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5 Pre-Launch Practices to Help The Next eCommerce Business Grow

It’s unnecessary to stay for the brand’s first day to start marketing. And, as many eCommerce companies have

shown, a successful pre-launch plan is essential if you want your brand to cater to the right customer and your products to perform well without having to wait months or years with nil to negative profits.

The objective of a pre-launch campaign is to build interest and attract consumers even before your products are available.

There are many approaches to this, but not all of them can generate enough interest or build excitement for your business endeavor.

What pre-launch tactics fit well for eCommerce businesses? Here are a few tried-and-true tactics of an eCommerce website development company to use in your strategy.

Gamify your campaign

The next move is to entice people to participate and pursue your call to action after you’ve set up the basics for your eCommerce brand (web portal, pre-launch landing page, mail funnel, profiles in marketing or advertising channels).

What’s the safest way to go about it?

Create a gamified campaign of irresistible benefits for the target audience.

Asking users to share your web page with as many peers as possible is an example of a gamified campaign, as is providing special deals or rewards to those who make the most popular referrals.

You may also have social media competitions, product giveaways, or a guessing game where players get a teaser trailer of some of the products’ features.

To attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your landing page, you’ll need to run paying ads.

With that in mind, make the most of your advertising budget by identifying your target demographic and ensuring that your commercials speak to their need, interest, or pain point.

Pro tip: Research the industry and the value proposition thoroughly before implementing any pre-launch initiative. You can’t hope to laser-target your ideal clients if you skip these measures.

Use micro-influencers

One of the easiest ways to launch a conversation, pique people’s attention, and push traffic to your eCommerce shop is to use influencer marketing.

Many influencers are willing to work for new brands as long as their ideologies do not clash.

Working with influencers would not need a large financial investment.

You might also propose a contract agreement or agreeing to a certain number of supporting posts in exchange for free merchandise or personal discounts, which will enable you to avoid paying them upfront.

Pro tip: Target micro-influencers who have already earned the confidence of your target audience. Even, be aware of false influencers and fake fans, since there are a lot of them.

Bring the most of FOMO

FOMO, or the fear of losing out, is a potent psychological factor that can influence people’s behavior.

It goes along with expressing scarcity, which is without a doubt one of the most approach-based concepts in marketing.

To take advantage of FOMO, you’ll need an enticing deal that only a lucky few will be able to take advantage of.

Limited pre-order items, tickets (or e-tickets) to the existing brand launch, and consistently high bird deals that customers may want to share with their peers are only a few examples.

Make a storm on social media by informing folks that they must not miss out on your bid.

Start encouraging social media and make it transparent where and how the lucky winners will be chosen.

Pro tip: FOMO marketing can be combined with email and influencer marketing.

To pique curiosity, use visual appeal, and ensure that the message is clear across all media platforms.

Tease with showoff-worthy products

One of the best qualities that a product can provide in this era of social media flexing is a showoff-worthy appeal.

If you have items that pique people’s interest, post one or several of them and then use them to generate leads.

Of course, the product isn’t the only one that needs to look perfect.

Make sure your creative types are appealing, shareable, and engaging enough to attract people to learn about and participate in the launch of your shop.

Pro tip: When making teasers, leave plenty of space for surprise. To pique and maintain people’s interest and curiosity, don’t show anything yet.

Use public relations to get the message out quicker

When handled correctly, public relations remains one of the most effective ways to attract exposure and establish brand identity during a company’s pre-launch process.

Doing it yourself is pointless, and hiring a reputable PR firm to get you the media exposure and publicity you need would save you a lot of time.

Remember that even though you get the best products in the nation, if no one knows about your shop, you would not make any money.

Pro tip: Choose a public relations firm that has experience partnering with companies in the industry.

This ensures that it is familiar with the brands you sell and has partnerships with media sources that are pertinent to your target market.


Regardless of the scale of the business, running a pre-launch campaign is a must for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed.

For running campaigns for your brand, you can opt for the best eCommerce development service.

Everyone can use any of the methods discussed here on a large or small scale, so please experiment with them and see what works best for you.

The most crucial part is to prepare ahead, market earlier, and provide your audience with something that will encourage them to stay, pass the message, and finally buy from your eCommerce website.

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