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5 Top Wireless Car Chargers to Stay Connected on the Road

Technology is taking new leaps, and wireless is the way to go into the future. There are electric cars, various advanced repair shops, specific auto repair shop software for assistance, and more. However, a lot of tweaking is still required in the new technology to make it work properly.

Similarly, wireless technology also hasn’t reached a place where it can truly be called “wireless.” The charging pad or station itself needs to be plugged in. Besides, you would expect a wireless charger to charge your phone quicker, considering the superior technology. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

Nonetheless, a wireless charger for your car is an excellent idea. Instead of looking for a wire in the dashboard and then fumbling to plug it in your phone, all you have to do is plop your phone on the charging surface, and ta-da!

You may think that wireless chargers are super expensive and can only be used in highly advanced cars, considering the market is facing shortages due to import limitations resulting from Covid-19. However, that is far from the truth. You will definitely find a wireless charger in the market that fits your budget.

Basic Guide to Follow When Buying Wireless Chargers

You can easily buy a wireless charger from any automotive accessories shop. Usually, an auto repair shop keeps all the related accessories for your car. When going there, you can just ask for the charger suiting your needs, and they’ll look it up in their auto repair invoicing software to bring it for you.

But there are a few aspects that you need to consider before buying a wireless charger for your car. There are two types of wireless chargers available in the market:

  • Pad chargers
  • Stand chargers

Either can be used in the car, but if you conduct quick meetings in the car or are on your phone often, maybe a charging stand would be more suitable for you. A wireless charging stand is also ideal if you are an Uber driver.

One of the key things to look out for when investing in a wireless charger is knowing if your phone allows wireless charging. Moreover, some cell phones may take a longer time to charge with a wireless charger. It could be because the phone casing is thick or the charging coil doesn’t line up properly with the charger.

The number of devices you want to charge also determines the kind of charger you buy. There are options in the market that allow multiple devices to charge simultaneously.

Another factor that is relevant right now is choosing between EOM and third-party providers. Usually, third-party accessories are better in terms of price and specs. However, so far, EOM wireless chargers are considered better at charging than getting third-party alternatives. It won’t be long before third-party wireless accessories compete with their EOM counterparts. Until then, prefer EOM wireless chargers.

Top 5 Wireless Car Chargers

Once you start using wireless chargers, there’s no turning back. They may get broken, but you can quickly get them fixed from an auto repair shop near you. They are super convenient. So, here’s a list of wireless chargers you can keep on your car.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

The best wireless car charger out of the lot, the iOttie Wireless Mount Car Charger, comes with an adjustable foot. So, it can easily accommodate bigger cell phones as well. This flexibility allows the charging coil in the phone to easily fall on the charger. Moreover, the telescopic arms can extend to 8.3 inches and rotate 225 degrees.

There are two options in this charger available in the market: with sensor and without sensor. The one with a sensor closes its arms automatically when a phone is detected. The one without a sensor closes via a trigger in the back of the charger. Experts recommend the latter options since the one with a sensor only works when the car is running and can cause the battery to fail sooner than anticipated.

Nomad Base Station Pro

With most wireless chargers, the placement of the phone impacts the charging. With the Nomad Base Station Pro, that isn’t an issue. While driving, you may not be able to put the phone in the exact place to get the charging started. This charger has 18 charging coils that will automatically detect where the phone has been placed and start charging. Since the technology is new, it needs to improve to charge quickly. Moreover, since it doesn’t have arms, you will need to place it in a cavity to make sure it doesn’t wobble around with the car.

X-Doria Defence Helix Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is ideal for cars because it has automatic arms that close on their own as soon as you dock the phone. To open the arms, there’s a button, and when pressed, the arms open to release the phone. It is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. However, it can fast-charge only Android phones at 10 watts. While this wireless charger is overall good value for money, the air vent mount might slip off occasionally during bumps.

Samsung 2-in-1 Power Bank/Wireless Charger

A one-of-a-kind wireless charger, the Samsung 2-in-1 10,000mAh power bank doubles as a wireless charger. It can wirelessly fast charge Samsung phones at 7.5 watts and is compatible with other phones as well. This one made it to the list because it is the ultimate portable charger that can easily be used in the car and otherwise also. However, since it doesn’t have arms to hold the phone, it will have to be placed in a pocket, so the charger and the phone don’t slip.

Uuto Wireless Car Charger

If you want to style with utility, Uuto Wireless Car Charger should be your go-to choice. Perhaps the best thing about this car charger is that its arms automatically close once the phone is placed on it. Likewise, you don’t need to struggle to release the phone, unlike other wireless car charging stands. All you have to do is click a button, and the arms open up. However, the con of this charger is that the arms are a bit too long and can hog the screen. That can sometimes keep you from using all the buttons on your phone.


Let’s make our lives easier and never stay distant from your important tasks and meetings with wireless chargers in your cars. You can install them on your own or get a little assistance from an auto workshop near you. Good Luck!

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