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5+1 Best Abs Exercises for Quick Abs Without Gym

Having abs in maintenance is the priority of every person whose goal is to be fit and want to build muscles. Abs are part of the upper body so athletes and bodybuilders focus on abs mostly.

So, in this article I have discussed the six best abs exercises you can do easily at home without any instrumental requirement and without any machine. If you do these exercises regularly every day you can achieve results depending on your effort and diet.

Diet also plays a major role in effective muscle development foods rich in proteins, fiber, amino acids, and some types of seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc, also help in providing essential nutrients to the body.

List of Best Abs Exercises

Leg raise

You will hate it! You just have to raise your leg above the floor and then put them back on the floor. It’s looking pretty simple, right? But as leg raise is considered a strength training exercise you will need more strength to do this move. Understand the steps now.

To do

  • Lie down to the floor on your back, legs will be straight and together.
  • Launch the legs up to the sky keep lifting until the hips are out.
  • Place your hands between your hips and ground to make a good lift.
  • Now slowly lower your legs back down until they are closer to the ground stop there and hold for a sec. or two.
  • Return the legs back to the sky and repeat the movement more frequently.
  • 3 sets of 20 reps each.

Lying leg hold

Lying leg hold is a more advanced exercise if performed for a longer period of time. As the name suggests you have to hold your leg up in the air keeping rest of the body stick to the ground.

To do

  • Settle yourself down to the floor in a comfortable position with your back touching the floor.
  • You can place the hands in position between the hips and floor.
  • Now lift your leg above the floor to approx. six inches, legs should be straight out.
  • Hold the position typically from anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute.
  • Return legs to the ground and start again.
  • 3 sets

Hanging knee raise

In this exercise, you will need a bar to hang on your body. As in this, your arms support your body to hang on a bar, and as the name suggests knees are made to raise off the ground.

To do

  • Start the exercise withholding the bar with both hands at shoulder-width apart.
  • See straight to the mirror.
  • Make sure to keep your both legs together and to the front.
  • Now bring your knees up to the 90degrees angle stop a little then lift more towards the chest and bring them down.
  • Perform this movement with a continuous motion, and repeat it.
  • 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps each.

Flutter kicks as best abs exercises

The flutter kicks are kicking movements performed both in swimming and calisthenics.

To do

  • Lie on the floor with your back support and extend your legs up to a 45degree angle.
  • Keep your legs straight and stick to each other, your toes are likewise pointing.
  • Start to lower one leg, raise your lowered leg and lower the other, make this movement possible by keeping the core muscles engaged.
  • Repeat this movement with continuous alternation between the legs.


You are not thinking about usual scissors, right? keeping jokes apart let’s dig into the scissor movement of the leg.

To do

  • Lie down your back, keeping hands to your sides for the back support you can put your hands underneath your glutes.
  • Make your legs extended to and now you’re going to twist your legs in and out by squeezing your inner thigh muscles in between both legs or you can also do it straight on. So there are two different variations in it.
  • Lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor and lower back to the floor when you are in a straddle position.
  • Keep the knees slightly bend so it takes a little pressure on your back.
  • Repeat the scissors up to 3 sets with 15 to 20 reps of leg crossing each other.

Raised leg circles

It is considered a pretty good exercise if you want those rock-hard abs, it works on your front hip flexors and strengthens your neck muscles.

To do

  • First, lie comfortably on the floor with your back support.
  • Keep the arms under the hips and palms facing down to the floor for good support in movement.
  • Place both the legs in front above from ground about 12 inches, keep both feet together and pointing out.
  • Maintain this position for about 15-20 seconds with the engagement of your core muscles, or until you start to feel like a burn.
  • Then by keeping both feet together swing them in a clockwise rotation.
  • Keep the circle’s area less but increase the area as the exercise progresses.
  • Now after the desired rotation achieved bring both legs down to the ground.
  • Repeat again for 3 sets and do at least 8-10 circles in between.

Foods for best abs exercises

Along with the exercise you also need to supplement your body with essential foods that provide you the right nutrition for the development of the abs.

Choice of cooking oil is also important for weight loss, oils in India are peanut oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc, are also beneficial for your abs.

High protein foods are a must for abs, while fiber foods also do well likewise there are so many of other nutrients also that benefits your abs.

Below are some foods that you must include in your diet-

  • Eggs
  • Fishes include fatty fish
  • Quinoa
  • Lean meat

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the article introduces you to the six best abs exercises at home without any equipment (get shredded six-packs by these moves).

It includes exercising movements like Leg raise, Lying leg hold, Hanging knee raise, Flutter kicks, Scissors, Raised leg circles.

Which are very effective as you see changes in your abdominal area after practicing these on a scheduled routine.

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