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6 Tips for Arranging an Exceptional Virtual Event

Several organizations have moved away from live events and toward virtual events. It is not wrong to say that virtual events have taken over the event industry like a storm from 2020. Many event agencies have to shut down their live events due to unforeseen circumstances. They have no option to commence other than the virtual events. Initially launching virtual events was not an easy task. When we do something for the first time, we are overcome by unseen fears. Well, there are some pros due to which virtual events have gained popularity.

It has made event planners more creative than in-person events. We can produce more virtual events than live events. The attendees can be a part of it around the globe easily. Hence, it is extremely beneficial and fulfilling the goal of being connected with the audience. Some tips will help any Event Production Agency to create a wow factor in virtual events. These tips will also help in achieving the primary goal of audience engagement. 91% of the agencies are choosing audience engagement as their primary goal.

Tips For Creating a Wow Factor in Virtual Events:

Without any discussion on the reasons for producing virtual events. Let’s move forward towards the discussion of tips for getting virtual events to bang on.

1.    Use Interactive Approach for The Virtual Events:

The most common misconception about virtual events is that audience participation is difficult. However, this is not the case because there are numerous ways to compel them to participate. Present them an opportunity of asking a question. Allow them to take quizzes and participate in live chats. Try to read their live chats and respond to some of them. When you respond to some of them it will make all of them attentive. After that, all attendees will listen to you and they will participate with more enthusiasm.

This is all dependent on how well you use the technology at your disposal. 90% of the event marketers have shown trust that technology can prove itself effective for the event’s success. The technology is supporting the changes how to optimize it depends on your intellect.

2.    Engage Them with Entertainment:

According to 90% of event marketers, audience engagement in virtual events is the basic reason for their success. It is critical to have some form of entertainment. Like at conferences you can have a quiz competition. A competition of Pictionary and other software is there to make it engaging. While in other events virtual magic show or the presence of a DJ can be entertaining. Like whatever the idea of entertainment is don’t forget to make it a part of a virtual event.

Don’t use random entertainment sources. Choose the one that actually can engage them. Sometimes the wrong use of entertainment can also lead to audience distraction. Take care of the thing that entertainment should not disturb the main theme of the event.

3.    Have A Good Back-Up Plan?

The reliability of technology is an undoubted fact and is a part of our day-to-day activity. Some factors, however, are beyond our control. No matter how advanced technology becomes, the possibility of flaws remains. As a result, it is critical to plan for the worst and ensure that it does not happen again. A good internet connection should not be ignored. The going down feed at the speech of the keynote speaker will create a bad impression on the audience. It is preferable to have a backup set of visuals and presentations ready before the event. If there is a time, run rehearsal beforehand.

It is critical to identify problems ahead of time for the backup plan. Identifying issues will lead to the identification of potential solutions. Don’t forget about your audience. Because everyone is not as tech-savvy as you are. Anticipate possible issues that your attendees have.  Offer them the backup of the event or technical support.

4.    Focus On Quality Not Quantity:

To be honest, virtual events cannot hold the audience’s attention for as long as live events can. So, stop focusing on the event’s duration. Because it is not going to do anything good for the event. According to research if the audience is watching a stream of video, the average attention span would be of 20 minutes. Therefore, prioritize the information based on the interest of attendees. This will keep the whole event concise. 80% of virtual attendees prefer to be a part of the session.

They aren’t interested in lengthy PowerPoint presentations. Don’t lose focus on the importance of audience engagement. Use different apps and other learning and gaming material for engagement. Just keep the session concise and sweet for the audience.

5.    Incorporate Best Timing:

A large number of employees work from home. They must be connected with external problems and distractions. The consideration of the working schedule of the attendees is important. 80% of the attendees reported that the Event Production Agency haven’t considered them. Consider what is the online time of the audience and also of international attendees if they are a part of it. Many researchers have discussed the appropriate time of the event for engaging both national and international attendees. The online poll can also be an option for finding a suitable time and day for the event.

6.    The Accurate Choice of Platform:

Tools like Microsoft teams or Zoom are very appropriate for work from home. But if we talk about large-scale virtual events, they are not suitable for it. Ensure that you are using a robust solution that practically supports the event.

Before making a choice of arranging a virtual event, be clear about why you want it? What do you want to achieve from it? Even its virtual but still, you are asking for the time of attendees from their busy routines. The message needs to be clear and worthwhile for the attendees. 86% of people lose concentration from the video in the first 15 minutes. If you want them throughout the event, make these 15 minutes count.

Once you are done with your virtual event don’t sit back and relax. Gather your team and discuss the experience of the event. Bring out all important aspects on the table for discussion. Discuss the possible solutions to the problems that occurred during the event. Note down all the suggestions and allow every person to contribute to the discussion. This whole discussion will make future events far better than the existing ones. Don’t just rely on existing success. Try to make your next event better than you have arranged before.

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