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5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Living Room Look More Luxurious

Gather, love, laugh, and make a bond! This exquisite picture symbolizes the living room of our home. It is the place where you unwind yourselves, entertain your guests or visitors, cherish the precious moments with your family and friends and most importantly, it is the first room where your guest’s eyes gaze upon while entering your house. Therefore, it becomes crucial to beautifully decorate your living space so that everyone gets attracted to their aesthetic appeal.

Often when it comes to the luxurious living room, the focus is all about creating eye-catching interiors and, at the same time, the super-comfortable space. But, the luxurious interior designing of the living room doesn’t mean investing in all the expensive furniture and accessories. Surprised? Yes, you read it correctly!

Yes, it is definitely possible to create a luxurious living room that reflects your own style and taste without spending lots of bucks. Just the little smart ideas and creative flow of imagination is required to end up with a beautiful result. So, here we have put together 5 expert-tested and simple interior design ideas that will leave a long-lasting impression without spending a fortune. Scroll below to get inspired.

Display the Style Statement wall art

Nothing beats the beautiful wall art when it comes to creating luxurious opulence in your living room. Choose the exquisite artistic detailing work such as wall paintings, faux animal busts, large wallpaper painting etc, according to the available wall area. Make sure you shop for the ones that blend well in your interior’s style, choice and budget. P.S. Don’t overload your wall with too many artistic things and ensure that the size of paintings neither looks large nor too small in your living room interiors.

Opt for Lighting Treatments 

Definitely, the small lighting fixtures can change the entire mood of your interiors very quickly. Rather than going for large chandeliers or jhumar lights, you can switch to a beautiful lampshade or floor lamp or pendant lights to create a bold and luxurious feel in seconds without spending a lot of bucks. P.S. You can add the sense of drama by opting for varying tones of lightning fixtures that lend your living room a luxurious appeal.

Play with Cushion Covers 

This is the fun and interesting part to play with mixes of colors, textures, and patterns of cushion covers of a sofa set. Go ahead with throw cushion covers that complement well your sofa or couch as well as the existing theme of your living room. If you have a neutral or light colour theme for the living room, then you go ahead with dark colour options and vice versa. Moreover, don’t get afraid to layer up the materials from velvet to silk to cotton and fur. Also, you can layer up the colours or textures or patterns to make your living room a more happening place. P.S. You can change the orientation in the placement of cushion covers on the sofa set for living room a luxe beauty.

Cushion Covers For Living Room

Bring on the large rug in the middle 

Undoubtedly, the large and attractive rug in the living room will enhance the decorative flair. But, the placement in the space is a paramount feature to turn out the dull aura into a luxurious one. So, the rug should be placed in the center and should stretch out a bit beyond the sofa sets and chairs. This will not only create a luxurious appeal but also gives your living room a touch of coziness.

Flowers for the final touch

In the end, to bring the fresh accent to your interiors, bring on the flowers with beautiful flower vases and place them on either coffee tables or a nest of tables. It will blossom up your interiors and gives your living room the perfect splash of nature it needs.

Whether you have a big or small living room, the aforementioned ideas will surely help to give your room look luxurious and elegant beauty. Also, these will design ideas are easy to apply and won’t burn a hole in the pocket. So, hold on to your creative brushes and say ‘voila’ to create the perfect and luxurious livingroom of your home.


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