6 SEO Tips For Auto Dealerships

Nowadays, people surf the internet to find and research about vehicles even more than it was done before. People tend to browse mostly through websites that appear at the top. If you want to make your dealership website reach the top of the search engine, you can get it done professionally by appointing SEO consultants in Brisbane. You may consider the SEO tips mentioned below if you want to try them out by yourself.

  • Maintain A Healthy Website 

Use technical SEO to improve the indexability of search engines and maintain the health of your website. Pay attention to fixing broken links, clean XML sitemaps, and get rid of old redirect chains. This guarantees a high-grade user experience. With more up-gradation to the site due to the optimization campaign, the chances of a technical error occurring increase. This affects the health of your website negatively. To prevent this, make sure to have a technical audit of your website once or twice every six months.

  • Relevant Content

Providing efficient content that is also relevant to people can make your website stand out from the competition. You can include informative and detailed content such as vehicle specification, pricing, availability, offers, and much more. Such content will make the searcher stay on your page longer, which consequently boosts your SEO. Make sure to update the content regularly as information related to vehicles keeps on fluctuating. This gives the searcher something new to consume every time he visits your page.

  • Keywords

One of the major aspects that help rank higher in the search engine is the usage of keywords. But whichever keyword you use should be used under a specific strategy. Keyword stuffing can bring down your search engine rank drastically. You need to invest time in research for finding the most searched keywords in your niche, distribute them tactically, remove keywords that do not increase your reach and experiment with new keywords.

If you find this task bothering you, seeking the help of SEO consultants in Brisbane can guide you through the entire process.

  • Look For Link-building Opportunities

Building backlinks generally means having links built in your favour from third-party websites. Try to acquire backlinks from authoritative websites that themselves have a higher rank in the search results. The more backlinks you build, the better your chances are to prove yourself to an authorized dealer website which, in turn, will help you rank higher.

To get started, you can enlist your website in the directories and continue to request other websites to refer you. Keep in mind that malpractices like buying backlinks or stuffing them unnaturally can flag your website. Google advises adding them gradually, once every week.

  • Optimize For Local Search

To rank quickly in the search results, try to optimize your site for local searches. It is found that people prefer dealership services nearby or within their locality. If you can serve most of the customers nearby, you can easily top the local search list. To do so, get local SEO done on your website.

  • Implement Schema Markup

Schema markup is a framework used by professional SEO consultants in Brisbane to correlate the content written for humans, and the language understood by search engines. Such a framework takes useful content from your website and frames it in such a way that the search engine finds it easy to understand and helps you boost your rank.


Besides the points mentioned above, you can also take the help of Google My Business to help you in your SEO. Ranking high in search results cannot be attained within the blink of an eye. You need to put in effort and time to see results.

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