6 Ways in Which BioSleep Cotton Pillow for Toddlers will Improve Their Sleep and Health

There is one good reason why the cotton fabric is so popular worldwide. From clothes to curtains, cotton’s demand is completely unputdownable. But when it comes to beddings, there is no better alternative than cotton. But why should you choose cotton bedding materials to ensure good health and good sleep for your family? Why do the experts keep stressing on a cotton pillow for toddlers? Is there anyone brand you can trust upon?

Let’s get to those queries one by one!

Why Should You Choose Cotton Bedding Materials over Synthetic?

Synthetic fabrics are generally made with petrochemical compounds, they are not good for the skin. And if you didn’t know, when these synthetic clothes are washed at home, they shed plastic fragments or microfibers and also impact the quality of the water. These plasticky fragments are not only a threat to aquatic life but to the entire environment.

On the other hand, cotton is sourced from natural fibers and is very much breathable. It never traps heat or moisture and lets the moisture evaporate. They are completely skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive or baby skin. You can wear or use them throughout the year without fearing rashes or allergies. And on top of all, they are extremely comfortable and soft.

Why Do the Experts Keep Stressing Cotton Pillows for Your Children?

For adult pillow sets, you may purchase from a store nearby that was offering amazing discounts. But your child’s health needs extra care. This might take you by surprise but a lot of growth takes place when your kid is sleeping. In fact. A person’s growth may be affected if there is a dearth of good sleep. The chemically-treated fabrics get absorbed by our skin and lead to toxic build-up in the body. Plus, it tends to suffocate your skin by blocking toxin release. At times, the multiple harsh chemicals can interact with each other, bearing even worse results, including:

3 itching
4 burning
5 headaches
6 difficulty breathing
7 dermatitis
8 lung cancer
9 infertility

Hence, the specialists encourage people to invest in natural fibers, including flax, hemp, silk, wool, alpaca, cashmere, angora, ramie, mohair among others. But for bedding materials or pillows, there is nothing better than cotton.

Why Pick BioSleep Toddler Pillows?

When it is about your child, you only consider nothing but the best! So coming to pillows, the organic cotton pillow sets by BioSleep are exceptionally soft, smooth, and supple, offering luxurious sleep every single night.

As parents, choosing the right pillow for your little bundle of joy is a challenging task. Sometimes you don’t know the size, sometimes you just don’t get the material you are looking for, and sometimes it surpasses your budget.

But with BioSleep everything is in place. You don’t have to worry at all because:

1. The Perfect Size

The market available pillows for children can get too big or small. The BioSleep Concept cotton pillow for toddlers follows the perfect measurement of 20 x 14 inches. It contains a medium fill of 0.8 lbs—ideal for your little one.

2. Organic and Handcrafted

Buying pure cotton products from the open market is risky. Many sellers will try to trade blended fabrics for cotton, and it will take you at least a month to realize that you were tricked. However, at BioSleep you get the best quality organic cotton that comes with certification. That means you can verify the authenticity if you may. Plus, unlike other brands, the BioSleep cotton pillow for toddlers is handmade which makes it even more comfortable.

3. Hypoallergenic

Whatever you give to your children, must support their natural health. That’s why the BioSleep pillows for children help keep the unhealthy microbes, germs, and allergens at bay. You kids will sleep healthy and wake up healthier!

4. Green Gold Certified

Not every pillow brand is Green Gold Certified but BioSleep is. You may note that Green Gold Label Certification is done by independent, accredited, third-party inspection bodies each year for sustainable biomass in every corner of the world that belongs to the energy and bio-based sectors.

BioSleep cotton toddler pillows are certified for low chemical emissions and safe to use for babies and toddlers.

5. Easy Maintenance

Usually, washing the bedding materials is quite exhausting. But with BioSleep you don’t have to break your back. With this pillow purchase, you will get a hand washable organic cotton zipper cover. All you have to do is remove the cover and wash any desired spot. However, do remember, you should not go for a machine wash.

6. Free Shipping

A lot of brands may draw your attention by giving away attractive discounts, but how many of them offer free shipping?! When you buy from BioSleep, you only pay for the product and not any shipping charges irrespective of quantity. Isn’t that a great deal?

Hopefully, you have understood the benefits of bringing home the BioSleep cotton pillow for toddlers. So ahead and check out the premium products today!

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