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7 Exciting Wooden Photo Frame Ideas for Your Wall Gallery

photo frame ideas

Our home is the best place on the earth for us. We take every possible effort to make it comfortable and have an appealing look. And for this, we use high-grade products to adorn it. For decorating our home, we have numerous options, and wall frames or photo frames are one of them. As you decide to use frames for your home embellishment, you have a lack of ideas. You have confusion about what to hang and what not to hang. Here are some exciting photo frame ideas for you:

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  1. Family Word Wall Sticker with Picture Photo Frame

When someone meets you in your home, you have to introduce your family members as per your need/the situation. With the right placement on a living room wall, you can introduce your family members without being together. This photo frame is an excellent wall photo frame to let your family members introduce themselves automatically. As per the product name, it comes with a wall sticker containing the word family and a set of five wooden frames.

  1. Adventure Hanging Photo Frame

Most of you love enjoying adventurous activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, and skating. And you want to let people know what type of adventure you love. If it is with you, go with the placement of the wall photo frame titled as Adventure. Made of MDF wood and acrylic glass, it has a text Adventure inscribed using laser cut technology and five photo frames of different sizes. In the photo frames, you can insert the clicked images of your executed adventurous activities.

  1. Sweet Memories Hanging Photo Frame

Life is very beautiful and happy. In your life, you encounter the moments that are very enjoyable and happy for you. And you want to keep those moments safe in your memory and let the same get exposed to others who come to see you at your home. This decorative frame is the one you can hang on a wall of your living room, dining hall, or even in your bedroom. It has a text Sweet Memories scripted using MDF wood and laser cut technology. Further, it has five wooden photo frames of the approximately same sizes. In these frames, you can insert the images of sweet memories in a chronological order.

  1. Mom & Dad Hanging Photo Frame

Are you willing to create a gallery while decorating your dad’s room or want to let others know who your Mom & Dad are? If yes, this photo frame set is an ideal option for you. It has two wooden photo frames connected with the text Mom & Dad. Made of high-grade 5 to 7 mm thick oak wood, it has unbreakable acrylic glass to protect the photos inserted inside. In the frames, you can insert the photos you clicked with your parents.

  1. Best Couple Hanging Photo Frame

Good feeling comes from good mood and the things you come across in or around you. To make your married/loving life happier and enjoyable, you need to think of yourself as the Best Couple and let this thinking be visible. You can do it by hanging this frame set. In this photo frame set, the text Best is placed on the right corner while the text Couple in the middle. It has six photo frames of a similar size, 16 inch x 20 inch. You can insert 6 photos in different poses with your spouse to have a feel of eternal love.

  1. Best Friends Forever Hanging Photo Frame

Are you embellishing your home space where all your friends sit together and enjoy the time of togetherness? Hanging a frame containing the images of all your friends will be the best thing to show off your connection with them. This wooden photo wall frame set contains two heart shape frames and five rectangular frames. Frame size, 15 inch x 18 inch. All these photo wall frames are light and durable. They are water and termite resistant.

  1. I Love My Mom Hanging Photo Frame

Do you want to show off your love and affection to your mummy while embellishing her room? If yes, this wooden wall photo frame set is one of the most suitable options for you. Designed and made of walnut wood, it has the text I Love in the middle, the text My on the right side, and the text Mom on the left side attached to 6 frames. Being durable and lightweight, this photo frame set will help you expose your love to your mom for a more extended period.

8.Home Sweet Home Hanging Photo Frame

This set of 10 wall photo frames is a good option if you are determined to show off all your family members together and let your home visitors be acquainted with them. Its frames, text Home Sweet Home, and the supporting base are made of 8mm thick oak wood to provide enough strength to the frame set. Based on your choice, you insert the images of all family members starting from the family head.

Be clear about the theme

In your search in your local market or on the internet, you could come across different types of photo frames or wall frames. These frames could relate to themes like love, religion, adventure, family, motivation, moments, and achievements. You have to make it clear what theme suits you best. For example, you wish to introduce all your family members to your home visitors without calling them into your bedroom. You should hang the photo frame titled as Family Word Wall Sticker with Photo Frame.

Know more about the materials used in a wall/photo frame

Always keep in mind that the use of high-grade materials and components makes a product good and lasts for a more extended period. Before you move ahead in the selection of wall frames or photo frames, you must know what materials are used in the design and production. Usually, these frames of a reputed manufacturer/supplier like WallMantra are made of high-grade MDF, birch or engineered pine wood. Further, they have acrylic glass to safeguard the inserted photos or printed painting images.


The photo frame ideas mentioned in this write-up are only for information purposes. You can use other suitable ideas to create a wall gallery in your home if you find the ideas interesting for you. For more home décor ideas, you can log onto the website of WallMantra.

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