? Then boat pose is the perfect yoga pose for you. It strengthens your core and engages the surrounding muscles that lead to fat loss. Moreover, focusing on a single spot works faster in comparison to working with a compound movement.

The boat pose increases your body balance such that you learn to engage your body to hold it in any position.

Camel Pose

When it comes to stretching your stomach along with increasing your flexibility, nothing comes at par with the camel pose. It also massages your knees when you practice the camel pose. Moreover, it stretches the front of your body and contracts your lower back.

Camel pose works on your shoulder blades and neck muscles also. Hence, it improves your overall body posture that helps in burning fat from unwanted parts of your body.

Sum Up

Various poses of yoga for tummy reduction mentioned above are easy to do and effective. Hence, make sure you include them in your routine for better results. Just learn the perfect form of exercise and then you are good to go. These poses will help you lose fat so that you can achieve an ideal body.

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