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7 Best Tourist Attractions in Qom, Iran

Since the second largest city in Iran (later Mashhad) and the middle of research for religious clerics and students, Qom has a reputation for being conservative. It is consequently only a town to pass on many travelers’ itineraries. But that could mean missing out on the numerous cultural, architectural, and natural sites it has to offer you. Keep reading to find the top things to see and do in Qom.

1. Fatima Masumeh Shrine

The Fatima Masumeh Shrine will fly beneath the radar, but it’s, in fact, among Iran’s most magnificent mosques. Named for a sister of Imam Reza, the Shia imam whose shrine is located at Mashhad, the shrine’s geometric shapes and floral themes possess a feminine touch, which makes you wish to linger outdoors a bit more time to respect the tiles. The interior of the spacious shrine adorns and contains many notable burials on websites, which range from literary and literary characters to clerics and scholars.

2. Qom Bazaar

Bazaars will be the beating heart of Iranian cities, and also the only one in Qom is not any different. Divided into two parts, the older section dates to the Safavid era (roughly four years ago) and seems similar to an exhibition of handicrafts. However, the new segment enlarge and develop in the 19th century. The time, which consists mainly of carpeting shops, is the most architecturally impressive portion of the bazaar, with three enormous domes pierce by lightwells for ventilation and light.

3. Astana Square

Using a stunning view of the Fatima Masumeh Shrine, Astana Square is Qom’s marble-pave plaza. This square is the most agreeable in the evening hours when it is shining with lights in the shrine, and robs clerics, scholars, pilgrims, and families to gather for a walk or chat. The town’s famous confection is Sohan, a crispy, buttery, toffee-like brittle studded with pistachios. This is the best place to obtain a tin from among those souvenir stores and to catch a glass of warm tea to wash it down as you folks watch.

4. Green Dome Garden

Nestle in this little garden is three 13th century tower-like mausoleums built for members of this House of Safi, who dominate Qom from the 14th century. Both turquoise-color cone domes plus a single round dome are 12-side around the outside but octagonal inside. Intricate brickwork, in addition to Thuluth and Kufic calligraphy, is only a few of the similarities that they endure to Soltaniyeh Dome from Zanjan, where they are thought to have motivating. Visit american airlines reservations and find the best offers on flight booking with cheap vacation packages for Qom, Iran.

5. Yazdanpanah Historical House

Yazdanpanah Historical House dates back to the late Qajar and ancient Pahlavi era. This 120-year-old mansion is split into different wings to account for the shifting temperatures during the year. Elaborately designed windows, columns, and wind towers stick out against the straightforward mud-brick construction. It is a spacious yet cozy spot to enjoy a Persian meal, especially the traditional dizi stew or kebabs, followed by tea prepared over a charcoal flame.

6. Jamkaran Mosque

This mosque has spiritual significance since the site where a neighborhood leader allegedly met the 12th Shia Imam. Construction is thought to have began from the mid-1730s, along with the mosque has en-large through recent years. The brickwork iwans, multi-colored tiles, and Thuluth calligraphy become particularly scenic during the night when floodlights illuminate the complicated and provide a spiritual radiance. Pilgrims frequenting this mosque write their wishes on a sheet of paper and drop it down. The mosque’s nice to get it to answer by the 12th Imam.

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7. Namak Lake

About 100 km east of Qom is your completely desolate Namak (salt Lake), A remnant of a sea by the Pleistocene epoch; just 1 square kilometer of this complete 1800 square kilometer area is currently cover. Visitors crunch layers of black salt since they stroll across. This quiet, other-worldly Lake is visible in the Qom-Isfahan street and must be a certain pitstop. As you depart town on the road towards Kashan or Esfahan.

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