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5 Quick Tips to Improve a Website Design for Attorneys

Every element of a well-designed website should be carefully planned. If you successfully designed a great website design for your law firm, you just started the journey towards digital success and a fabulous online presence. No website design is an excellent design for a long time. The most effective methods need an update too, the best website design of an attorney or a law firm needs periodic refreshing to compete.


There are many tips to improve a website design for an attorneys but, in this article, we have narrowed it down to 5. Check out these five quick tips that will refresh your website without requiring a complete overhaul.


Add an original tagline.


Do not use generic-sounding catchphrases on your website pages. They are common and used by all. Focus on creating a tagline that will speak to the unique needs of your clients. According to a widely cited Nielsen Norma Group Study, approximately 79% of online users only scan the web pages rather than reading word by word, which clearly shows why having a tagline of yours that gives a clear message to your potential clients is essential.


Update your Call-To-Action buttons


Using your website design to connect to your potential clients is enormous in the current time. Consider animating call-to-action (CTA) buttons to draw the user in. Animations will increase the user experience and will encourage them to focus on the critical areas of your law firm’s website. 


Regularly update your attorney bio.

Potential clients search for you on the internet to know more about you. They want to know what to expect from you and what services you offer before scheduling an appointment with you. Regularly update your attorney bio; this helps your potential clients to know you virtually; updating your bio also makes an excellent first impression. After all, it is all about creating an excellent first impression.


Add links to the social profile.


A great way to freshen up your page is by adding modern, monochromatic links to social media platforms. But it is essential to keep it simple and accessible. Adding links to social media platforms on your website design encourages the client to connect with you and your firm on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.


Add reviews


Reviews are the best tool to showcase to your potential clients how you and your firm help clients in their legal matters. Highlight 2-3 best reviews about you on your home page that will grab the visitor’s attention and will encourage them to stay and read more on your website. You can add reviews from Google, social media, and other listing sights to convert visitors into clients. Click here for more tips on website designs for an attorney.


3 Tips for Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers


In today’s time, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways a lawyer can use to drive more online traffic on his website. If you are trying to reach out to more online users and rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, etc., the 3 SEO tips below can help you increase your potential clientele outreach. Click here to know about SEO for lawyers.


Build original and appropriate content


It is essential to know your audience when it comes to building solid SEO strategies. In a recent survey, visitors do not stay on a website for more than 5 seconds. So, 5 seconds is all your website has to convince the visitor to stay and read more. If they find a duplicate or the same content they have previously seen or irrelevant content they are not searching for, they will give their business to your competitor.


Keyword Analysis


A keyword analysis is such a common but highly unused or never properly used SEO hack. Keywords are one of the first things a search engine will analyze when a query is entered. These keywords are the criteria that dictate how closely your content can satisfy the search query. 


Lawyers call-to-action


A call-to-action is the summation of your content. Many successful law websites make the mistake of adding a CTA button at the end of the range, whereas; it should be added above the point at which the visitor will need to scroll.


To conclude –

Like your client approaches for your expert advice on legal matters, you should approach an expert website designer to give an expert touch to your website design for attorneys.


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