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5 Tips You Need When Choosing and Hiring the Best Event Planner 

Is event planning new to you? Does it feel like a daunting task to put on an event and get every little detail right? This is why it’s a great idea to hire an event planner who can help you save time, money, and energy. However, you need to find the best event planners out there for your specific needs and interview them carefully before you finally commit to one. You also need to determine what exactly you’re asking 

Hiring an outside event planner doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You need to source the best event planners for your needs and screen them carefully before committing to one. But first, you should know exactly what you’re asking the event planner to do. 

With that being said, here are some tips on how you can choose the best event planner. 

Why should I hire an event planner? 

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Hiring an event planner is a big task but planning the event yourself is more stressful, time and energy-consuming. Some people think that saving time and energy is not reasonable for hiring someone to plan an event and end up burning themselves out in the process of trying to do everything all by themselves. If you don’t want to do all the event management and planning stuff by yourself, we highly recommend getting an event planner. 

1. Pick the event planner with more relevant experience 

Don’t ask yourself how you can choose an event planner. A better question you must ask instead is “With so many event planners out there, which is the more experienced?” Experience creates more experience in any industry, and a business or company that arranges an event is not spared from this truth. A company that plans an event depends on the reputation of its business to carry on with its work. Remember that when a business has amazing decision-making experience and a positive reputation, they will most likely help their clients.

2. Screen more than one applicant

Almost all event planners are keen to hear and discuss your event. Provide them with brief details first then try to observe their expertise in the initial round of interviews. When you’re done doing this, try to reduce the list of your prospects to the three strongest applicants. Ask every finalist or firm about their company or business, their experience with past events they’ve managed, and the ways they plan for contingencies. 

The idea planner will walk you carefully through a discussion about the totality of your event’s objectives, budget, timeline, number of guests, and personal preferences, and would even ask questions about your organization. If someone in your finalists shows eagerness to learn and know about your objectives and your event, he or she is probably the right one. 

After that, check their references too. You can contact former clients to make sure they don’t have any bad blood or unsuccessful events in their past. 

3. Check their negotiation skills with vendors and venues 

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A great and professional event planner has plenty of advantages over those who have never experienced running an event before in their lives, one of them is insurance. The other advantage for you is having a strong network of local vendors and venues the planner can negotiate with. For sure, these vendors and venues are already familiar with negotiating with this event planner, they know the way he or she works, and can give better offers since they know that the better deal they give for the planner, the more bookings they can get in return from the planner in the future. 

4. Ask them about the post-event cleaning 

Let’s be honest, we don’t really like cleaning up after an event, especially if not on the job or it’s a huge personal celebration. You’ll always want to join in on the guests’ fun also, right? Whether you’re planning a corporate company event or a personal celebration, one of the things that people overlook is the importance of hiring a cleaning service business and the task is left up to the event coordinator. The best event planner can make sure that your event will be cleaned up afterwards, ensuring the venue is happy and clients get back their security deposit. 

5. Assess their level of creativity

Does the event planner have out-of-the-box ideas? Did he or she bring you some ideas that you have never thought of on your own? The planner must have the experience and creativity to get the best vendors in the area who can supply needs for the activities and keep guests engaged during the event. 

If your event went amazing and all things were planned the way they should be, then now you have added a remarkable event planner to your network for future needs. However, there are problems that may arise before the big day, try to step in and work to get things right. Misunderstanding can be talked about and worked out. Some unforeseen problems can be solved. However, if everything else fails, you may consider firing your event planner and have a backup plan. 

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