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5 Things to Consider Before Driving Your Organization to Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing software technologies are count amongst the top priorities for the business. This will not only make the communication easier but also stabilize the connection with teammates for the long run without any hurdles. What else can it do? Read this article and get all your answer

Video conferencing has long been thought of as the fine piece of technology that only belongs to fortune 500 companies and executives in large offices- one that is handling turnover no average organization can generate. However, the recent advances in technology have changed the way things used to work in the past, making video conferencing a crucial yet affordable technology for businesses of all sizes.

It is always interesting to see how technology such as printing machines, USB pen drives have amazed the world with its unbeatable features. Even at this time when the ongoing pandemic changed our work culture, new advancements like conference technologies ease our work a lot. Let’s talk about some reasons that suggest why it’s essential to have video conferencing technologies in your organization.

  1. Simplifies Work Management Video Conferencing

Managers are in trouble this year, all due to the coronavirus. The surge in corona cases and unpredicted lockdowns not only shut down the companies but also embraced ourselves to coop inside doors and work. Definitely, it puts challenges to collaboration, communication, operations, IT, and several other departments. For managers and leaders, aligning the process while maintaining everything in synchronization became quite distressful. However, this could be easily sorted out, if agencies are establishing direct communication with the help of video conferencing. This technology helps you to maintain face-to-face communication with your big team without any hassle. In this crucial time when everyone is sitting at their home at remote locations, it is definitely the best way to manage workload.

  1. Remote Teams Facilitations

Lack of communication and un-clarity about goals is quite common in a decentralized work structure. That is the only reason why leaders and managers failed to bring maximum outputs. The problem is they won’t be able to clearly explain the company’s mission, needs, visions, project parameters, and so forth. No doubt, they can use chat or email medium for business talks and project improvement but this system fails when they need a quick response from the teammates.

Well, visual presentations have a lot for you in this field. You can use this tech to interact with your team no matter what timings and locations. Also, presentations and meetings conduct easily.

  1. Upgrade Legacy Systems

You may find hundreds of clues that tell it’s time to upgrade your audio and video conferencing software systems. Whether you are running a small company or a big one, it becomes a necessity in today’s world to work in the “best technologies environment”. But make sure you will inform about advanced communication tools that are coming to your office. Hanging a full HD video screen on the wall is one thing, but you must know about its features like transcribing, recording, meeting, streaming live chats, etc. When you have detailed information, you can easily make the flow of information.

  1. Enhance company’s communication and culture

Just think how flexible it will be to communicate with more and more people, making a network, engaging employees, and making decisions. HD video collaboration enables in-person meetings efficiently and extending technology with your suppliers, partners, supply chain members. Another best thing to be note is it won’t charge you high and manageable within your pocket range. Your organization would be benefited a lot as you can also record the streaming video conferencing software so that those team members also attend it later that were unavailable at the moment. Apart from strengthening your communication, it will make a healthy and workable culture.

  1. Leave Room To Grow

Nothing lasts long with time. Definitely, the requirements will be changed timely but make sure you are advanced with current technologies. Video conferencing is the need of an hour and big companies already understood its value, hence equipped with full HD Video walls. If you have a good internet connection and fully working features, then it’s just a minute away to talk with your teammate without any disturbance. But, always remember that you are investing in technologies that may no longer sustain. So, always leave room for improvements and further advancements.

It’s Your Decision Now!

There are several reasons that say why you must invest in top-notch video conferencing software in the coming years. But if you are struggling with budget issues due to pandemic situations, take your financial circumstances on priority. This technology is on peak and businesses love to have video conferencing at their office. Prysm Systems is a one-stop destination where you’ll get top-quality video walls. Also, the charges are quite affordable. Take your business to the next level and make your place in the market!

How Prysm began its journey:

●In 2005, Amit Jain and Roger Hajjar set out to reinvent display technology. They named their fledgling company Spudnik, later renaming it as Prysm.

●Prysm developed and patented a unique Laser Phosphor Display(LPD) that freed companies from limitations on the display size and amount of content they could use to communicate visually.

●As customers fell in love with Prysm’s LPDs, Amit and Roger decided to go one step further and create interactive displays that could revolutionize the way people worked together.

●When they encountered Anacore, a company whose technology let users interact concurrently with multiple sources and content — such as laptops, a free video conference, digital whiteboards, and 3D renderings — the founders saw a perfect opportunity.

●In 2014, Prysm and Anacore united forces to develop the ultimate digital workplace platform. Since then, the product has evolved, Prysm has become global but the vision has never changed.

●Prysm helps organizations drive decisions, accelerate innovation, and optimize their global workforces. It makes meetings easier, helps distributed teams work together, and unleashes creativity with a highly visual interface.

Today Prysm is the leading Manufacturer of Large format, immersive, and interactive LPD 6K video display that provides a seamless viewing experience to our users. The solution is spread across a range of strategic domains such as Board Rooms, Command Centers, NOC, SOC, executive briefing centers, etc.

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