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Digital Marketing

5 Reasons to Work with an Influencer Marketing Agency in New York

Influencer marketing is a strategy almost all businesses are looking to invest in, to improve their brand’s awareness and boost sales. It predicted this industry will reach about $10 billion globally by 2020.

The competition though is getting tougher as the days are going by and similar brands are targeting the same set of audiences. It is also a fact nowadays, that you will not get great results just because you have paid someone with a good following.

Though the influencer is the key factor, it needs to understand that creating, assessing and monitoring, and driving the desired results requires a lot of effort in the correct direction. This makes knowing the correct direction that much more important, hence the need for an influencer marketing agency becomes indisputable.

New York City is inarguably the business capital of the American continent and an influencer marketing agency in NYC has access to all the required resources to make a campaign successful.

The primary task of an influencer marketing agency is to plan and execute effective campaigns using influencer marketing. They operate by facilitating and optimizing the campaigns by closely working with influencers and brands. An efficient influencer marketing agency will successfully organize and manage many campaigns with a lot of variables.

5 advantages of hiring an influencer marketing agency in NYC

Their network

Agencies with expertise, understand the targets of the brand they work for, by getting their values and requirements. Knowing what to do and how to do it gives them expertise in selecting the right influencers for your business.

Influencers are busy people and are caught up with the creation of their content in addition to handling their tasks. Most of the successful ones receive quite a lot of messages and requested solicitations every day.

Their busy schedules do not even allow them to read all the messages, leaving alone acting on them. At the same time, not all brands are renowned enough for the influencers to notice their messages, and even if noticed pay heed to them.

Agencies have an established network of influencers, agents, and brands in some cases allowing them privileged contacts and relationships from previous campaigns.

Connecting with the relevant influencer

Finding out and sourcing the right influencer for business is time-consuming. The success of any campaign depends on the fit between the influencer and the brand. Even if found it may be tough to source the influencer as explained above.

On the other hand, if you strike a deal with an unfitting influencer it will prove to be a waste of money-making other more fitting influencers to collaborate with you in the future based on your failed campaign.

An influencer marketing agency will find out the best matching influencer for you and get them to work closely with you, thereby offering excellent business growth.

Choosing the right platform

An expert influencer marketing agency in NYC will also be able to choose the best-suited social media platform for you in addition to your influencer.

The choice of the platform needs to be the one that your target audience uses as it is a determining factor in your campaign’s success.

Their choice will also depend on their research of your target audience, its demographics, and interests. Working with the influencers who have expertise in the particular channel and type of content preferred by your target audience who use the same platform regularly, will spell success for your campaign.

An agency will know what to check, how to check it, and carefully choose the channel and influencer to maximize the exposure your brand gets.

The exposure and awareness will decide the outcome of your campaign towards the desired ROI, but only if the campaign is planned strategically for the right channel.

Negotiation of contracts

An influencer marketing agency will negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract between the brand and the influencer.

This part can be extremely stressful and tricky if you are not aware of the current market conditions in this field. Contracts need to without loopholes as much as possible and rates of payment and tasks clearly defined.

For sponsored posts, there is no fixed rate and varies to a great extent from influencer to influencer depending on their audience, engagement, area of expertise, and the industry’s current market value.

An agency already connected with the influencers will be able to select the one fitting your budget and line of business. Beyond the selection, they will negotiate with the selected influencers on your behalf with your approval.

Save time

Hiring an agency for your campaign save a ton of time. Their expertise and knowledge of the aspects of influencer marketing will let them do the tasks with no time being wasted.

You on the other hand will have to get your in-house resources to complete the tasks they have no experience in handling and need to take time off from their job objectives to complete.

These were just five major advantages out of the many that an influencer marketing agency in NYC has to offer.

An Influencer marketing campaign done effectively will not only give you the desired ROI from your campaign but also many additional benefits towards business growth and development.

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