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7 Casual yet sharp looks for men

There is no fashion rule that states the only way to look sharp is to put on official suits. Men have found a way to turn casual wear into smart and commendable fashion. The designs are earning them more complements than those men in dazzling and tailor-made suits. In case you have no idea how to dress casually and achieve a sharp look, worry not. Below is a list of some of the best casual yet smart looks for men.

men looks


Dress informal shoes for a sharp look

One of the best ways to achieve a sharp look is to start by replacing your sneakers with more commendable shoes. There are a variety of options to pick from, including derbies, oxfords, and brogues. If you know you are putting on slim-fit trousers, try matching them with monk straps. That way, you are going to elate the look that you already have. Also, consider wearing dress boots with black denim jeans that have uniform stitching. The combination is going to give you a remarkably sharp looks. Loafers can also go well with chinos and wool trousers so long as they have an ankle-length. Another type of shoes you should have are the Chelsea boots.

Put on a cardigan and a tie

The look is gentle, and the reason for the cardigan is to fade off the formal wear and give you a geek look. You will need a pair of black slim-fit trousers, black oxford shoes, a white or sky blue shirt, and a slim black tie. The cardigan should match with the trouser in case you are wondering. It is also a look that you can include a fedora to enhance your appearance further. Don’t make the mistake of wearing an ankle-length trouser since it will not suit the appearance.  Groom your hair and beard properly to enhance the look. You can make use of Australian beard oil to tame your beard.

Replace T-shirts with shirts for a sharp look

Another excellent casual look is replacing T-shirts with shirts. Be it long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved shirts; you need to make the switch. Long-sleeved is perfect if you plan to add on a jacket, some jeans, and suede boots. On the other hand, short-sleeves are vital because you are planning to add accessories such as men’s beaded bracelets to improve your appearance. For instance, imagine putting on khaki chinos, a white short-sleeved shirt, and brown loafers. The combination will give you a classy casual, and sharp look that is admirable and great for dates and informal business meetings.

Include pleated trousers in your wardrobe

A pair of pleated pants can quickly turn a casual look into a sharp look. All you have to do is have a silk short-sleeved shirt, a pair of monk straps shoes, and a leather belt. You can also add shades and a watch or a wristband to capture people’s attention. It is one look that is smart enough to be casual but creative enough to be official. Remember to tuck in so that you can display the pleats on the trouser as well as the leather belt. It is a look that you are going to love and appreciate.

Throw in a caramel jacket for a sharp look

A caramel jacket is one of the best options to go for whenever you want to achieve a sharp casual look during the winter season. Layering a caramel jacket on top of a plain light blue shirt, a navy blue jacket, and a plain smooth navy blue slim-fit trousers and oxford shoes make a perfect look. The best part with the look is that you can add some accessories such as a scarf if the weather is too chilly. Such a smart casual look for men is the best way to turn up in the office on a busy day. You can also go on official dinners and dates without any problems.

Try a pull-neck with a jacket

Instead of going through the trouble of finding something sharp yet uncomfortable, get a pull-neck and a good fabric jacket and see how you look. The fashion can go well with chinos or woolen-fitting trousers, but you should go for fitting cropped trousers. Throwing in a pair of black loafers is going to give you a rare sharp looks that is not only elegant but also chic. Ensure the jacket matches the trousers and, if possible, the shoes with the pull neck taking a slightly different color. You can also accessorize with a fedora and sunglasses if you want to look more daring.

Before you go ahead and start purchasing checked shirts, keep in mind that they are the hardest to pair. But being a casual sharp looks, you can work around it pretty easily. Put on black chinos and a checked navy blue shirt. You can go ahead and add a pair of navy blue or black suede boots to bring out that sharp looks. Whether you want to incorporate a long unbuttoned cardigan or a blazer is up to you. Just make sure that whatever you do, you ensure the color combination is perfect.

With the above looks, you are going to have elegant weeks and fashionable days. Every sharp casual look is ideal for ensuring you stand out from the crowd without putting in too much effort. It is also the only way you will spend most of the time receiving compliments from friends and strangers alike. 

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