8 important reasons to use Telegram

8 important reasons to use Telegram and Telegram real members

When it comes to instant messaging, the first name that comes to mind is WhatsApp. Features added to WhatsApp, which has spread around the world, have provoked negative reactions from many users. Although it is widely used, there are also apps that you can use as another option for WhatsApp, such as Telegram. In this guide, we have listed 8 important reasons for you to use Telegram and telegram real members. look at the article of postpear.

1. Edit the message
If you sometimes get in a bad situation in your messengers due to a typo, you can prevent it in the Telegram app. After sending the message, you can edit your message by pressing and holding the message and clicking Edit. The other person will see the icon that you edited your message, but make sure they do not see the edit history.

2. Secret chats
Telegram secret chat

You can use the secret chat feature in Telegram, which offers a feature that saves you during private conversations. When you use this feature, which is fully encrypted, your messages will not be stored on Telegram servers and will be automatically deleted from your phone after a while.

3. Send large files
Because the maximum file size on WhatsApp is limited to 16 MB, it is not possible to send high quality videos. You can send up to 1.5 GB of files in Telegram.

4. Watch YouTube videos while chatting
During the day, you can get YouTube videos that you must watch from your friends or family. Isn’t it okay to text while doing this? You can also do this in the Telegram application. All you have to do is tap on the image icon in the image after tapping the video link thumbnail.

5. Add more users in group chats
Telegram group chats

Again, WhatsApp surpasses you and allows you to add more users to group chats, Telegram lets you add 100,000 real telegram members to group chats. We do not know if you have enough circles to add a lot of people, but I think it will be useful in groups that have been opened for some high-participation events.

6. “Recent Views” Exceptions
The last time the telegram was seen

The latest features seen and the blue click that we have seen as a crack feature, still cause headaches for many users. In the Telegram app, you can set people to see the last time you were online. You can use this feature by going to Settings Telegram> Privacy & Security> Last Seen.

7. Add tags to the photo
Telegram Tags

The Telegram app offers the same stickers we see on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, you can add fun stickers to your photos and share them with your friends.

8. Prevent media storage on the phone
Thanks to the “Save in Gallery” option, which is one of the most useful features provided in Telegram, and the gallery section of your phone removes unnecessary photos, you can be sure that the media of other groups and contacts They are not stored in the gallery.

We have listed 8 important features provided in Telegram for you. We want to emphasize the importance of these features by comparing WhatsApp to understand the difference. So what is your favorite feature?

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