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5 Must-Try Italian Cheese and Meat Pairings

The combination of Italian cheese and meat is the easiest way to entertain the guests without putting in tons of effort. Similar to the grouping of cheese with wine, certain meats can also be combined with it. The pairing complements each other perfectly. Here, we’ve put together a detailed guide on which meat and cheese will best complement each other. Let’s get started about italian cheese.

Salami and Gouda

Toscana salami is no doubt one of the fan-favorite meat. However, you can enhance its taste with the combination of cheese. Our suggestion is to try Gouda, a semi-hard cheese. It comes in various variety including aged, flavor-infused, and smoky. Furthermore, you can also find it in different flavors including paprika, pepper, honey clover, allspice, etc. It allows you the flexibility of enjoying different flavors to suit your mood.

Soppressata and Havarti

It is a dry salami which you can make from either beef or meat. However, whichever kind you use, you cannot go wrong with pairing it up with Harvati, a semi-soft and creamy textured cheese. This cheese has a buttery taste that brings out the taste of herbs and spices in the soppressata.

Prosciutto and Parmesan

The next delicious pairing on the list is prosciutto Cotto and parmesan cheese. We prefer this Italian cured meat from Sogno Toscano that is sliced very thinly. As both these ingredients are aged before use, their combination brings out the salt-sweet flavor in the best way. We would recommend you to try this combo out. You won’t be disappointed.

Steak and Gorgonzola

A tender steak’s flavor can be enhanced with this blue cheese sauce. The gorgonzola cheese goes best with the club steaks. However, you can also pair it up with sirloin or tenderloin. Furthermore, you can make the gorgonzola cheese sauce before and store it in the refrigerator for three days. When it comes to the cook of the steaks, you can either grill them or fry them, depends what your mood is for that day.

It takes a little effort to prepare and is a great food combination for a small intimate dinner at your house.

‘Nduja and Alpine-Style

This trendy, soft, and spicy pork is a great addition to the cheese feast. The alpine-style cheese is the perfect combo with this meat. Its creaminess will balance and bring down the heat of hot red peppers perfectly. Additionally, the ‘Nduja can be paired up with any grilled cheese. We can guarantee that this heavenly pairing will be the highlight of the day for you.

Pairing these two ingredients can be the best meal if it’s done right. It enhances the flavor of each component. Furthermore, adding other accompaniments can take your Italian cheeses board to the next level. Also, it adds visual appeal and brings out the flavors in the best way.

In conclusion, these are all the pairings that you needed to know to prepare elegant and restaurant quality dishes at home. Enhance your meals with different textures and tastes, and try out different recipes with these combinations. You won’t feel disappointed.

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