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5 Top Tips for Organizing Your Work Desk to Increase Productivity

When working in the office, we are given a designated space to complete our work. Then, the space will be filled with things to accommodate our needs in finishing the given task. Moreover, people would usually beautify their working space following their preferences to boost their working efficiency.

As individuals’ preferences differ, their work desk reflects them. Whatever choices they choose, having a work desk that can best suit your comfort and productivity is important. Hence, here we lay out some tips to help you organize your work desk and improve your productivity.

Sort Your Belongings

When we work at our work desk, there will be some accumulated items that are not needed to assist in our tasks. These items may take up a lot of space than intended, hence, it is important to sort those items to reduce the cluttered space on the table.

If you are unsure what to throw out or to keep, try setting aside a day where you can remove those items from the table and put them in another space. Then, as you go about your day, only take the items you need to finish your task. Then, you can see the things that you will routinely and rarely use.

After you have identified what categories those items belong to – a drawer, supply closet, trash bin – you can continue to sort the most important thing in a drawer next to you. By doing so, you can reduce the time you use in searching for the items needed.

Group Similar Items Together

Sometimes, we place our things by putting different intended items in the same drawer. This action might not seem like a big issue for some people, but this can impact our working productivity. Hence, it is better to group those items with different usage in the same compartment instead.

For instance, instead of mixing one drawer with push pins, sticky notes, or tapes, place these items in a multifunctional drawer. Then, arrange them in different drawers to make them more organized. By doing this, you will be able to swiftly take things you need as you have already put them in a specified place.

Moreover, having a multifunctional drawer at your work desk will reduce cluttered items. As such, you will be presented with a more organized space. You can even add another multifunctional drawer to store your phone, gadgets, and snacks.

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Make It Your Own

Having a clean and organized workspace can surely help make our work more efficient than before. However, adding a little bit of personal touch to the work desk can add joy and motivation to our daily tasks.

For example, you can insert a few meaningful items into your work desks, such as a small frame of a family photo, motivational quotes, or a figurine. Then, you can place them on the wall, board, or even next to your laptop. But do make sure to keep them to a minimum amount or else it will make your work desk messy.

Therefore, only choose the one you want to have and display it neatly on your work desk. This thing can surely increase your motivation during the stressful times that you encounter while doing your task.

Follow Your Workstyle

Different people have different work tendencies. For example, some prefer to have their items such as laptops, telephones, or other devices on the left side of the workspace. Then, clear space in the middle and outgoing items such as sticky notes, staplers, or finished paperwork on the right side.

However, there are no definite rules or ways to organize your work desk. What is important is to organize your work desk that can best suit your workflow. Take your time and experiment with different desk arrangements until you find the one that is most compatible with you. Doing this can help in making your work productivity greater.

Do Not Ignore the Space Under Your Desk

It is important to have an organized work desk to ease your workflow. However, it is also equally as important to check the space under your desk. Sometimes, cords and cables spread out under the desk, which can cause safety hazards. The sight of them can also make your mood sour.

Therefore, you can use Velcro wraps and cord tamers to keep them organized. Moreover, you will have a space to let your feet wiggle around. Having leg room for your feet to move freely, such as stretching or tapping, can help ease the tension on your feet after hours of sitting on a chair.

Also, avoid stacking things or storing files under the desk as it can reduce the space for legroom. It can also create an uncomfortable and cramped feeling as things are stacked unorderly under your desk. As such, store them in a cabinet or in a drawer to prevent unnecessary stress for yourself.


Work is indeed tiring, but we can make it less stressful by creating an organized work desk. By following these tips, you will become more efficient in doing the assigned task. Moreover, working in a clean and organized space can make your day happier and better.

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