5 Hairdressing Scissors and Comb Set of Piranha Cut

This is the greatest location to find the best hairstyling scissor and comb sets.

This post explains why you need a hair comb while cutting hair and how to use it correctly. We’ll also provide you advice on choosing the ideal set for your situation.

Here in this Haircutting shears and an anti-static hair comb are available in each hairdressing scissor and comb set.

The Scissor over Comb haircutting method will benefit greatly from this combo.

Take a look at the greatest sets of hair scissors and combs for professional hairstyling and barbering, shall we?


The greatest hairdressing comb is vital when you’re looking for hairdressing scissors and comb sets.

Carbon fiber additives to hairdressing combs decrease static build-up, which in turn keeps your hairdressing scissors from dulling.

To achieve the finest results, your hairdressing comb should have a comfortable handle and round, smooth teeth.

Premium-quality hair combs are included in value-priced packages and kits! A variety of anti-static hair combs can be purchased independently or as part of hairdressing scissor and comb combination.


If you’re looking for a set of hairdressing combs and scissors, be sure the scissors are up to the task of cutting your hair.

It’s important that the scissors in your hairdressing kit are sharp and easy to hold. In order to achieve the best outcomes with the least amount of work, they should also be specifically built for hairdressing and barbershops.

What haircutting techniques use combs and scissors:

  • Using a pair of scissors and a hairdressing comb, a hairdresser or barber performs Scissor Over Comb (SOC). Layered haircuts and textured styles are only two examples of what you may achieve with this technique.
  • An updo in which the hair is brushed over to one side. To produce volume and texture, you can either use a product or do it yourself.
  • A decent set of hairdressing scissors and combs is essential for the hairdresser or barber because they are used in so many other procedures.

Is it worth the money to get a hairdressing Scissors set?

Precision may be achieved with the hairdressing scissors, while hair combs help tidy up the cut by detangling the hair as it is cut.

  • If you use hairdressing scissors without a hair comb, you’ll end up with jagged and sloppy haircuts.
  • When doing hair, you can also use your fingers in place of a comb.
  • Hairdressing scissors may get in the way of the hairdresser’s or barber’s fingers if they are used in this manner.

Hairdressers, barbers, students, apprentices, and hairdressing schools all need a hair scissor and comb set.

List Of Top 5 Hairdressing Scissors & Comb Set

1: Hairdressing Scissor With Offset Handles

Scissors with Offset Handles is the choice of many barbers and Hair Stylists just because the open hand position they generate allows them to keep their elbow and arm lower while cutting, making it far more pleasant for them to use during long sessions on busy days. Offset handle scissors.

In order to reduce the risk of overuse injuries and muscular fatigue, offset handles have a longer length to accommodate the user’s four fingers.

hairdressing scissors


2: Barber Scissor With Adjustable Screw

It’s easier to cut hair with these scissors because of their stainless steel texture, which helps to minimize hair messes. 440C Japanese stainless steel barber scissors with incredibly sharp blades for a clean cut, evenly trim hair with ease, will not harm or split hair ends.

We make Japanese stainless steel for long-term durability and rust-proof protection. There is enough weight in the 2.2 ounces to provide you a solid grip. Right-handed scissors, if you’re wondering.

hairdressing scissors

3: Black Elephant Hair Cutting Scissors With Fixed Screw

Black elephant hair cutting scissor in stainless-steel hair scissor with rounded blades. Hairdressing scissors are designed to cut hair, beards, and moustaches with precision and hand-sharpened cutting edges.

Haircutting with a pair of ergonomic barber scissors decreases the risk of injury from repetitive motion injuries such as overextended thumb and wrist joints.

The ergonomics of salon scissors with this grip style are unsurpassed. This packages have Hairdressing Scissor, a Comb, an Oil Bottle, and a pair of Finger Inserts.

The professional barber hair cutting scissor is safe and easy to use on men, women, adults, and children. It measures 6.0 inches.

hairdressing scissors

4. Hairdressing Scissor With Dragon Handle

HIGH QUALITY-The cutting shear set we make from Japanese 440C stainless steel, which has been hand-Sharpe in Japan. A haircut with a properly honed blade is both quick and comfortable.

Hairdressers, barbers, and home users alike will appreciate the premium scissors’ western hand design and ergonomic construction.

An attractive and convenient casing makes it ideal for gift-giving.

hairdressing scissors


5. Sword Blade Barber Scissor

This set of professional hair scissors features Japanese AICHI stainless steel blades that have undergone a meticulous sharpening and high-tech treatment (vacuum-heating and nitrogen-cooling) to produce blades that are extraordinarily sharp and durable.

This AK23 Haircutting Scissors features a Double Sword Sharp Blade, which delivers strength directly to the point of the blade and requires less force. Unmatched cutting because to the powerful Sword Blade, which allows for more sophisticated techniques while also preventing hair slippage.

hairdressing scissors


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