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5 Unbelievable Facts about Weight Loss Process

Obesity or being overweight are the buzzwords in our society. Today, due to unhealthy eating habits and lavish lifestyles a large number of people including children around the world are suffering from overweight issues. Most overweight people adopt a healthy lifestyle and proper weight loss treatment in Ahmedabad to shed those extra pounds. However, the journey of weight loss is not an easy walk. It requires patience and a great amount of knowledge by experts at one of the best weight loss clinics in Ahmedabad such as Blooming Wellness to shed those bulging pounds. 

Before embarking on a weight loss journey, take advantage of some surprising and unbelievable facts about the weight loss process which might change your perception. Go ahead and get amazed!! 

Bite Counting – Chewing a good 32 times would help in losing weight

Millions of obese people are trying to lose weight, but they forget the journey starts from you within. When you want to lose weight – check what you eat and how to eat. Many people neglect the importance of chewing food slowly and properly. Chewing every bite you take almost 32 times before swallowing would somewhere help in losing weight. 

Yes, you have heard it right!!

Bite Counting plays an imperative role when it comes to losing weight. It decreases your calorie intake, thereby increasing fullness hormones. Plus, it increases your nutritional absorption level. As they say – your brain takes 20 minutes to know that you are full, but when you eat quickly and haphazardly, the brain doesn’t get enough time to let you know when to stop and hence you end up eating more. 

So, if you chew food really well, the process of digestion and absorption will be seamless and you can see great benefits in the long run. 

Colour of Plate and Weight Loss 

If you got perplexed by the above headline then you are not alone. People often underestimate the importance of color while losing weight. But it’s not their mistake; they have been always told that a successful weight loss can be achieved when you follow strict dietary habits and workout sessions. So, how the color of the plate can aid in weight loss, well it does and scientifically proven. 

Researches suggest that there is a correlation between the food and the color of the plate. If you eat light food on a dark plate, you will eat less, it’s because the portion of food looks greater on a dark plate. On the contrary, if you eat on a light-coloured plate, you will end up eating more. The blue colour plate is considered to be the best among all and helps you control your food portion in better ways. 

Drinking plenty of water promotes weight loss

Yes, you have heard it right!! You might be wondering how water can help since it does not have weight loss properties. Water contains zero calorie content and if you drink a glass of water 30 min before you hunger then it restrains the hunger. Hence if you replace your regular drinks with water, you can in turn reduce your daily calorie intake. It detoxifies your body and flushes out the toxins. 

Sounds strange, but worth trying and requires no investment. 

Good Sleep Keep Stress at bay 

Stress is the mother of many diseases and obesity is one of them. Yes, stress can be the reason for your increasing weight. If you are trying to lose weight, then taking a good sleep can reduce your stress levels. Focusing on good sleep plays a major role in your weight loss journey. When you exercise a lot then your body demands sleep and neglecting those needs certainly leads to a spike in stress hormones. Having a quality sleep of 6 – 8 hours can keep your stress level at bay and thereby give you more power and energy for the next day.

Eat Alone and Eat Less 

Sounds strange!! Studies show that when you eat with a companion the propensity to eat goes up by approximately 35 percent. If people eat in a large group then they end up eating nearly twice. If you are someone undergoing weight loss treatment then you must eat alone ☺ Try it and feel the difference. 


A successful weight loss comprises many things in order to achieve that fit and fine body. So, if you are looking forward to losing weight or you been thinking about trying a weight-loss treatment program in Ahmedabad that assures to you losing weight then be aware before you leap to adopt any of the treatments have a look at the best and effective non-surgical weight loss treatments offered by Blooming Wellness one of the leading weight loss center in Ahmedabad

With our effective and 100% safe and fast weight loss, you can achieve what you are looking for – a slim and body health. We offer you great ranges of amazing and fastest 360-degrees non-surgical weight loss treatments right from mesotherapy to cavitation and cryo-lipolysis from around 20 procedures. All these programs will turn you into a first-class fitness guru and will surely help you to lose weight. To add this, at our site you will also find nutrition advice to adapt healthily and fulfil your nutritious demands. Our weight loss treatment cost is affordable and pocket friendly as well, choose wisely, and make a smart move. 

Hence, what are you waiting for? Start losing your weight today by signing in at our slimming center in Ahmedabad. 

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