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5 tips to improve the brand image of your pharmacy

We constantly hear that we have to “create a brand” in our pharmacy, Βut it is still a pharmacy, a health establishment equal in characteristics to the thousand pharmacies that currently exist in Greece. What identifies and differentiates my pharmacy from another one four blocks away?

The answer is what constitutes our pharmacy brand, do you want to improve it? MANAGEMENT

A pharmacy by its regulation and functions is similar in characteristics to another, what makes yours different is what constitutes that “brand” recognizable by the clients. The brand of your pharmacy is built day by day. With decision-making on certain institutional, functional and relational aspects. Below we highlight 5 aspects that create your pharmacy brand. Also modifying them will change the image you offer and reinforce your own brand.

When your pharmacy is facing such a lot of competition in the area, your city must take measures both in its advertising actions and in its operation in the physical store. Many pharmacies now have their own website as well as an online store to reach audiences and customers from all over the country.


The products that we choose in our category management are the image of what we want to project to our patients/clients. That is why it is so important to look for articles that are exclusive to our channel. An impressive pharmacy is not the one that offers the widest range of cosmetics, but if it offers advice and specific food supplements for different needs when a customer needs a supplement, they turn to our range and recommendation Tip: choose a suitable range and highlight it proactively with your pharmaceutical advice, it will differentiate you from the standard nutritional supplements offered in other points of sale.

The equipment of stores and especially of pharmacies play a decisive role both in the operation and in finding new customers. All furniture and equipment of the pharmacy must be of high quality in every way.

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We all like to be well cared for and we flee from establishments that do not treat us well. Training is essential to provide a quality service that transmits security to your clients.

Tip: you can take advantage of the specialized courses carried out by the laboratories on sell-out. This method will help you in the sale by advice and improve the training of your team. FACILITIES: a good reform that controls the flow of customers and favors merchandising is essential in the final image of the pharmacy. Many times we cannot undertake a large work that changes the entire exhibition area, but we can modify the placement of the gondolas or the shelves.

Tip: It is important to have separate, small counters that create more hot spots and facilitate patient/client confidentiality.


Speed is essential to get the sale and in our pharmacy, we have so much variety that sometimes we lose agility doubting between the entire range we have. In addition, each client is different and has previous experiences that mark him, so we have to offer what is appropriate to his profile and have a plan B prepared at all times.

Advice: Establish protocols and products of choice by category. So taking into account the pathology and type of the client. It is essential that the entire team knows and handles them. In each category, we have three reference products. A leading one that is usually advertised on TV, a second of choice where the quality-price is adequate for the patient and leaves us more margin, and a cheaper brand for those customers who only look at the price.


Each dispensing is different and that is how it must be approached. The patient has to feel at all times the main part of what is happening in the pharmacy. Sometimes the volume of people, the more difficult customer profiles or the poorly trained team force us to give a remote treatment to what we would like.

Tip: Work with the entire team on empathy with the client, improving communication, listening, reformulation, and closing the dispensation tools. These are only 5 of the elements that make up the brand of your pharmacy. By improving small aspects, you will make your client remember your pharmacy and want to return. Are you clear about what aspect you can improve in your pharmacy?

Plan your strategy with a plan and start in a good mood for the best. Remember that your hard work will be rewarded in the long run.

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