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6 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Your Boiler System

Boiler system offers a pleasing heat which is unparalleled to other systems of heating available in the market. Heat emits into the room instead of blowing out via vents and ductwork in the home when it supplies adequate amount of water easily.

Well, confusion is still there regarding the associated components of boiler system. It includes baseboard heaters, radiators and underfloor heating system. As we hear loads of misconceptions, we feel it needs to be cleared out as the experienced heating company. Here, we note down 6 amazing facts of a boiler system. Read on to know about them in detailed manner.

  1. Modern boiler system never uses steam

Boiler system doesn’t boil up the water. Simply it makes the water hot in a specific temperature like any other hot water heaters. In fact, many boilers are highly efficient than the water heaters in term of efficiency.

In case, your home is installed with the old radiator already, there is a pale chance that steam boiler can boil the water for the emission of steam. It can be found easily for the heating system in commercial properties. Or else, any typical boiler system is more likely to serve your residence.

  1. Majority of energy expense arrives from boiler system

On the basis of the residential location, energy consumption varies greatly! Almost half of the energy of the house is used for cooling and heating. Primarily you can say it is just because of the boiler. Therefore, boiler inspection should be done regularly as most generated heat can get wasted in case of malfunctioning of the boiler system.

  1. Boiler never wastes water

Most of the people think boiler wastes water relatively more than other systems of heating which is absolutely wrong. It makes use of an enclosed system for recycling and heating same water every time.

Boiler neither wastes water nor utilises more energy than others. Installing a highly efficient boiler system is probably the most eco-friendly decision and choice one can ever make. In case the boiler consumes more water then search using ‘local plumber near me in London’ online and hire an experienced plumbing expert to deal with it.

  1. New and modern boiler models are highly efficient

Modern boiler models are highly efficient than that of traditional ones. During any heating replacement, homeowners start hunting to advanced models. Due to the high price and unreliability of the traditional model often they switch to furnace for their home.

But if natural gas boiler set up is already there in your home then replacement with advanced and efficient model will be the game changer. Also, above all the installation procedure will be easy.

Even, you will get shocked with the savings of energy and utility bills which will come with the all-new advanced boiler system. They are designed meticulously to pump out the water seamlessly with less loss of heat from the system. It doesn’t mean they will compromise in heating up the room as you can get cosy and warm throughout.

  1. Inspect the pilot light colour

The flame of the boiler must be in clear blue if it works properly. In case, the colour is slightly different from that of the blue get it checked immediately by hiring an engineer.

  • Orange or yellow colour is the indication of carbon monoxide and inefficient fuel
  • Red colour indicates the presence of dust, oil or tar in HVAC system

Devote some time to observe the boiler to notice its functional ability. Accordingly, hire a boiler repair expert to save your money, time and the boiler from potential major faults in the future.

  1. Regular service is essential for your boiler system

In contrast to heat pumps and furnaces, boilers are far more durable. It is because heat pumps and furnaces have more flexible components putting them at risk of breakdown. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect boiler servicing.

Regular maintenance service is deemed for the boilers just to observe potential safety problems and prevent it from breaking down. Otherwise, you might have to opt for expensive repair. Also, you can look for affordable emergency boiler repair service in London to restore its functionality as early as possible especially in winter.

Boilers which are serviced every year can serve efficiently in the long run than the others which don’t get serviced. Boiler repairing service provider should ensure that certain changes can’t create any impact on the manufacturer guarantee and warranty of the system.

You are advised to schedule regular annual service check up with the qualified and experienced heating technician. They are expert in detecting the minor faults in the boiler which can become severe over time and deems for expensive repair.

Also, the boiler condition will be checked extensively to prevent it from sudden breakdown. In case, you need an urgent replacement, heating engineers are the best to discuss with to take a perfect final decision.

4D Heating and Plumbing offers highest standard of boiler maintenance, repairing and installation throughout the London. With so many years of experience in plumbing and heating industry, we thrive to provide our customers with repairing and installation of a range of models at reasonable prices.  

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