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5 Different Types of Physical Therapy

When you think of physical therapy, what comes to mind? There are various ways that physical therapy can help people from all walks of life and with all kinds of issues or injuries. Here are some examples of the various types of physical therapy that you can find:

Decongestive therapy

For those who have lymphedema, decongestive therapy is a highly beneficial form of physical therapy. Lymphedema management with a physical therapist can help you to reduce swelling with a manual lymphatic drainage massage while also working with you to exercise and elevate the affected limb.

Although someone with this condition can use devices and compression gear to manage their lymphedema at home, many people choose to opt for physical therapy to get more focused treatment and management of swelling and symptoms from lymphedema.

Cardiovascular and pulmonary therapy

For anyone with a heart or lung condition, this type of physical therapy can help them to regain strength and cardiopulmonary health. The techniques used can eventually help the person regain their condition from before a certain event, such as a heart attack, while also helping to prevent a future episode.

Things like low-impact aerobic exercises, breathing exercises, stretching, and active movement will be a part of this process to help the individual slowly get back to where they want to be, with an experienced professional to help them progress safely.

Orthopedic therapy

As we go through life, it’s easy to end up with injuries, whether from being an active athlete, or you get into a serious car accident; in which case, you will need a car accident attorney, in addition to, physical therapy. Orthopedic physical therapy can help you to manage injuries that have had some type of long-term effect on your functionality, mobility, or pain levels.

Through physical therapy, you can avoid muscle atrophy and other health issues. Many times, this type of physical therapist will help you with exercises you can do at home so you can manage your treatment at home, as well as with in-person sessions.

Neurological physical therapy

This kind of physical therapy is hugely beneficial for anyone who has had an injury or illness that has affected their nervous system. Because this type of event or circumstance can cause immobility, a lack of ability to speak, and other serious issues, neurological therapy can make a difference in allowing the patient to eventually regain a measure of their quality of life and decrease their dependence on others.

While not everyone with the need for neurological physical therapy will regain their strength or pre-event condition, this type of therapy does help to improve some long-term conditions.

Sports therapy

If you’re an active athlete or practice a sport often, you may deal with unexpected injuries like concussions or knee and ankle strains. As an athlete, you’re probably hoping to get back to your sport as soon as possible.

Working with a sports physical therapist who uses specific treatment plans geared towards your injury can help you get back mobility while helping you to manage any pain that you may have. This type of physical therapy is one of the most commonly sought-after options when people think of hiring a physical therapist, as sports injuries are extremely common.

In Conclusion

There are a variety of methods for physical therapy, depending on the issues that you may be facing. From lymphedema treatment to neurological help, physical therapists do a lot for people who need a little professional support to regain strength, pain relief, mobility, and more.

While physical therapists do require an investment, their knowledge and ability to work with you in a safe environment is more than worth getting health insurance if it helps you get back to living the quality of life that you want.

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