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FinanceHome and Family

6 Low Budget House Plan 2022

Building a house is a dream come true! It’s a huge achievement because you have a permanent roof over your head. You won’t have to bother about your rent expiring or having to move to another house.

No matter the size or location of the house, it is a great investment. Building your house will always have more benefits than rentals. Most people in rented apartments have to cope with some ridiculous landlords who randomly increase prices. Sadly, some landlords can decide to evict you whenever they want, which is such a hassle for you.

Also, staying in a rented apartment means that you can’t make any improvements to your house even if you can afford it or get loans for home improvement. You will have to get the landlord’s permission to make any major adjustments. 

Some rented apartments have strict rules like “no pets allowed.” As long as you are on a lease, you have to abide by all the rules. In addition, having loud neighbors can be such a pain, and you will have to tolerate them constantly.

However, building a house saves you from all the drama, although it can be pretty expensive. You have to pay for building materials and labor. Although bigger homes are more spacious and grand, they are more expensive, especially if you cannot afford them.

Nevertheless, you can opt for low-budget houses. With low-budget houses, you can get the basics. All that matters is that you have a roof over your head, and you have a place you can call home. Also, you can build a low-budget house and put it on lease. This way, your investment is making you some returns.

Low-budget House Plans To Consider

Building affordable houses is an easy way out if your budget is tight. You can get cheaper materials and labor and still get a good result. Even low-budget houses can be built to be fine and attractive. 

Subsequently, you can apply for home renovation loans and improve your house. With the ever changing house trends that you want to get on board with, you will have to consult home loan experts to give you the best deals. Let’s say, a home improvement loan in Florida can already expand your home and carry out repairs. 

Also, with home renovation loans, there is no collateral, and you can pay back in installments, depending on the size of the loan.

Here are some low-budget house ideas you can try out:

1. Tiny Home Plan

Source: Pixabay

A small house plan is one of the ideal plans for low-budget housing. Tiny houses have basic simple designs and are primarily rectangular or square-shaped. This makes them affordable and sustainable. With 400 square feet, a small house can be built. 

Due to the tiny size, fewer materials are needed for the construction, which cuts down a lot of expenses. These houses may be tiny, but they have all the standard amenities of a home, just that they are a bit smaller. 

However, you can always expand a small house.  If you want a bigger space in the future, you can apply for a renovation loan and expand the size.

2. Simple Roof Plan

I know you want a multi-layered roof. Who doesn’t? High sophisticated tops are beautiful and grand. But they are also costly. A low-budget house plan should include a simple roof design. It will cost a lot less and save you more money.

Another advantage of simple roofs is that they have a lower risk of leaks and damage. So if your budget is tight, go for a low-budget house plan with a simple roof. 

However, if you really want your house to feature a high roof plan, then you can turn to homestyle renovation loans. But in the meantime, work with your budget.

3. Prefabricated Home Plan

A prefabricated home is budget-friendly because it excludes the cost of building from the foundation. Prefabricated houses are houses built off-site and transported to your land. They are low-budget houses that can be assembled on-site.

With the help of your contractor, you can select the best affordable materials that will best suit your demand. Although prefabricated houses are cheaper than on-site built houses, they are still costly. So choose simpler designs.

4. Plan With Water Usage Areas together

One of the perks of a low-budget house plan is keeping things as minimal as possible. When building your house from the ground up, clump the water usage areas together. This will enable you to eliminate all the extra plumbing costs you will have to incur in the years to come. 

You can achieve this by putting the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen as close as possible. Doing this will reduce the plumbing materials needed as well as save costs. Include this in your house plan if you plan on lowering costs.

5. Shipping Container House Plan

Source: Pexels

Shipping container homes are low-budget houses that can save you a lot. As the name implies, shipping container homes are made from shipping containers that are no more in use. The house is built around a container which is used as the house frame. You can merge two or more containers for a more extensive house construction.

6. Simple Ranch Home Plan

Ranch houses are simple rectangular-shaped houses that are simple and concise. They are easy to build and can pass for a low-budget house if the plan is simple enough.

They originated from the U.S., and they are prevalent in the country too. Also, they are typically single-story houses. They are very customizable, and you can come up with a size and plan that fits your needs and budget.


Houses are essential, and they are fundamental for human survival. While renting apartments has its advantages, you cannot compare it to owning your home.

The most limiting factor in building houses is the financial cost, but there are low budget house plans that can help you minimize your spending. That a house is a low budget house does not mean it is substandard. It has every basic thing a regular house has, just in smaller sizes.

The advantage of low-budget house planning is that it allows you to work with what you have. But at a later date, you can always improve on it and renovate it. All you need is to apply for a home improvement loan or fund it if you can.

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