5 Top Rated Pipeline Welding Machines Buyers Guide 2022

Things break, that’s the rule of life. One day you’re happily using a thing, the next minute, either you break it yourself or it falls down and becomes part of the great rubble. But, with modern engineering and repairing technology, nothing is permanently broken. If they can fix the International Space Station, your wiper can also be repaired. No big deal, right? So, for both the professionals and the people who like a little DIY (do it yourself) or are very hands-on with each problem they encounter, here we have a buyer’s guide for the Top rated pipeline welding machines that you can get in 2022

So, for the newbies around here, who want to learn about welding and think they can pull it off, a pipeline welding machine is basically a machine that is specialised in dealing with welding, repairing and joining of metallic pipe and tubular components for building, construction, structural, shipbuilding and other purposes.

It differs from the regular iteration of welding in the sense that it only deals with tubes, pipes, and other cylindrical structures or stand-alone pipeline structures, and since it is an automated machine, it won’t cater to any other type. 

Popular pipeline welding machines include Miller welding plants, Lincoln welding plants and many other welding plants from popular manufacturers. Many professionals have different preferences and choose to stick to welding plants that are the most feasible for them, price-wise and usability-wise.

So, let’s get into the five top rated pipeline welding machines. But before that, we’ll take a quick look at some of the big names in the industry and how they stack up against the underdogs or the newest entrants to the market of pipeline welding machines. 

Miller welding plants vs Lincoln welders: who is the top dog?

At the summit of good power tools and welding machines, unarguably, Lincoln Electric takes the top spot, but with Miller closely following. That is due to a number of factors, including the fact that Lincoln Electric were the pioneering technicians to use ARC welding and the newer welding techniques, and have several patents to their name.

Plus, their machines are very high-quality and are made with an obsessive attention to detail, which is why many professionals prefer working with equipment from Lincoln Electric, like the Lincoln welding plant.  

Just because we’ve been singing the praise for Lincoln welders does not mean that Miller welding plants are anything less than the absolute best in the industry.

Many professionals will swear by Miller welding plants as they are an absolute breeze to work with and present less problems. Plus, they have the same quality as Lincoln welding plants but are relatively well-priced, which means that Miller welding plants are still some of the most popular ones out there. 

But there are other brands as well, which can give these two top contenders a run for their money, and we’ll look into some of them when we start the buyer’s guide. 

Buyer’s guide: Top rated pipeline welding machines for 2022

Here is a list of the top rated pipeline welding machines that you can get in 2022. 

Miller PipePro 304

We’ll start off with the Miller PipePro 304, which is one of the best all-rounder welding machines out there from Miller, a company known for its quality products. The 304 is particularly impressive in the fact that it is a multi-process welder, and can handle a large variety of TIG, MIG, flux-core and plasma welding, aside from its namesake, which is pipe welding. And that’s not all.

The PipePro 304 also has what is called a ‘dual-power option’, which means that aside from the usual electric input, the welding machine also has a Kubota diesel engine onboard, which helps power the entire thing up. This means that you can even do the demanding job of welding in the most remote places with no access to electricity, where others would simply fail.

Lastly, it has a maximum output of 300-amp, which is enough for any heavy-duty jobs you might encounter. A heavy but a really good option. 

Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G

The second one on the list is the Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G, which is at par with the aforementioned product, only this has been made by Lincoln Electric, so you know it’s going to be really good.

We start off with a dual power source system, which means that aside from the usual DC/AC input that it uses, for remote locations where availability of electricity is a bit of an issue, you’ve got a 23hp Kohler air-cooled engine.

The fuel tank holds a whopping 12 gallons, so you can go about your business all day without worrying about electricity and whatnot. Plus, it can weld steel, cast-iron, stainless-steel pipelines and a whole deal of other materials. And with a 100 percent duty cycle at 305-amps, the Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G is a heavy hitter in the segment, and one that can handle all the load you can throw at it. 

Hobart Champion Elite Welder

Next up on the list we’ve got a well-rounded machine from none other than Hobart, a brand that is owned by the Illinois Tool Company and makes some pretty damn good welders.

We’ve got the Hobart Champion Elite Welder, and much like the other entrants on this list, this one comes with a 23hp Kohler engine that allows for a whopping 11 kWh peak welding outflow and a continuous 9.5kWh of single-phase power, which is enough to weld metal pipes and other concentrical materials as thick as 1.5 cm in a single go.

Now that’s power that you can’t not brag about. The best part is that it comes with a three-year warranty and has a range of 40-225A, which makes it the ideal tool to have when on a demanding welding job. 

Lincoln Electric Ranger 225

We have a second Lincoln welder on the list, and this time, it’s the excellent Lincoln Electric Ranger 225, which isn’t as heavy-duty as the first one on the list, but is still a solid welder.

For starters, you have the option for TIG, MIG, flux-core, stick and pipe welding, which not many welders can provide. Second up is the engine, which follows suit with much of the line-up mentioned beforehand: a Kohler 23hp 2-cylinder gasoline engine that powers the machine to a 10.5 kWh peak and a single-phase AC generator that provides 9.5kWh of continuous power for welding.

Lastly, it has a robust build and a fuel cage, which completes the overall package of the very user-friendly Lincoln Electric Ranger 225. 

Miller Bobcat 250

Last but not the least, it’s another product from the Miller welding plants catalogue, and it’s the Bobcat 250, which is a great option to go for, regardless of whether you are a professional looking to augment your tool setup or just an occasional user.

With a 23hp Kohler engine at your side, churning out continuous power of 9.5kWh and a peak of 11kWh, any job is no big deal for the Bobcat.

What’s more, the amperage range is also quite impressive, from 40 to 250, which is enough for smaller pipes or welding even the toughest of joints of stainless steel. And if you are the person who appreciates a quiet machine hard at work, look no further: the Bobcat is a quiet machine, although a bit expensive, but a machine that gets the job done wonderfully. Absolutely sublime, this machine.

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